Why college students high mortality

if you are 85, you can feel deeply that, at the time of primary school, students are no worries about work issues, because the university is the package. 85 college students after the employment pressure, to fight the father’s spell dad, can not spell the father can only spell their own. 85 college students entrepreneurship is a common phenomenon, however, many people and venture capitalists are not optimistic about college students entrepreneurship, the reason is very simple, that is, the survival rate is too low, the mortality rate is too high. read more

What kind of women’s shop to make more money here for reference

women’s business has been very good, but there is also a competitive disadvantage, entrepreneurs want to rely on women’s shop to make money to spend some thought. So what kind of women’s clothing store to make money? It is necessary to know the answer to this question. The following is a reference opinion, women shop entrepreneurs can learn from.

1, what kind of women’s clothing store to make money? The classic style of the market;

2, the tide elements reflected in the details of clothing and accessories, not more, fine point on the good. read more

Xiamen 9 companies to become the new three board innovation layer

actively respond to the call of the country, the wave of public entrepreneurship in the ongoing, many of the first attempt to innovate the enterprise, has made a series of development. This time, the announcement of the new three board innovation layer list, the 9 companies in Xiamen to become the new three board innovation layer, below we understand. The new board innovation list

has been brewing for a long time finally released, in June 18th, the national share transfer system (also known as the new three board) was screened with innovation standard listed company list, a total of 920. In accordance with the procedures for the work of the arrangement, listed company still have objections to the list or voluntarily give up the right to enter the innovation layer, from June 20th to 22 to raise objections to the application period. read more

How to choose the brand of men’s underwear store

There are a lot of

lingerie shop, and the number of domestic men’s underwear shop are not comparable, actually a men’s underwear store, that business is not bad, it is important to choose the brand, the face of dazzling men’s underwear brand, how to choose a key.

propaganda exaggerated, not to the point guard

often in some large portal business channel or some special investment franchise website to see some attractive advertising, these are absurd propaganda, people can know the secret. But some subtle temptation of publicity, may still make a lot of investors tempted. read more

Tianjin start the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship in Colleges and Universities


started in the management activities of entrepreneurship education in our universities tend to theoretical courses, the lack of sufficient attention to the practice. Nowadays, more and more college students begin to pay attention to practice, which indicates that China’s higher education has entered a new stage of development.

sponsored by the Tianjin City Board of education, School of Tianjin University of Finance Economics and the city college students entrepreneurship CLD co service innovation entrepreneurship practice before the start. From this month, the city’s 55 research universities, undergraduate students, vocational college students will be glad to attend business school of innovation and entrepreneurship training, in-depth about 30 companies for a period of 9 months of practice, by giving full play to their own professional advantage, help enterprises to enhance market competitiveness. read more

How much pizza hut fee

if it is only western style fast food, many people may think of KFC or McDonald’s, but if it comes to pizza, naturally not pizza hut. However, such an international brand, if you want to cooperate, naturally need to prepare adequate costs. So, how much pizza hut fee? Pizza hut to join it? Let’s get to know each other.

want to do Pizza Hut boss, not easy.

Pizza Hut franchisee can cash requirements of its own funds of not less than 3 million yuan, total assets of not less than 6 million yuan; the restaurant’s purchasing costs at least 3 million yuan, plus 300 thousand yuan initial franchise fee, training fee of 60 thousand yuan, 10 years to get a pizza hut franchise, the franchisee upfront investment of at least 3 million 360 thousand of course, if the yuan wants to take Wang Pu, will have to pay more money. read more

Summer hot pot restaurant business to keep in mind the six points

now, regardless of southerners or northerners, hot pot is everyone’s favorite tongue delicious. Compared with the winter, a lot of hot pot restaurants in the summer ushered in a few customers, business bleak deserted. But some hot pot shop, the customer is still a lot, really let other pot shop owner envy, then, how do they do it?

A, suitable for summer consumption development Hot pot variety

The new

read more

How to do a good job in education franchise

compared with traditional industry, education industry is now in the market want to make money, we must first learn how to do propaganda work, own brand promotion, to attract consumers is the first step to make money. The market demand of education is more and more! Therefore, investment in education is a wise choice for entrepreneurs! However, for the education of the franchise investors, their own business education stores want talent shows itself from the market, so in the shop when the correct propaganda techniques, make education stores in the market have visibility, so education franchise success is very simple!

read more

Nail shop needs to pay attention to what matters

as long as it is with the woman related industries are definitely very hot, Manicure industry is such an industry, now the development is very good, in recent years, the development prospects of Manicure industry, many investors value the investment value, have opened a shop Manicure. But if you want to own the store business is hot, we must choose a good product, but also have a good business approach, so you have a grasp of victory. So, how to operate in order to successfully open a nail shop? Need to pay attention to what matters? read more

You need to know before you choose to join the environmental protection industry

environmental entrepreneurship is a very popular entrepreneurial projects, not only to create a lot of economic benefits, but also to help green. In such a hot industry, how should we choose to join the environmental protection projects?

1. for an item to be inspected, need to know that this project is now successful? If the promotion business blindly boast how much money will be in the future, this is not credible.

2. everyone wants to be able to get the maximum benefit with minimum investment, minimum risk. However, everything has a degree. If blindly freeloaders, often be disastrous. The introduction of the project is different from the purchase of consumer goods, the value of which is determined by the quality of hardware equipment, supporting technology and technology level, the quality of training, follow-up support and other aspects of the decision. The value of an entrepreneurial project is not how much the machine is equipped with, but how much money it can earn for the investor. read more

How to successfully operate fruit shop

fruit is very popular delicacy in the market, if you want to invest in dried fruit stores then to learn about wealth of knowledge, small sums up some successful experience can hope to inspire you, for the public investors, can not miss the opportunity to learn.

1: open dried fruit shop is to serve the community and the existence of the service is the return of profits. If you do not get a profit, that the service to the community is not enough, therefore, as long as the service is perfect, there will be profits. read more

We need to keep our eyes open in the summer night

because of the weather, since the day has no way to operate, a lot of people will put the time to put in the evening, especially in the summer. The arrival of summer, the scorching sun, outside the room like a big steamer, burned like iron go on the concrete, people had to come out at night, by the way of shopping. We shop also extended business hours, seize the summer business opportunities, increase revenue.


store opened in the side of the road, the village has a fruit wholesale market, people more and more complex, the day night to collect fruit, transportation, these drivers on the road before pulling the fruit to buy some food and drink, to catch a night, the night to add physical strength. They will also be able to buy more smoke and drink, they will spend tens of billions of dollars, I also used to wait until after 11. read more

The pop style of women’s fashion dress

we all know that women’s market, has been very competitive. Business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the pop style women’s project, no doubt, is to make the shop!

women’s clothing, each pure, confident, romantic, love the freedom of women’s life boutique. For want to start a business is also a natural platform, and now the wind is given such an opportunity, you want to venture can try!

style after seventeen years of precipitation, has its own cultural connotation, to live together with the interpretation of dreams, a kind of attitude to life, want to start a business to join, since we can live in this business, may want to start a love for all life. read more

Creative home selling large collection of personalized home accessories

with more and more people to pursue personality, the pursuit of creativity, the home life has more and more expectations, there are more and more hope. Personalized home accessories naturally welcomed by the market, ushering in a new hot!

domodinamica  design design of the banana chair, as if a peeled banana, and each chair can be used independently, the shape is very cute, 360° seat more open vision.

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