What are the problems in the cake shop

is now a lot of people are starting to shop in the process of continuous exploration, there are a lot of attention need to pay attention to, so as to ensure the normal operation of the store business. And want to make money through the cake shop, it is necessary to understand some of the ways to open a cake shop to make money, in fact, there are still a lot of attention to the cake shop. We should start from these considerations, a solution to a very profitable cake shop. After a number of groping, Xiao Bian summed up the following open cake shop notes: read more

Sichuan, Meishan to carry out the work of Fisheries entrepreneurship employment has achieved remarka

fishery industry is a traditional industry in China, which has a very broad market. With the management of open activity, many potential entrepreneurs began to enter the field of fisheries are fighting. To help these entrepreneurs as soon as possible, Sichuan, Meishan launched a variety of aquatic entrepreneurship Huimin work.

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What is the three board axe of retail marketing

marketing work involves a lot of business skills, after all, the industry is fierce competition, want a hot business, naturally need to grasp more experience. Marketing of the road, although the road has existed since ancient times, in practice is still shallow, but in the daily work, but also surly realize some marketing tips, summed up the three axes, and peer exchange.

first Axe: marketing you have to worry about the eyes, do not worry about the merchant

this is a way to the feelings of the brand, before playing this card, how long the heart. Ordinary daily life, you may not care to bring business much shocked and touched, but when the special time and special events, often can be repeatedly used. There was a retail business because her husband was ill in the hospital to take care of, so please help me set cigarettes. Of course I am duty bound, but also how long a mind, always remember to ask her husband’s illness, the couple two people are very grateful. Then with her new cabinet and the increase in inventory as mentioned, are all answered. People are emotional animal, every at the Lee, this is our marketing winning one of the essential methods. read more

How to choose a good shop

tea for friends who love to go shopping is definitely a good partner, and now the market has a lot of tea shop. Open a favorite tea shop, how to choose a better site? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.


, for investigation and analysis of target sites surrounding traffic. Indeed, the passenger flow is a basic factor to determine the performance, understand and understand the passenger flow, passenger flow belongs to the market positioning, also is to get rid of those who can not become a real traffic consumer, is the primary factor to be considered when the location of stores. read more

The successful opening of the paint shop needs to grasp the three points

opened a paint shop in the current has become a choice of countless people, however, the success of the shop we need to consider a lot of factors. In this article, the small series will introduce you to three points, so that you open the paint shop a higher probability of success.

paint shop location:

location should be selected in the sale of building materials more concentrated place.

paint shop procedures:

first apply to the Bureau of dangerous chemicals to handle the license of dangerous chemicals, and then to the business sector for business license, and finally to the tax department for tax registration certificate. If you are an individual industrial and commercial households, there is no need for funds, if you are doing a limited liability company, the minimum registered capital of 30 thousand yuan. read more

Why don’t you start making money for years

There are many entrepreneurs in the

market, but not every entrepreneur has to make money, a lot of entrepreneurs do poineering work for many years, and did not realize their wealth dream, what is the reason? We should have a good analysis of the problem, to see how their entrepreneurial path.

1, no core competitiveness you will have what pain

2, the benefits of core competitiveness

3, case

4, to build the core competitiveness

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Your actions may affect your employees’ emotions

many catering managers are unhappy about their employees, always tried various ways to regulate their own employees, make the best of the restaurant service, there are many managers want their employees every day is in high spirits, to various ways, but managers also should understand that only the subordinate respect, they will be full of passion.

your behavior may affect your employees’ emotions

many managers in the normal behavior is often unconsciously made the following mistakes.

1, his office angry read more

n rural areas do electricity supplier profit model which

now Master village in the minority, today’s rural appearance has cannot be mention in the same breath, the rural electricity supplier is a promising occupation, as long as you know how to grasp the market dynamics, analyze the current situation, believe in rural areas to achieve the dream of getting rich is not difficult!

1, base camp mode

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Shops are not easy to fall into what business vicious circle

although every investor wants to set up their own business can be booming, but in the actual operation of the process is prone to a variety of conditions, resulting in poor store management. However, the poor management of the shop is very easy to fall into a number of vicious circle, leading to the store to insist on very difficult. So, the business is not easy to fall into what business cycle?

1: commodity cycle

the more business, the more you dare to goods. No more do not into the business is not on the goods, the goods is not the cycle of vicious spiral out of business until the final closure of the. read more

What are the operating points of the ribs franchise

has always been a popular pork delicacy chowhound favorite especially improved innovation, ribs delicious now, by now the consumer with investors love. For entrepreneurs, to open a pork shop is also a good choice for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs can get the desired income. So how to open the ribs store, what are the main points? Follow Xiaobian together to understand.

what are the operating points of the ribs store? Pork stores are generally open in large flows of people, can also open in exclusive non-staple food market inside or near the farm, even in the streets in the residential area, which is not only convenient for community residents’ daily life, but also for our store has a relatively stable customer base, can greatly to improve store revenue. read more

Zaozhuang spring action entrepreneurial activities will start

spring action is a joint venture to support the country to carry out a number of activities to help entrepreneurs eager to start the business quickly enjoy entrepreneurial support, as soon as possible to enter the entrepreneurial track.

2 in early April to mid March, Shandong, Zaozhuang, people at all levels of social sector will be carried out in the city’s spring action series of activities.

It is reported that this year

, the theme is "to build a platform to promote the transfer of employment and ·". The service object including the poor rural participatory transfer, employment intention and entrepreneurial aspirations of rural laborers, people demand a useful enterprises and various units and other employment entrepreneurial intention. read more

How to carry out the management of brand clothing store

brand clothing because of its high-end positioning, in all aspects of products and services will have a relatively high demand, and the management personnel to the shop also put forward higher requirements, which requires all related stores have better management personnel. So, how to carry out brand clothing store personnel management? Need to pay attention to the following points:

brand clothing stores usually by the franchisee or I hired manager in charge of store all operations, store management focuses on sales management, merchandise management and display, the sales management properly or not, directly related to the store sales. read more

Returned to the end of the return of a variety of sweet potato entrepreneurs plan

is now very popular overseas returnees, when looking for a job can be a lot easier, but the returnee master gave up high paying jobs, choose home business for sweet potato, which makes a lot of people are stunned, and his choice is also a reason.

seven years of living abroad, Li Jianfeng not only learn the textbook knowledge, foreign advanced enterprise management mode, and even the mode of agricultural production, have had a deep impact on him, so after returning to Li Jianfeng by his smug, eager to learn to see outside, into practice. read more

Shandong white tiger hit the price again catch up with pork

in our lives because prices are regulated by the relevant units, so prices have been relatively stable, but with the rising price of pork, garlic also ushered in their own crazy period. After half a year, garlic once again become friends laugh show "fashionable talk. Beijing Haidian District District vegetable stall stall Qiao Guohua at the time of purchase convenience, compressed purchasing cost, began to consciously reduce the purchase amount of garlic.

during National Day not long ago, in order to garlic, garlic in Shandong County of Jinxiang agricultural Li Qiang (a pseudonym) home grown cotton has been fully mature, even under the rain, did not attend. read more

Mother Township hot pot hot pot chain to become the first choice for money

      we present a Hot pot to become the most unique delicacy when brings us convenience and skills more opportunities, wealth is the largest, so it is now necessary to see some development about the Hot pot store, believe it will to help our cause, but also you are most in need of attention to one thing.

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How to locate the jewelry store to make money

today, people’s living standards continue to improve, people have more money to pay attention to other areas. And not only to increase the charm of jewelry, or status as a symbol of choice. For investors, how to determine the location of the jewelry store in order to attract more consumers? Xiaobian below to introduce in detail.

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Open a men’s clothing store to do a good job in Market Research

entrepreneurship, can not be blind, especially when the store opened, it is even more so. So, open a men’s shop, you know what to do market research? Before the shop, do a good job in market research is very important, do these, in order to carry out the next step in order to open the shop up.

survey in 1, men’s boutique brand to join the style of the product is suitable for the local market, how to join the local men’s such other men’s competition condition of product

? read more