Differentiated link building should be harmony but not sameness

, a link for the role and significance of

search engine can continue to find more information? Is the search spiders starting from a site that links down further retrieval, crawling pages and content to crawl together. So we can understand, search engines cannot do without links, no search engine will not be able to find new pages, it cannot retrieve new content. So the search engine special love links, and even some links for search engines like hunger and thirst to, because is a must. Do a reverse thinking, if a website is not linked to any website, nor any web site links, the difference and a solitary island? Such station cannot be natural search engine initiative found, the same chain of less website, search engine is also the opportunity the less. read more

Talk about how to analyze competitor websites

domain age


this is an important reference index of open web space speed, if the other party is using cloud space, you use a virtual host server garbage, day down. In this case, you have to consider the host in what ways from other aspects.

based data analysis


we can use the home station webmaster tools 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Chinaz贵族宝贝, to inquire about the basic data of competitors, including the site response speed, domain age, site outside the chain, website, website Links, web site keywords, keyword density. This is we can use Adsense tools to analyze it. Some people may ask, what is the use of these data read more

Repeat what is the impact on the site God said so

then duplicate content on the site what impact? Look at Google John · Muller is how to say:

on the other hand, different web page of the overall effect, site layout, value added, authority and search engine trust is not the same, like the new.

site duplicate content has always been a hot issue, but also the search engine guide is often mentioned in the content. Obviously, regardless of the site access to the user or search engine, do not want in the website often see duplicate content. Duplicate content often appears on the site, not only affect the user browsing experience, but also reduce the search engine trust value. If there is a lot of duplication of website content, is equivalent to the existence of a large number of low quality content, reduce user stickiness does not say, or even bring down the right search engine. read more

Shanghai Longfeng rules of survival in the search engine how to go long

2) if an article is relatively long, then it is not to choose the page? I feel that no matter how long they try to put on a page, such as: a love Shanghai Encyclopedia of his page is very long, the content of a page length also have influence on the search engine, extreme point if you have only a few words must be included, B, a user point of view, open the page shown below is a 1~10 page, may directly away, although paging can improve PV, but users not to open a new page is loaded into the page waiting time, also will increase bounce rate, C, and page most of the titles are the same, also increase the repeatability. read more

Small owners how to write good original articles

field. Since

if you do the things you do best, then you can create a very good original article, because of the small webmaster, why do some friends do not know how to write the article? First, into the field of time is too short, the cognitive level is limited, so don’t creation good article. Second, although he has entered into this field for a long time, but no serious study, do not know how the idea of the article. The teacher gave us three soil here for example, say you in the network marketing ability is relatively strong, there are some basic web knowledge, although you can write a good marketing plan, but when you enter into the PHP development, then you are dumbfounded. Because of you, just contact the HTML, CSS learning, development for the PHP, you basically as a couple. Is the so-called, gehangrugeshan, if you persist in their own fields, it may be from their own strengths focus. read more

The core is about Links site link exchange, reciprocal links

call? cheating?

believe that many webmaster friends in exchange Links are holding a try, in fact when we exchange Links must take the equivalent exchange, your site value equal to what link exchange what exchange links, not far fetched, and part of the webmaster is due to the same industry contacts or the friend request for exchange in the exchange Links, the unknown channel for site buried seeds. Imagine, if you do not respect each other, although the link exchange, but the two links can not work together to force, a website is thousands of daily Click to enter another site, and another site daily traffic is 0, how about the other unequal relationship is not let the search engine for read more

The actual share of business in Shanghai love home station operation details

as everyone knows, search engine optimization in the process of ranking enterprise station is the common pursuit of the goal, but Dajiangshan easy to sit the difficult ah, how to get ranked after ranking steadily maintained in an ideal position, today the author’s own enterprise website in love the sea and we learn it. Firstly, let us look at the current ranking of keywords. Although the competition is not very big but the site has been firmly established as love Shanghai home for two years, the operating practices and everybody to share. read more

The conversion rate for the purpose of Shanghai dragon is bullying

"content is king" s all. But a lot of people do Wangzhuan, content is speculation to speculation on the Internet, there is no what new, plus the users are very picky. For search engines, it is also love new things, and we are also so.

for the website of this art is also very important. This is like doing business, decoration is good or bad for sub shop business has a decisive role. For example: the same is the supermarket, a good decoration is a chain store, only a small shop, where would you go home to buy things? The answer obviously. So, a good appearance can be invisible to you attract customers. read more

Shanghai Longfeng Optimization are you sure you really understand each other website keywords

, a key point of each other what is


, 2 time don’t focus too much on the key point of each other in a certain period of time, can be cross point control over time, one day is divided into morning, afternoon or morning, afternoon, evening, regularly, don’t let the search engine to find you every day is the time when the flow up. It is easy to expose the identity, source of cross point time and flow to the natural growth.

1, continue to maintain the site, together with the flow of content, not only the flow of content is not updated once a few days, but continue to surge in traffic, and that included the amount be increased steadily. read more

Share some things to do in the station optimization

3 page picture, don’t forget to add ALT and Flash text, sometimes like a spider illiterate a letter to it (pictures, Flash) but it cannot read, but to find literacy culture Mr. ALT to explain it, if you can’t find Mr ALT it is only able to stare.

and other important tag is missing, or redundant. HTML is the main part of the page, each label has its unique meaning and style, a web page is basically composed of HTML language, is also a part of spiders to crawl the page the most important, if not the first write out of order in line with the W3C standard, the spider will not love. read more