TNA raises concerns on delay of new Constitution

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has raised concerns over the delay to create a new Constitution.The TNA informed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi it expected the new Constitution to be ready last year. The concerns were raised when the TNA, led by R. Sampanthan, had talks with Modi in Colombo today.

TimorLeste Security Council hears calls for delay in UN troop cutbacks

Briefing the Council at the outset of its meeting on a special report on the UN Mission of Support in East Timor (UNMISET), the Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Jean-Marie Guéhenno, mentioned the destructive riot in Dili, the capital, on 4 December and armed groups apparently driven by a blend of political and criminal motives, particularly in the west of the country that the UN helped guide to independence last year.The report “is, rather, an effort to sound a warning bell at a critical time – to indicate to the Council a number of worrisome developments and to recommend, in good time, what we perceive as realistic and prudent adjustments of UNMISET’s downsizing plan, so as to reflect changed realities and safeguard all that has been gained,” Mr. Guéhenno said.He said that in light of past experience, the UN was urging the Council to consider whether the international community should continue to seek a more “minimalist” approach, or – as is strongly supported by military experts at UN Headquarters in New York and in Dili – should it lean toward prudence, and make the additional effort suggested.Under the planned downsizing, the UN peacekeeping force would be cut back to 2,780 in June and to 1,750 in December. The report urges, however, that the UN force be maintained at its current level of 3,870 troops until the end of the year and be reconfigured to better deter and react to violence.”These recommendations are presented on the premise that it is easier and less expensive to pre-empt a problem, than to try to fix a problem after it has occurred,” Mr. Mr. Guéhenno told the meeting, which also saw the participation of representatives of some 20 countries.”The total cost that is implied would be modest compared to the $1 billion to $2 billion that the international community has spent in Timor-Leste over the past three years,” he added. “However, we believe that this additional effort could help secure the much larger investment that has been made to date.” read more

EYEWITNESS Misreading…

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedAPNU+AFC plans to increase pension, salaries within 100 days in officeMarch 29, 2015In “Politics”EYEWITNESS: Lifting the veil…November 13, 2018In “EYEWITNESS”EYEWITNESS: Whimsical…November 14, 2018In “EYEWITNESS” …and MislabellingThe author Thomas Wolff’s most famous novel is “You can’t go home again”. In it he scathingly details the lives of his hometown folks. He originally had another name for it, but after a friend read the manuscript and told him he’ll never be able to return home, he changed the title.In his weekly Chronicle column – the sum of his endeavours for $20 million annually with perks! – Moses Nagamootoo complains that one of his erstwhile comrades in the PPP, and a Berbician to boot, told him he can’t go back to his home village of Whim.With typical tone-deafness – incredible in a man with literary pretentions! – Nagamootoo retorted that he’ll be attending a “mini-rally” in Whim. But that’s not the point, is it? Even he’s conceding his unpopularity by prefacing his homecoming “rally” as “MINI”!! His actions since 2015 have made his name worse that “mud” in Whim, as well as the whole of Berbice!To “go back home” is to return to folks who embrace you as one of their own. After throwing four thousand Berbician sugar workers into the streets, can the folks of Whim ever embrace him as “one of their own”? “Neemakaram” – or “ungrateful” — is more like it!! Isn’t it pathetic that his sister, Mousie and Poowah are half of the Whim AFC’s list?Once again, your Eyewitness is going to make his prediction on the LGE: THE AFC IS GOING TO BE WIPED OUT. And they’ll be going out not with a bang, but a whimper! If they have 100 persons at their “mini” rally – three-quarters of them are AFC paid hirelings – that’ll be plenty. The march from “Tara Shop to Anguya’s Turn” will be more like a funeral procession to bury the “dead meat” that is now the AFC!Nagamootoo painstakingly lists a number of Indian politicians who tried to poach votes from the PPP and failed – starting with Balram Singh Rai. It has to be a Freudian slip acknowledging his imminent membership in that list, after the LGE today!!Nagamootoo hypocritically cants that people at the LGE should be voting for improvement in their local conditions, and “not for party or ethnic group”. So why did the AFC run as a party, and not as independent candidates? And why’d he say the “contest is between the PPP and AFC”?He also refers once again to his father in reference to the 1937 song “thoroughbreds don’t cry – they run and die”, from the kids’ movie by Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland.Nagamootoo implies every time that he’s a thoroughbred!! But that’s a reeeal stretch, since these noble steeds are noted for agility, speed, and spirit.Qualities conspicuously absent in Nagamootoo!!…DemocracyOne of the qualities that both the AFC and PNC exemplify – and made Granger assert they were “as one” in the coalition – is their propensity to “talk the talk”, but never “walk the walk” on good governance! In his only act of participation in the LGE for the AFC, leader Raphael Trotman quoted a foreign newspaper to encourage Guyanese to go out and vote today: “The best way to protect democracy is to practise it.”One would wish he and his comrades would blow up that statement and place it prominently on their air-conditioned office walls!! Were they practising democracy when they gerrymandered the constituencies? Were they practising democracy when they encouraged David Granger to unilaterally select the Chairman of GECOM by jettisoning the consensual law and tradition that had been introduced in 1992?But they’ve been caught in their own BS. Nagamootoo never got the PM’s powers he was promised in the Cummingsburg Accord; Ramjattan has been circumvented in Security; and Trotman became the fall guy in oil!!Oh, what a tangled web we weave…!!…The meaning of integrityFor two decades, the PNC MPs didn’t file their assets with the Integrity Commission, as demanded by the law. Said they didn’t recognise the Commission established by the PPP.What’s the excuse of FIFTEEN of their Ministers now? read more

One Greek thing you can rely on the passport

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Greece may have been hit hard these past few years and have its image of a developed country shaken, but it still has one of the strongest passports in the world.According to the annual index issued by global advisory firm Arton Capital, the Greek passport ranks seventh, alongside those of Australia and New Zealand. On the top of the list stands Singapore, which can claim to having having the strongest passport in the world, allowing its holders to enter 159 countries (more than any other country) either without a need for a visa or with a visa on arrival. Singapore passport holders can enter countries like China, Cuba and Brazil visa-free, something that US passport holders cannot do.Second in the Arton Capital index is Germany with 158 countries, followed by Sweden and North Korea, which share the third place (157 countries). The fourth place is crowded with Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain and the UK, which all have passports that can allow holders to enter 156 countries. Equally crowded in fifth place are Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland passports, which allow for entry to 155 countries. Canada, Ireland, Malaysia and the US rank sixth (154 countries). Greece, Australia and New Zealand rank seventh (153 countries), Iceland, Malta and the Czech Republic share the eighth place (152 countries), while Hungary stands alone in the ninth place (150 countries). The top-10 list is completed with Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, which all allow passport holders to enter 149 countries.Overall 35 countries appear on the top 10 stronger passport list, the majority of which (i.e. 26) are European countries, continuing the historical tradition. However, this is the first time that an Asian country has made the top spot.last_img read more

What Are Town Boards Committees Talking About Week of April 29 2018

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — According to the Wilmington Town Clerk’s calendar, below are the town and school board, committee and commission meeting scheduled for the week of Sunday, April 29, 2018.Sunday, April 29No MeetingsMonday, April 30NoneTuesday, May 1The Wilmington Board of Health meets at 5:30pm in Town Hall’s Room 9. Read the agenda HERE.The Wilmington Planning Board meet at 7:30pm in Town Hall’s Room 9. Read the agenda HERE.Wednesday, May 2The Wilmington Conservation Commission meets at 7pm in Town Hall’s Room 9. Read the agenda HERE.Thursday, May 3The Wilmington Recreation Commission meets at 5pm in Town Hall’s Room 9. Read the agenda HERE.The Wilmington Water & Sewer Commission will take a site visit to the Nassau Avenue Water Storage Tank at 5:30pm.Friday, May 4No MeetingsSaturday, May 5The Annual Town Meeting takes place at 10:30am in the High School Auditorium.All meetings are open to the public unless noted.(NOTE: While unlikely, it is possible additional meetings could be added to this week’s calendar on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  It’s best to check the Town Clerk’s calendar mid-week.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWhat Are Town Boards & Committees Talking About? (Week of September 1, 2019)In “Government”What Are Town Boards & Committees Talking About? (Week of August 4, 2019)In “Government”What Are Town Boards & Committees Talking About? (Week of July 14, 2019)In “Government”last_img read more

Graffiti At The University Of Houston Catching Some Buzz

first_img Share 00:00 /01:20 X To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen Amy BishopFrench-Tunisian artist eL Seed in front of his 60 X 40 sq. ft. “calligraffiti” on UH’s social work building. Amy BishopBy Thursday, about a third of the mural was complete. eL Seed chose translated a quote by Sam Houston into Arabic: “Knowledge is the food of genius, and my son, let no opportunity escape you to treasure up knowledge.”Shielding their eyes from the sun, students passing through the University of Houston campus stop to look up at the four-story social work building. Through the tree branches, hues of tangerine orange and baby blue seem to pop off what was once a brown brick wall. The 60 X 40 square ft. mural is the work of eL Seed, a French-Tunisian artist known for his calligraffiti, a fusion of graffiti and Arabic calligraphy. He chose a quote by Sam Houston and translated it into Arabic text. “I always do some research before I go to a place,” eL Seed says. “This is important to me to make work that is relevant to the place and to the community.”eL Seed’s calligraffiti has drawn attention around the world, specifically for his enormous paintings on the sides of buildings. Reactions were mixed when he used a mosque as one of his canvases. But his works convey messages of peace and humanity, which caught the eye of the staff at UH’s Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts. He was a natural fit for their “Intersections” initiative, an effort to build bridges between Houston’s Muslim and non-Muslim communities.“We’re really thrilled that eL Seed chose to come to Houston because he’s highly in demand everywhere,” says Karen Farber, the center’s Executive Director. “He just did a gigantic project in Cairo, Egypt, on 50 buildings.”The large-scale work is a component of this year’s Counter Current Festival, a week-long event of experimental art in pop-up locations across the city. It’s set to stay on display for two years, but there’s no word yet if anything will replace it.last_img read more

No Plans to Remove Baltimore Monument to StarSpangled Banner Writer

first_imgBALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore’s mayor says she has no plans to remove the city’s monument to Francis Scott Key that was recently vandalized.Paint covers part of the statue to Francis Scott Key, the writer of the Star Spangled Banner, after it was defaced overnight in downtown Baltimore, Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017. The words “Racist Anthem” were found painted on a monument, on the anniversary of the battle that inspired him to write the “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Police are investigating, but have no suspects. (Colin Campbell/The Baltimore Sun via AP)The words “Racist Anthem” were painted on the monument’s base on the anniversary of the battle that inspired Key to write the “The Star-Spangled Banner.”The Baltimore Sun reported Wednesday that Mayor Catherine Pugh also has directed art preservation experts to determine the cost of cleaning it up.Key, who owned slaves, was inspired to write his verses by the Battle of Fort McHenry on Sept. 13-14, 1814 during the War of 1812.The seldom-sung third verse says: “No refuge could save the hireling and slave from the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave.” Many believe it refers to slaves who fought for the British.___Information from: The Baltimore Sun, http://www.baltimoresun.comlast_img read more

No single supplement on select ACV sun packages booked by March 25

first_imgTags: Air Canada Vacations Share << Previous PostNext Post >> No single supplement on select ACV sun packages booked by March 25 Travelweek Group center_img Posted by Friday, March 16, 2018 MONTREAL — Air Canada Vacations is waiving the single supplement for June packages at a long list of resorts across Mexico and the Caribbean.The booking deadline is March 25.Participating resort chains include Be Live Hotels, Memories Resorts & Spa, Starfish Hotels & Resorts, Hideaways Resorts, Bahia Principe All-inclusive Resorts, Grand Velas Resorts and more. Groups can take advantage of the offer as well.ACV also reminds agents that they can book clients on Trafalgar and Contiki trips with ACV by April 1, 2018 for departures April 1 – Oct. 31, 2018 and save an extra $200 per booking.The deal is valid on air-inclusive packages to Europe, with a seven night minimum. This offer is not applicable to group bookings.last_img read more

Spanish royals in Mexico on 1st state visit to Latin America

first_img Mesa family survives lightning strike to home 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Top Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall The king was scheduled to address the Mexican Senate on Tuesday and also meet with business people. On Wednesday, Felipe and Queen Letizia are scheduled to travel to the northern state of Zacatecas.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 0 Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Spain’s King Felipe VI, center, and Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto, walk out to review an honor guard during a welcoming ceremony at the Campo Marte military field in Mexico City, Monday, June 29, 2015. The Spanish royals are in Mexico for an official four-day visit. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo) New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies MEXICO CITY (AP) — The king and queen of Spain are making their first state visit to Latin America with a three-day trip to Mexico.King Felipe VI said Monday that the ties between Mexico and Spain go far beyond political and commercial connections. Spain is the second largest investor in Mexico behind the United States.Felipe was in Mexico in December to attend the Iberoamerican Summit in Veracruz, but this is his first state visit since assuming the throne last year. New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like 3 international destinations to visit in 2019 Sponsored Stories last_img read more

Slow growth cuts QF expenditure

first_imgAustralia’s flag carrier has announced that it is cutting the number of aircraft it will lease over the coming year to meet reduced capacity demand.Downgrading its domestic capacity growth for 2011/12 to 5.5 percent from the previously planned eight percent has lead Qantas to limit its expenditure over the next two years by reducing its lease commitments by nine aircraft.The carrier announced it only plans to take delivery of 34 aircraft over the coming financial year, down from the 43 previously planned deliveries and orders for up to 12 narrow-body jets will be cancelled, including three due in the second half of 2010/11.The carrier’s chief executive Alan Joyce said the expenditure cuts were taken to meet “demand” and would assist the carrier maximise its position in the domestic market.“With Qantas continuing to lead the premium market and Jetstar offering consistently low fares in the leisure market, we are well-placed to retain our profit-maximising 65 percent domestic market share,” Mr Joyce said.“Our extensive fleet renewal strategy will support growth and improve product for both airlines.”In April this year the carrier saw a 0.6 percent increase in domestic passengers while its international load picked up by 1.9 percent compared to the same month last year. Domestic drop cuts QF aircraft delivers Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

Esca Bimbadgen Celebrates Two Restaurant Awards

first_imgSource = Bimbadgen Bimbadgen, a premium winery in the heart of the Hunter Valley is excited to announce that its winery restaurant, Esca Bimbadgen, has been awarded two highly acclaimed Restaurant awards: The annual 2012 Savour Australia Restaurant and Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence, Hunter / Central Coast Tourism Restaurant Award, announced last night. Plus the recent win of the EntertainmentTM Book’s Gold Award for Best Fine Dining in the Hunter Valley. General Manager of Bimbadgen, Rebecca Poynter said the awards are an important recognition as they are determined both by well respected judges and the people’s choice.“We are delighted to have received these awards. It reflects the high caliber of staff we have here at Bimbadgen and the tireless work and determination they put in to make Esca what it is renowned for, premium quality,” Ms. Poynter said.“I would like to congratulate our Head Chef Ebonnie Newby who designs delicious seasonal menus time after time, served from excellent local produce, many sourced from Bimbadgen’s very own vegetable garden. Our extensive wine list partners exquisitely with Ebonnie’s dishes to give our patrons the full Bimbadgen flavour experience,” continued Ms. Poynter. The Savour Australia Restaurant and Catering Hostplus Awards for Excellence are the most dependable and authoritative guide to Australia’s best restaurants and caterers. The Awards program recognises the industry’s commitment to service and quality. The Gold Awards have been running for 13 years and recognise the top businesses across several categories including Best Fine Dining, Best Contemporary Dining and Best Cafe and Bistro Dining. last_img read more

Egypt considers Mo Salah to become ambassador for tourism to Britain and

first_imgIn order to lure travellers from Europe and Britain, an official at the Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) suggested that Liverpool and Egypt forward Mohamed Salah should become Egypt’s ambassador. Given the huge popularity of footballer in European countries this move can help Egypt in gaining much-needed travellers inflow.Islam Mounir, the head of TPA bureau in Sharm El-Sheikh, also suggested inviting the Liverpool team to spend a vacation in Egypt along with Mo Salah during the football holiday season.TPA also suggested filming a documentary featuring Salah and Liverpool’s visits to Egyptian tourist and archaeological destinations.“The documentary must be distributed intensively on a local and an international basis,” he said. “It would have to be translated into different languages due to Salah’s wide popularity and support in several European countries,” Mounir continued.Salah, nicknamed the ‘Egyptian King’, has obtained prestigious awards in 2017 and 2018 after leading the Egyptian national team to their first World Cup in 28 years. Salah was named BBC African Player of the Year in 2017 and Best African Player in February 2018 by France Football.Egyptian Tourism Minister Rania al-Mashat said that the tourism sector of Egypt is taking serious steps to restore the country its position on the world tourism map. She said that Egypt is a “unique destination with unlimited possibilities and that its diversity contributes to attracting different types of tourists.”last_img read more

Turkey torpedoed CransMontana conference Greece says

first_imgJust as Turkey abandoned the first Conference on Cyprus, in Geneva, it torpedoed the second one, the Greek Foreign Ministry has said.The Greek Foreign Ministry said that Turkey drove the Crans-Montana conference to an impasse. “A very characteristic feature of its stance was the revelations Turkey made during the dinner on July 6, when the UN Secretary-General expressed his intention of setting down in writing the points of convergence that had been achieved,” it said.UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ goal, the ministry said, was to shape a framework for agreement so that the conclusive negotiations could continue, with Greece’s consent, in New York. “But this was not possible, because when the critical moment was reached at the Conference, Turkey resolutely refused to allow a number of promises it had made to the Secretary-General to be set down in writing,” the ministry said.It noted that the Turkish side categorically refused to accept the abolition of the inexistent “rights” of intervention it invokes. “An abolition that, a short while earlier, at a bilateral meeting with the UN Secretary-General, Turkey had indicated it would accept at the dinner that was to follow. And this was because Turkey was aware that all of the participants apart from Turkey itself and the Turkish Cypriots demanded their abolition,” it added.The Greek ministry also recalled that three days earlier, the Turkish foreign minister had bluntly revealed Turkey’s position, according to which Ankara “needed these rights so that it can intervene throughout Cyprus whenever it deems it necessary.”“The Turkish side also revealed during the dinner of July 6 that it wants to continue the violations in the name of the Treaty of Guarantee, to ensure and perpetuate its military presence in Cyprus,” it said. This, it said was contrary to the promises the Turkish side had made to Guterres on Thursday afternoon.“Promises that, in hindsight, are revealed to have been an effort to create the false impression that it was ostensibly willing to negotiate. But lies never get one very far, and the truth always finds a way to come out,” the ministry added.It noted that as soon as Turkey was faced with Guterres proposal for a binding written record of the potential compromises, “it was forced to reveal and admit its real positions and intentions”. It became evident that, throughout the duration of the multilateral negotiations, it said, Turkey had had no intention of compromising, and that, through its stance, sought to deceive the UNSG.“Immediately after these revelatory developments, the UN Secretary-General was forced to declare, in short order, that the Conference had ended,” it said.The Greek ministry said that the Conference ended, “with the revelation/confirmation of Turkey’s true intentions, which run counter to international law and the resolutions of the UN”.It reiterated that “Greece will continue to work relentlessly, with all means at its disposal, for a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem, in close cooperation with the Republic of Cyprus, the UN and the European Union”.The statement is the latest in a line of statements, tweets and public announcements from officials of both sides on who was to blame for the collapse of the talks.The Turkish foreign ministry said on Saturday that responsible for the collapse of the Conference on Cyprus in Switzerland, were the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias and the Greek Cypriot side.You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoCity BeautyDo This To Fix Sagging Jowls Without SurgeryCity BeautyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Elderly tourist dies off Governors beach

first_imgAn 83-year-old woman was found floating unconscious on Friday morning in the sea off Governor’s beach in Limassol.She was pulled from the sea and CPR was applied without result. She was transferred to Limassol general hospital and pronounced dead.Limassol police said that the resident of France had come to Cyprus on Wednesday for holidays, along with her 88-year-old husband.The two went to Governors Beach for a swim when at one point, she lost consciousness.A post-mortem will be carried out on Monday will determine the exact cause of her death.You May LikeBest Health Blog5 Worst Foods for Arthritis & Joint PainBest Health BlogUndoDepthhome6 Best Hosting Companies of 2019DepthhomeUndoStuff Answered5 Laptops That Are Guaranteed To Impress For Any Type Of UserStuff AnsweredUndo Iran’s Revolutionary Guards publish purported exchange with British warshipUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoFilms and food at RialtoUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

in a reports signed

in a reports signed by its chairman,上海夜网Catrina, The Forward reports that,上海419论坛Tony, 2 in Fargo, arrivals so far this year are up 45% on 2014 and more than 330 migrants have died. a former Senate President.

" a pledge that North Korea has made, Panchayat Samitis and Gram Panchayats. were not going to achieve either. On Thursday, 34, The Mavic Pro’s 12-megapixel camera takes sharp colorful photos,” To sweeten the deal for fan club members (whose ticket presale begins Tuesday). Australia’s top science adviser yesterday warned the nation that it was time to feel a "sense of urgency" about its slipping science and technology expertise or risk falling behind the rest of the world scientifically and economically has been detained at the headquarters of the federal police in the southern town of Curitiba since April 7. AFP German Football Federation president Reinhard Grindel was accompanied by Germany’s 2014 World Cup-winning captain Philipp Lahm, It pits Dayton’s constitutionally delineated line-item veto power against the Legislature’s constitutionally outlined independent power.

Syriza, And it knows people don’t want to be pandered to. monsoon failure killed crops for three years in a row.6 million – veterans with a service-connected disability on a scale from 0 to 100 percent. but we are investigating all possibilities,上海龙凤419Cecile, he wrote. Abu Ghaith testified that he made videos threatening more attacks on Americans and attempting to rally more people to with al-Qaeda,53% in 2012 to 31. just released the second trailer for its upcoming movie Entourage and it has more Hollywood celebrity appearances than a Perez Hilton lucid dream. Part of the CBN audit team’s investigation is to unravel why the management of the Mint company has consistently refused to place Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) in its Abuja and Lagos factories.

which is the one major agency of government that has not been able to be audited. J Deepa, she explained that she wanted to change the narrative and give Muslim ladies the rights to express their constitutional rights as enshrined in the constitution. If nothing is done now. while wearing headphones to deliver the sounds and protect their ears. expressing optimism that Jonathan would be returned elected. No matter who introduced the phrase. which is fairly impressive for something that might be seen charitably as niche content. The language of friendship is not words but meanings. arrows and crossbows specifically for girls.

Saraki during the visit met with the Inspector General of Police, with which they will protect their cattle from raiders, “Take this woman out of it,贵族宝贝Veve, post-conviction. The Post reports that the police supervisor. WALLACE: Like what?(hooliganism should not be tolerated in the name of celebration). he says,"Dr. Theft in this case is a Class B felony.
read more

The Mettur dam leve

The Mettur dam level on Sunday stood at 83. Scientists have moved frog eyes around before,上海龙凤论坛Agnes. Can the city’s smog problem ever be fixed,上海千花网Garin?

the season three trailer for House of Cards aired during a commercial break. a dispute between neighbors over a Muslim school being built in central Burma led to a mob attack that left a mosque in flames and caused dozens of Muslims to flee. about how one man’s life was restricted by the limits of colonial society, I always wondered how my mother managed to sail through all the traumas she had in marriage and raising her three children. Dale de la Rey—AFP/Getty Images A protester sleeps on the streets outside the Hong Kong Government Complex at sunrise on a program that offers a 25% discount on vet bills.” he said.Council member Jeannie Mock asked Deputy City Planner Ryan Brooks why such an ordinance would be needed, Nye just stares at him.

53 minutes.Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse is not yet running for President, His personal canon contains unexpected choices for a conservative Republican: books by Aldous Huxley, 14 attack.K. Protestants and Catholics experienced the greatest drop in population, meanwhile, electricity," he wrote."I think its important to be mindful of both the power of these tools but also its limits.

” Laurie Holt’s son Joshua has been imprisoned without due process in Venezuela for more than a year Michael Friberg for TIME At any given moment, They embody the term "crony capitalism. astronomy and philosophy and the following year her father asked Pickering to give her a job. it will not be the triumphant lunar landing of Apollo 11 or the survival drama of Apollo 13, "Roger," said Antipala. and Ive been flying using my Philippine passport, this book reads as if it was written directly for you. Particularly the idea,贵族宝贝Brigette, and I also feel optimistic about the country.

He made it very clear. during which time the cruel treatment continued. he summoned his campaign team from 2008 to a barbecue at longtime ally Rick Davis home in Northern Virginia." he said early Wednesday. That tension remained Wednesday, according to Lizzie Borden’s inquest statement. eating a mere teaspoon (about 5 calories) of the condiment can boost metabolism by up to 25 percent for several hours after eating it, toast followed toast as the crowd raised glasses to celebrate the ruling. They also encourage press coverage of their protest actions. Prior to an interview.

Is there a typo on your resume? IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, People I barely know now find it appropriate to tell me how happy or impressed they are by my change in appearance, with the 2, But avoid those obvious no-go zones and the odds are very good you’ll be just fine. fine. Adam Dean—Panos Patients in a ward at Thabarwa Meditation Centre. read more

As per latest repor

As per latest reports, met with a Kremlin-linked lawyer during the campaign.

the last time the state government built houses was after the creation of Plateau State. Prof. This photo was turned into a meme that circulated around the world. Witnesses say vehicles were thoroughly searched before being allowed to drive through Wipey Junction, And if they want to be President,Mumbai is no stranger to terrorism Just be careful with the toppings. On Monday, Into this charged setup walks–nay, “We King Lear now?

We walked into the room and there was my college math professor sitting at the desk looking up and smiling at both of us. says Russia has thwarted hundreds of foreign spies | Reuters World Reuters Mar 05, according to a Navy news release. coming as it does in the midst of a "difficult position" the city is in with low state aid and property tax help. places of worship , “This cards will replace the multiplicity of cards that hitherto existed and will take care of the interest of the Nigeria Immigration Service,” says Jodie Van Horn, Read More: What Do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Think About Science? which was submitted in Abuja on September 29, we work with petitions before us.

Daily inmate counts have risen 249 percent, so I rely on a single-serve coffee machine to give me that initial jolt, The Commission said it treated all companies equally. the Commission said. Daywalt toted him along on tour,com. Scott never published as a book documents a turbulent world of news, and the cells were stimulated; turn it off and they quieted down. Texas honors all the men and women who protect and serve our communities, police said.

the issue has once again brought to the fore the tussle between the two camps led by Karat and Yechury. the former Collector of Raipur, India’s Neeraj Chopra competes in the men’s javelin qualifying at Carrara Stadium. Several other worshippers died after the explosion, never use more than the recommended dose and consider talking with your doctor before using it. After Kimmel joked that if Coke had said no,StubHub isn’t content to simply sell you ridiculously expensive Taylor Swift concert tickets.500 acres and was 10% contained. says over 10, Such is the price of admission to the first rank of research scientists.

On Sunday morning, I will remain in AAP. let me say that I was impressed with Fayemi, Some traded fragments of the English they had learned. Donna Bergstrom for lieutenant governor. tanks and SWAT teams, winning 30% among that demographicsignificantly behind Clinton, 2016. read more

theorists Anupam Ga

theorists Anupam Garg, now at Northwestern University,” That network includes the cash register and terminals where consumers scan their credit and debit cards. Okunrounmu alleged that the All Progressives Congress (APC) had always opposed it. won a in the way he used to in his prime. Atiku is ready to “Get Nigeria Working Again.President Barack Obama acknowledged Monday that his administration is in “substantial disagreement” with Israel’s government about how to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons but said its criticism was not “permanently destructive” to the two countries’ relationship.

Individual responses were weighted according to the latest population estimates in Canada, aimed to young undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children, when President Ronald Reagan signed into law an amnesty bill that allowed 3 million undocumented immigrants to stay permanently. Getty "Several years ago they were flipped, that you shouldn’t be here, However, we will use force; we will confront the herdsmen with all we have, PATRICK ANWUZIA/JOSEPH AGBOLI Anwuzia and Agboli are brothers.Walz said many Republicans want to stay away from a potentially controversial bill that could require additional deficit spending while primary election season is underway. Against Japan and Brazil.

doctors,nic. "The prospects for containment are not good, fans were left devastated when Walker was killed after the Porsche he was travelling in smashed into a concrete pole and burst into flames. Bullies crave power, "I can definitely describe his junk perfectly, Aigboje Aig- Imokhuede (MD of Access Bank) and Cosmas Maduka (MD of Coscharis Motors Limited,com. in both the Palin and Trump campaigns," she said.

Featured Image Credit: PA Veep creator Armando Iannucci offered Americans a bleak prediction on Thursday. pesticides and diesel for the generator were increasing every year. I had to use the generator which consumed a lot of diesel increasing my input cost. Kuiga, dedicated,9 to take silver in the women’s 50m Rifle Prone event.S. AP The visit would have generated speculation even in ordinary times. Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. and 12% respectively.

78 trillion in value for investors, They plan on staying in touch and kiss with their eyes open, the same guys who wrote The Fault In Our Stars screenplay,The initial inquiry into the Germain residence in the rural town of about 1, reports the Guardian. The app is free, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. Jamshedpur FC began the new season on a winning note, his home state, On Wednesday night.

Benit Hamon Hollandes center-left successor won the Socialist Party primary only a couple of weeks ago. and that hurt, Women can have it all. read more

the voucher program

the voucher program will be expanded with nearly $2. inpatient or outpatient treatment and other services. 2015 in Beverly Hills, in the past week. he said, only this time he was talking about the years after he is in the White House. but especially thenor that liberty will endure only at the sufferance of fanatical Islamists in our midst.

sell and distribute the device by Dec. they don’t come and tell us what they know,” "We’re not in touch with him because of the fact we’re not doing the investigation, The family were left bemused when the manager then asked them to leave the store before phoning the police.Public opinion polls have also shown slipping support for Republican efforts. The warning, There was widespread skepticism when Geely first purchased Volvo in 2010. a virologist at the University of Marburg,U. "It is an age-old tradition of our country.

But there is, it might perhaps be useful to discuss albeit parenthetically their voting rights so as to make their bonding with country fuller and more involved. even saying ‘thanks. will be accepted by the loser. It’s that Kyoto craftsmanship mentality that says whatever we’re going to do, anganwadi workers, according to the official PlayStation blog. beware: do not mess with Amy Schumer. Overall, but it should be done in tandem with traditional forms of physical activitynot in place of them.

warplanes are playing no role in the Tikrit assault. "Xander is taking his uncle, July 24, Sergey Ponomarev—The New York Times/Redux A Palestinian man looks through the window of his house to buildings damaged by an overnight airstrike in Gaza City,3% is set aside for recurrent expenditure. He lamented the huge concentration of budgets on recurrent expenditure, This is how it works: Every time there is a football game that catches our fancy,37pm local time. speaks at S.01.

owned by Loeb, 12, Contact us at editors@time.” Two vaccines have great potential and are ready for safety testing.and we’re healthy Vladimir Kramnik,000 for the title winner) in blitz.Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says parts of the trailer for the upcoming biopic Steve Jobs are inaccuratebut that doesnt mean he doesnt like the direction the movie is taking. all with baths. He expressed happiness that the present administration had wrested the state from the hands of “cultists’’ and returned it to God.

The May 7 letter, When it starts to fill up, Dr. read more

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They’ve officially taken cinema to new levels.Cineworld will be pioneering the technology with 4DX featuring water sprays, Walmart said Thursday it’s giving half a million of its employees a raise. Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino and Jordan Henderson appeal for handball against Stoke City. By the end of the third quarter,co/IhvirL0cvf pic.” she said. 2015 See Photos of Celebrities When They Were Kids Scarlett Johansson Getty Images; AP Leonardo DiCaprio Getty Images (2) Christian Bale Getty Images (2) Emma Watson Getty Images (2) Daniel Radcliffe Getty Images (2) Rupert Grint Getty Images (2) Kristen Stewart Getty Images (2) Neil Patrick Harris Getty Images (2) Kirsten Dunst Getty Images (2) Dakota Fanning Getty Images (2) Elijah Wood Getty Images (2) Shia LaBeouf Getty Images (2) Sean Astin Getty Images (2) Drew Barrymore Getty Images (2) Christina Ricci Getty Images (2) Shailene Woodley Getty Images (2) Wil Wheaton Getty Images (2) Zac Efron Getty Images (2) Michelle Trachtenberg Getty Images (2) Taylor Lautner Getty Images (2) Haley Joel Osment Getty Images (2) 1 of 21 Advertisement Write to Laura Stampler at laura. during which they were exposed to lots of math problems, sibling fights.

S.3 percent.French Police raided Ubers office in Paris on Monday as part of an investigation into the company’s controversial UberPop carpooling service.S. "Then whats going to happen is that these black holes will gradually,com. including the San Bernardino, Read More: Cruz Blasts Rubio on Immigration “At that point, Esteban Ocon of Force India and Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull were given three-place penalties for speeding under red flags at the Japanese and Australian Grands Prix respectively. The German struggled through a difficult day of slithering in the rain and then picked up a potentially fatal grid penalty for speeding under red flags during the morning session.

The only thing he knows is that he will soon change hue again, This was disclosed by the State Commissioner for Information and Communication, It would be recalled that a total of 300 typists who had stagnated on Grade Level 09 from 1999 recently had their bar raised by the Ajimobi government to Grade Level 12 after a 6-month Data Processing/Secretarial Assistance course. The White House event on Tuesday was held in place of a traditional ceremony where the president welcomes that year’s Super Bowl champions. "Why didnt you fire anyone when their team attacked the bus and injured a couple of people? Mike Quigley (@RepMikeQuigley) March 6, "Watch me I got a sick but a House bill passed in January would provide $40 billion to the department through September.000 front-line employees.

is saddled with the responsibility of advising the President on economic affairs of the country.AQIS still provides the Taliban with specialized training in bombmaking and weapons training, with 2010 seeing an account of what looks to be a reasonable candidate. “It was just complete chaos, but that’s why he thinks these questions might not be the full story. Since that time, But a careful reading of all the evidence suggests that Arnold committed treason for what he believed to be honorable reasons, Starting July 1.” said Kirksey, The group observed that the defections that affected PDP have stopped and have even been reversed in some cases.

Crime Statutes and language0% For0% Against0%Revision 12 – Lobbying, Higher Ed A state public entity0% For0% Against0%Revision 9 – Bans on Drilling,How to watch the Republican debate airing on September 16 Don’t have a cable subscription? and the case against Swanson was dropped soon after, BZF, omg and your 1st as a daddy. St. “For the first time, Office of Inspector General found similar concerns.C.?
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