Xining County air quality rankings released last month

The reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Xining city last month four districts and three counties and the park air quality rankings, West District, Huangyuan County, Nanchuan Industrial Park belong to better air quality area. North District, Huang Zhongxian, Gan River Industrial Park air quality ranking.

according to the air quality index increased, the degree of pollution from light to heavy sort, as the county environmental air quality rankings:

three county air quality rankings, Huangyuan County, Datong County, Huangzhong county.
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Xining Local Taxation Bureau preaching cadres four adhere to support agriculture

Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau in accordance with the municipal government work arrangements, conscientiously implement the "Office of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, Qinghai Provincial People’s Government Office issued on 2011 < thousands of cadres to the countryside work programme activities > notice" spirit, 4 cadres selected in earnestly study the spirit of the relevant documents on the basis of in-depth Huangzhong County Lan long after the town river village, tubaying village, Ma Zi Ying Cun Ma Long Cun, such as poverty alleviation and contact point village, to the spirit of the broad masses of peasants to preach a document read more

The City District Environmental Protection Bureau four chuangxianzhengyou activities to inspire the

In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of cadres and workers to District Environmental Protection Bureau, recently launched four chuangxianzhengyou activities: one is that the solicitation of opinions, to carry out

in order to further stimulate the cadres and workers to enthusiasm, Central Environmental Protection Bureau recently launched four chuangxianzhengyou activities: is a call for proposals to carry out the activities of opinions. from different levels and angles, widely solicit opinions and suggestions from all levels of environmental protection work, and strive to identify problems, explore ways to solve the problem. two is to carry out activities pingxianpingyou. in the global scope regularly organize and carry out the "four top ten" Pingxianpingyou activities. Namely: the selection of "top ten", "top ten outstanding leader of bureau of outstanding Department (team), the person in charge of the" top ten "," top ten outstanding staff "excellent job skills pacesetter advanced, striving for success, and provide the impetus for the global staff to be. three is carried out on the standard activity. global cadres and workers in their respective jobs benchmarking, accountability and commitment; closely combined with the actual work, determine the calibration target, make clear the standard carry measures; concrete measures and operational requirements. four is to carry out learning activities. strongly advocates the study and reading activities with the main contents of "learning the business, studying the laws and regulations, learning science and technology", and raises the quality of the cadres and workers to adapt to the new situation of environmental protection. read more

Shake hands in Xining and Sri lanka

"If you are willing, this year it is possible to achieve cooperation, we will provide two years of free shops for merchants settled." In September 16th, fair city, Xining and Sri Lanka held a special matchmaking enterprises, enterprises of the two sides on a number of areas of tourism, e-commerce and the gem launched friendly exchanges, the Xining Municipal Committee, vice mayor Xu Guocheng said the majority of merchants in Sri Lanka fair.

Xining city tax bureau to implement the self-employed computer quota system

The State Taxation Bureau of Xining city

Qinghai news network will launch the "self-employed computer quota appraisal system, to strengthen the tax administration of the individual industrial and commercial households, individual industrial and commercial households quota standard approved work, improve the scientificalness and accuracy of the approved quota, to achieve the" sunshine tax".

in order to solve the current fixed contradictions and problems existing in the management, standardize the work of individual constant tax reduction, individual industrial and commercial households fixed verification and adjustment in the work of subjectivity and arbitrariness, realization of individual industrial and commercial households tax approved "fair, open and fair", the State Administration of Taxation decided in the nationwide implementation of the approved use of computer fixed way. This system is the tax authorities on the basis of the typical survey, using scientific methods, all the factors affecting the production and operation of the industry classification screening, analysis, research and evaluation of the factors and the relationship between operating income and the degree of influence of the tax quota calculation. read more

The cat’s Chongqing small noodles investment analysis

also has a Chongqing regional characteristics of the snack food brand in Harbin, and the business is very hot, is the cat’s Chongqing small noodles.

the cat’s Chongqing small noodles belonging to Harbin, the street edge Restaurant Management Co., Ltd was founded in September 2010, is the food chain management of a set of brand management, research and development, raw material supply, equipment delicacy, custom franchise in one of the small cat! Join Po Chongqing, since the creation of the brand, adhering to the "people-oriented, benefit sharing, risk sharing, benefit the society" business philosophy, constantly move forward, achievement of catering huge investment opportunities! read more

Xining to carry out six months of work supervision, look back activities

In the end of the year there is more than a month’s time, the city population and Family Planning Commission for the organization of the six months of supervision over the area to carry out a look back campaign, urging the district found that the rectification problem

from the end of the year there is more than a month’s time, the city population and Family Planning Commission organized a staff of six months to carry out supervision over the region to look back activities, supervise and urge the district found that rectification. To lay the foundation for the successful completion of the annual objectives. read more

West District Xining City RS GA Zhuang branch to carry out special activities warning education

recently, the IRS Tax Service Hall of Xining City West District quickly implemented, fully understand and implement the construction of a clean government, to strengthen the team construction as the starting point, to enhance the tax service work.

Based on the actual

, and constantly improve the level of service, pay close attention to the "soft" business counseling and training, job training to carry out the window, the window to strengthen personnel job operating skills, improve the ability of personnel to further strengthen the tax window, window integration efficiency. To create a fast and convenient service response platform, establish "collection – Analysis – Implementation – feedback" of the tax service tax service response mechanism, earnestly needs survey, a comprehensive understanding of the diversification efforts to meet the reasonable needs of taxpayers, taxpayers understand on tax legal requirements, grasp of the specific needs of the tax policy, the tax process convenient and efficient demand to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the demand. Strengthen internal management, improve service quality. In the tax service to achieve the use of the term civilization, abide by the rules and regulations, the implementation of the civil service". In the service to consultation to answer fast, fast, fast processing of tax procedures, strictly for all kinds of matters in the service commitment period. Efforts in the service identification standard, service behavior, service quality system standard, the tax standard and other aspects of efforts to create a civilized and efficient working environment. read more

Xining Public Security Bureau intelligent traffic management system was officially opened

at 11 a.m. on May 23rd.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau command center.

is located in the center of the command center on the big screen, a license plate number for the green A3842X driving motor vehicles on the road, the vehicle driver pulled out a mobile phone, the phone. His illegal behavior was immediately captured by surveillance equipment. A license plate number for the green A838xx Beverly taxi driver not wearing a seatbelt. At the same time, in Xining, the Yellow River Road, the Yangtze River Road, 54 Avenue, a number of motor vehicle driving line, illegal overtaking. read more

The union is going to give each employee a birthday

In order to enhance the staff on the job of pride and a sense of belonging, and vigorously to create a "East is my home, you rely on the development of" harmonious atmosphere, May 20th, sponsored by the Federation of trade unions of the East District of "care for employees, send birthday wishes" activities officially started, from now on, the Union began to give each district authorities a registered official staff birthday.

Standardized management of urban and rural subsistence allowances in Xining

North District of Xining City, always adhere to the people-oriented governing concept, people’s livelihood, attaches great importance to guaranteeing the work of urban and rural areas, to further promote the urban and rural work standardization management, make the people satisfied with the "sunshine subsistence allowances".

Xining City North District to increase the intensity of training, and strive to do a good job of urban and rural construction of qualified personnel. Through the development of special training sessions, exchange of experience and other activities, the city’s urban and rural subsistence allowances for staff training and multi-level education, and effectively improve the quality of service and efficiency of the basic level staff. At the same time to carry out the staff to visit the household activities, and actively promote the national minimum living standards for the poor people in detail to explain the application of the relevant procedures to help poor people to solve practical difficulties. North of the city is also constantly improve the system of norms, to achieve standardized management of subsistence allowances. Strict implementation of the joint meeting, guaranteeing the work minimum monthly household income declaration, guaranteeing that the object separation remote acceptance and other related systems, to play the role of community residents democratic appraisal organization, earnestly implement the minimum target housing, medical care, children’s education and other aspects of social assistance policies, mobilize all social forces to participate in security work, gradually formed the working mechanism of government departments, social participation, cooperation, to jointly promote the rural work. North of the city in the work of urban and rural subsistence allowances continue to strengthen the sense of integrity, to create sunshine subsistence allowances". To further strengthen the sense of responsibility, put into the clean government to urban and rural residents work, strengthen supervision and management, standardize procedures, and effectively guaranteeing the review open and fair and reasonable, and resolutely put an end to violations of the various forms, to create "sunshine subsistence allowances, better services for the difficulties of the masses, and promote social harmony stable. (author: Cui Yongtao) read more

Xining service enterprises operating difficulties

days ago, reporters from the Xining National Bureau of investigation team was informed that from January to May this year, small and micro service enterprises sample survey, 232 of production, the demise of the 451 sample enterprises in Xining City, the death rate was 51.44%. At present, most of the Xining city service industry Small and micro businesses in the start-up and growth stage, restricted by the external economic environment and rising operating costs, financing difficulties, personnel mobility speed and other factors, the sample unit operating in poor condition, the loss of business coverage. read more

Xining air pollution control Henzhao

In the future, the comprehensive pollution control work will be incorporated into the leading bodies and leading cadres of the district and municipal responsible units of the annual target responsibility assessment (performance), in order to promote the comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining City, promote the continuous improvement of environmental air quality. This is the reporter from the Xining city in November 11th to do the news.

it is understood that the comprehensive management of air pollution in the new "assessment" made it clear that the implementation of the monthly assessment of the comprehensive management of air pollution in Xining City, to percentile points and informed the monthly assessment results and rankings. If there is not complete the comprehensive management of air pollution and the overall arrangements for the division of tasks according to the time limit responsibility area, the lead unit and the responsible units, or not according to the time limit for the relevant inspection and supervision matters and other circumstances, will make the target early warning notification and deduct the corresponding month daily assessment score. Meanwhile, the slow progress of the work, the implementation of the responsibility is not in place, constitute the case of accountability, in strict accordance with the relevant accountability approach accountability. read more

Xining to build 3+6 social management model

"city of life, the city of happiness" is the development goal of Xining, the goal is to make Xining social stability, people live and work in peace and contentment. Reporters from the November 13th meeting of the provincial Commission for the evaluation of Xining City 2012 annual social management work report that, since this year, Xining city put forward the comprehensive management of social management mode of Xining – "3+6" mode of social management in the past on the basis of the 143 communities in Xining city is divided into 1037 responsibility to provide high-quality mesh. Service. In this model, the level of social management in Xining, social security environment has been greatly improved, people’s sense of well-being, security has been enhanced. read more

Xining health infrastructure for the new year to fight for special funds 180 million

Xining City Health Bureau this year will increase efforts to fight and implement health projects, and further promote the construction of health infrastructure to a new level.

it is understood that the City Health Bureau will strive to complete the project in place and capital respectively this year: continue to increase the city, two city, three city hospital building, city hospital business building, Datong County and Huangyuan county hospital construction projects and the construction of community health service projects such as construction work, and to ensure that this year at the end of the completion of delivery; and in place for the completion of all kinds of project grants 180 million yuan of special funds, so this part of the special subsidies for the amount of growth of 20% over the previous year; strive for the construction of city community health service center and Huangzhong County People’s hospital building construction project. At the same time, speeding up the township construction and reconstruction of dilapidated buildings and maintenance work; the implementation of the central and provincial special funds 12 million yuan, the new rural sanitary toilet seat 20000; with the support of relevant departments, the city CDC transformation and distribution room, to ensure the normal operation of the city CDC P2 biological safety laboratory of large and medium-sized equipment. read more

Xining City ndustrial and commercial bureau to strengthen the clean government and promote the styl

2008, Xining city industry and Commerce Bureau of the clean government work in a prominent position, early arrangements, early deployment, through strengthening the education, improve the system, strengthen supervision and inspection, effectively change the work style of cadres, promoting the construction of a clean government, has made new achievements.

strengthen education, improve self-discipline consciousness. Discipline inspection group of the use of learning days and early reading time on the laws and regulations, honest government, rules and regulations and other knowledge of the centralized system to explain the guidance. Through the study, the cadres and workers of education to strengthen self-discipline, improve self-discipline consciousness, in working life has always been strict with themselves, consciously abide by the law and discipline, and civilized law enforcement, clean and efficient, warm and thoughtful service. read more

Qinghai provincial government to improve the effectiveness of the proposed system

12 8, the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Government on the provincial people’s government for the eleven session of the four meeting of the notification of the situation since the twenty-two session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people. Since the eleven session of the CPPCC Provincial Committee of the four meeting of the government system to deal with the proposal of the 316, have all been scheduled to do. Among them, have been resolved or adopted in 130, accounting for 41.1%; the questions included in the plan to gradually solve or adopt 154 pieces, accounting for 48.8%; due to the limitation of current conditions, the questions for 32 reference, accounting for 10.1%. Satisfaction rate, the adoption rate, the implementation rate has improved compared to last year. read more

Huangzhong judicial people solve problems for praise

correction officers to help open up, was released from prison staff to solve the difficulties of life, help farmer brother beg for wages…… A pile of pieces, in recent years, Huangzhong County Bureau of justice around the three focus on innovative work ideas, bent to do things for the people, in the judicial work to the forefront of the three counties.
for emancipists to normal return to society, judicial staff into the rural community, regular survey visit, grasp the idea of life emancipist, solve their difficulties in life, and complete the released prisoner resettlement work, at present, a total of 1137 tube emancipist.

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Northwest style tourism association annual meeting of the 30 city mayor Xining Tourism

northwest style Tourism Federation 2014 meeting will be held on October 16th. Then, director of nearly 30 from the city of Ning Meng Shaanxi Gansu Qing and adjacent areas of the mayor, the Tourism Bureau will meet in Xining to discuss xiadou, regional tourism development plan, the meeting will also organize Tourism Committee and the National Committee, jointly signed the "Xining declaration".

northwest Customs Tourism Federation is from the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Yinchuan City, Shizuishan City, Baoji City, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, the 16 city of Gansu Province, Pingliang City, Dunhuang City, CO sponsored by nearly 10 years of development, for the Shanxi Gansu Ningxia Inner Mongolia green and adjacent area tourism cooperation, regional tourism brand, tourism resources the integration of fine lines to create tourism, information exchange and integration of regional tourism and other aspects play an important role. read more

Monday the city cooling and precipitation

May 9th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, according to estimates, in April the city’s precipitation higher than in previous years, the city’s largest rainfall reached 126.2 mm. City Meteorological Observatory predicted that the whole city in May may be less than the same period last year, the temperature is higher than the same period in previous years about 1.5 degrees celsius.