For friends of the chain within the page change

but my mood is more or less by some influence. So I want to write something to give vent.

sometimes change link is very smooth, sometimes it is extremely unfavorable, it boils down to in the end, the final reason is to me is a link in the page. Then I think, why do some people tell me to change page links, some people do not like me? For links to the inside pages in the end is good or bad? Was not thought to write this article, but was a man named "lost XX pig" the netizen stimulated, wanted to write. read more

Forwards internal link building can not be ignored

before this, first with a diagram to show. As shown in the figure: I C1, C2 on behalf of the home page, column page on behalf of A1, A2, C1 column page article pages, A3 and A4 C2 column page article pages.

2, you can click on to any column page, as shown in figure I to C1 and C2, can achieve through navigation. The key content of home can also once arrived, as shown in figure I to A2, A3, such as the recommended set.

2 website, some of the page is not to be optimized, such as the registration page, the search engine spiders do not fill in a form, so this page is also known as "non essential pages", even if the links pointing to it, is not likely to be SE favor and rankings. read more

Bold prediction Mrs. Wang maigua Shanghai Longfeng is out of date

now Shanghai Longfeng way most rely on external websites for their own website to vote to enhance the site in the search engine weight and ranking of relevant keywords, but this way we can control ourselves, we all know, the chain construction we can control, so now some sites no matter how. The chain operating properly can also have a good ranking in the search engine, but when you reach your site after the disappointment, did not find the information to. This situation is not likely to continue, if a search engine has been going on like this, will be replaced by other search engines, so good, I believe, now the search engine operators will also consider a better way, to provide accurate information for the user, so the search engine can only be user acceptance and continuous development. read more

Application of keyword strategy in marketing enterprises in the web site

in the website of the

pay by keyword advertising (love Shanghai, Google promotion) to collect historical keyword and click data access.



browsing peers or competitors website, see its setting key.

with the keyword list a set of keywords application rules for each column and channel development. Keywords application of different column does not constitute a competitive relationship, but with different emphasis, and continuously updated. Content is king, no matter what strategy, if there is no quality content as the basis, only specious, in the search engine in the world do not know how long they were drowned. Search engine optimization formula of success is: high quality content, can withstand any changes in the rules of search engine optimization. read more

Download on the new sites through the PDF reader not included

however, the detailed detection for space and domain name, tell me the truth, all have no problem, then, whether the place in which the problem of

I recently launched a PDF reader for pdf download network, professional readers download the majority of users to provide the most awesome and the related knowledge of information, however, in the website after I met a let me very tangled problem, is the site has not be included in the sea. According to my usual method of operation, the general new station on the line, as soon as the next day, a week will slow the site included, but this station, after a 12 day time is still a website snapshot signs are not, this let me this old people boast flustered, is the domain name used to be K, or the the space there is a problem with the IP read more

5 strokes to quickly fix problems website not included

content don’t place too deep4, the

site map 1, take the initiative to submit

so how to solve the problem of

now do Shanghai Longfeng site optimization, must use this function.

2, submit the

began to explain below.


website?1, take the initiative to submit content

there, you can put the link of website map in the robots file, the first thing a spider to visit a site to access the robots file, read robots files, you can find the site map link, very convenient.

two, submit the

this function also has a good, when we write a original article, is submitted to the search, behind if someone copy your article is useless, in accordance with the order in order of arrival, ha ha. read more

The inventory of the Yangzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Google natural rankings do the first exp

3, a reasonable set up their own blog: specifically, the original article you want more people to read, the blog platform to build their own blog is a must, but we also have to make a choice, most of the blog has started cleaning up, step by step, but this Never mind is too big, even if is a lot of blog without the weights of the output we also want to do his own blog, from a marketing point of view, this is the source code of marketing, marketing case is also very much, such as the current popular CMS, although you get rid of the output. The weight of URL, but you changed the function of one of my friends? Do jspcms, just open source website a year to PR7, the site is not only no update, no maintenance. Here is a source into the concept of marketing, to be sure, the source of marketing is the most effective way of marketing, but marketing is not a general source of Shanghai dragon will be able to do so. read more

The website optimization website article details

The content of

will not make your website fits any impression on the search engine. Just let the spider more dislike its website. Not only did not rank well. Also included are a big problem. What the search engine is the most love. It is often linked to the mouth of the original content owners. What is the name of the original. Ask me, I will call you the dictionary. The spider love original content, is every webmaster all know. But users also love the original, no one love to see an article seen hundreds of times. No one love to see a tired of watching movie. So, the website you want to win, then the original content is an essential advantage. If you don’t write or couldn’t write so much, you can go to the local library and put some related contents do not have to move to go online? The lack of original network, which makes the original content so Qing mei. So, in order to rank well, to win from the competition of the hands, content is the key. read more

Who let the search engine development difficult

search engine can be said to be a great work of art, regardless of its delicate design or magnificent architecture make people succumb to it. From the original model to the current search engine, its development is very difficult, who let the search engine development difficult? The following web8 Shanghai dragon as we announced that an answer.

Let not to mention a previous history of

. This time love Shanghai clicks rampant in vogue, promised a few hours or a few days to let website ranking rise even before the three beloved Shanghai home. I felt very helpless, it makes the website main feeling site can stand firm and secure, they insist on efforts to pay for what? You will observe that now the first page of the website ranking is very unstable, especially in the search engine from a number of websites, overnight website snapshot and ranking all. The search engine is not adjusted for the algorithm can not be proved, the search engine is not targeted to eliminate spam sites don’t know, but I know there are many Duoxinxin which is struggling to use the regular practices website website owners suffered a serious blow. read more

What are the key forgotten in Shanghai Dragon

page structure is not timely website the backbone system, is the key to guide the user experience. So in the website node >

The number of links to the 2, The most and


home page link number

Shanghai dragon is one of the most important tools of network marketing, reasonable use of Shanghai dragon short and quick can improve the site keywords ranking overall, to obtain valuable traffic to create real value through the website. With the wide application of Shanghai dragon, more and more well known, marketing thinking is gradually changing, resulting in distorted thinking in many cases, ignoring the Shanghai dragon’s original concept: for the user experience and make Shanghai Longfeng, however, in many cases is too much emphasis on the Shanghai dragon, thus ignoring the user experience. Especially in web design easily neglected by the people of its importance, many did not really meet the user experience. Shanghai dragon in which the forgotten user experience what? Here I also talk about personal thinking after finishing point, hope to communicate with colleagues, and grow together. read more