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first_imgI may have mentioned somewhere before that I love Peruvian food. Really, really love it. As a kid living in L.A., we went out a lot to Peruvian restaurants, as it was the closest food to Bolivian (my family’s country) we could find a lot of the time. And for me, much as I love my people’s cuisine, Peruvian food edges out most Bolivian food by more than a nose (cue the ancestors turning in their graves).I was never able to get to El Aji’s progenitor, Cholo Soy, as it is only open until 4:00 p.m. daily Chef/owner Yeral Caldas opened the tiny counter space in a mall at Mission and 19th Streets. He’d worked at restaurants around the City before deciding he wanted to open his own place. Luck, talent, a lot of hard work, some borrowed seed money, and determination to prepare his native land’s food won out, and he opened Cholo Soy in 2012, as previously reported by Mission Local here.His success in the tiny, no frills space among local Peruvians, workers, and others propelled his dream of opening more restaurants, and El Aji came into being earlier this summer. I’d heard that what stood out at Cholo Soy was the spot-on freshness of Caldas’ ceviches – raw fish that has been “cooked” in lime juice. Happily, he’s brought that same pristine preparation of fish and seafood to El Aji. San Francisco has other cevicherias – the deluxe La Mar, for one – but I can honestly say I’ve found El Aji’s to be the best I’ve had.El Aji is a much bigger space than Cholo Soy – it certainly could not have been smaller – but is also of simple, minimalistic décor. There are a few photo food prints of typical Peruvian chilies, purple corn, etc., and oversized kitschy forks and spoons hanging on the walls, instead of the usual Peruvian tchotchkes you might find at other Andean restaurants. Caldas is signaling that he’s all about the food. The lighting is unfortunate, however, as it is in most of our Latin American places – a bit too bright and harsh. We started off our meal with a small bowl of complimentary cancha – a typical Andean snack of dried corn kernels that have been popped until toasty and then salted. They’re somewhat like corn nuts, only with a bit more of a starchy crunch. They’re totally addictive, so it’s a good thing the bowl they give you is small.Photo by Maria C. AscarrunzNext, we ordered the ceviche mixto – a mixture of Basa fish (a mild flavored white fish related to catfish), shrimp, calamari, and mussels. As is typical, the ceviche is accompanied by sweet potato, cancha and mote (hominy). The freshness of this dish blew me away. The delicate basa stood up to the acidity from the lime juice, or leche de tigre (tiger’s milk) as the sea-redolent, limey marinade is known, and the fish seemed to continue “curing” as you ate it. Tender morsels of mussels gave a bit of chew to the dish, with a bite and greenness from the slivered red onion and flecks of cilantro. The sweet potato seemed to have been marinated in the tart lime juice a while too, which played up its sweetness. Alongside was a spicy rocoto puree (an apple-shaped, South American chili with a heat level quite near the habanero range) that you could dab into the lime juice to kick things up.Photo by Maria C. AscarrunzA perfectly wonderful ceviche.El Aji has no beer and wine license, so your choices for drinks are the treacly sweet (think liquid Juicy Fruit gum) Inca Cola, which I personally can’t stand, other sodas, juices (maracuya – passion fruit – and chicha morada – a purple corn drink, typical of the region), and sparkling water. This food would be great with an icy cold beer.Next up was Papa a la Huancaina. Now, I have had a love affair with this dish since childhood. Bolivians have their own version, with a peanut sauce, but I like the Peruvian preparation better. A cold dish, the potatoes are boiled and then served with a yellow cheese sauce made with cottage cheese, evaporated milk, crackers, and aji Amarillo (another Andean chili, known for its yellow hue and medium heat, tempered by the creaminess of this dish). El Aji’s Papa a la Huancaina was the brightest yellow I’ve ever seen (they may have added turmeric to pop the color, but I couldn’t taste it), and a really great flavor – a bit spicy, yet cool. The portion was a bit small, but perhaps that’s because I never wanted the dish to end. This is dreamy, luscious comfort food and yet light, like a salad.Photo by Maria C. AscarrunzAs it was here, Papa a la Huancaina is typically served over lettuce, with a slice of hard-boiled egg and an olive or two. I have to say this was perhaps the best rendition of this dish I’ve had. I was sorry there was no bread on the table, because I wanted to sop up every bit of that sauce. I’ve made this dish at home, and it is always good. But I can assure you it has never been this riotously yellow, and certainly not as scrumptious.When I go to Peruvian restaurants, the heartier fare is usually not something I order; Peruvians do so well with their small plates and appetizers. Anticuchos, for one: beef heart (trust me) that has been marinated overnight in chilies and vinegar, sliced thinly and grilled, is a dish that makes me swoon when done right. It is pure Andean street food that nonetheless stands out as a delicacy for me. I asked if they would ever serve it at El Aji, and our server said yes, she thought so – and they are definitely going to add other items to the menu.The BF ordered a seco de carne – a typical braised beef dish, very homey and tender. El Aji’s seems to have had a good deal of cilantro blended into the sauce as it had a distinct green tinge to it. This was served with boiled white rice and beans, neither of which, unfortunately, had much flavor (and I grew up eating plain white rice). As you can see, this rather humble dish doesn’t have the sex appeal that the ceviches or even the Huancaina dish has. Rather, it’s a stick-to-your ribs kind of dish like your Peruvian mom used to make. A little hot sauce helped a bit with the blandness.Photo by Maria C. AscarrunzSpeaking of hot sauce, I was really surprised that there was no green aji on offer – the ubiquitous bright green salsa that comes with usually everything at most Peruvian places. It’s a wonderfully salty, creamy sauce made with aji Amarillo, jalapeños, and cilantro, among other things, that I would bathe in if allowed. I do hope El Aji adds it to their repertoire.For my main I ordered the Aji de gallina – shredded chicken in a creamy yellow aji sauce, typically made with ground-up walnuts and parmesan cheese, served with boiled potatoes and rice (South Americans love doubling up on their carbs.) This dish, again, needed salt, or something, to make it stand out, and more heat. Aji amarillo isn’t a wimpy chili, by any means.Photo by Maria C. AscarrunzAgain, this is rustic comfort food, but it just needed a bit more oomph.On our next visit, we ordered another ceviche – Ceviche Chalaco. This one was made with just the delicately-fleshed basa fish but the lime marinade had aji Amarillo blended into it, for a really vibrant, spicier take. Again, we were really rather astounded at the blatant freshness of the dish – everything just sang.Photo by Maria C. AscarrunzThe BF ordered Lomo saltado – which is basically a stir fry (there is a very large Chinese population and therefore influence in Peruvian food, known as chifa. For example arroz chaufa – which is on Aji’s menu – is basically Chinese fried rice.) Beef sirloin strips are marinated in soy sauce and vinegar, cooked over high heat with red onions, tomatoes, and parsley. It is typically served over white rice with French fries. My father would order lomo saltado anytime we had Peruvian food. It’s a dish I’ve taken a bite of at least 100 times over my lifetime. In all those years, I have never tasted this dish in which the meat wasn’t dry. (There’s a really great, high-end Peruvian place in Oakland that I absolutely love, and even their lomo saltado was a bit dry.) Maybe it’s the marinade, I don’t know. But a lot of people love this dish; it gets ordered all the time. The dish here at El Aji had nice flavor – that combination of red wine vinegar and soy is a good one – but again, dry.Photo by Maria C. AscarrunzToo bad, because it looks so good!As my main, I ordered a causa de pollo. I would have ordered the crab causa, but the BF doesn’t like crab (I count myself fortunate that he loves ceviches).   As it turned out, the causa was pretty small, but incredibly delicious, and beautiful, too. Causas are little terrines of cold mashed potato, layered with crab, chicken, or tuna, and often with olives, avocados, onions, and chilies. The potato is blended with lemon juice and aji amarillo, and the whole thing is a tangy, fresh and often piquant tower of cool beauty. The shredded chicken here was tender, and in a creamy mayonnaise sauce. A stunner of a dish.Photo by Maria C. AscarrunzI could easily have eaten two of these.When I go back next, I will probably try the seco de cordero (lamb), just to try it, as it gets rave reviews, but most likely I will stick to the ceviches, the Papa a la Huancaina, the Papa Ocopa (another cold potato preparation with an Andean herb called Huacatay – somewhat similar to our mint), the black olive ceviche (whaaa? yes!), and the causas. Perhaps the mussels (choros a la chalaca). And pray for a menu addition of anticuchos. And beer!Thank goodness for another Peruvian restaurant in the Mission, and for Señor Caldas wanting to open more. El Aji3015 Mission Streetbtw 26th & Cesar Chavez StreetsSan Francisco, CA 94110(415) 658-7349 Tags: restaurant reviews Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% 0%last_img read more

Police and Community Address Spike in SF Mission Gang Violence

first_img 0% Mission organizers and police alike are mobilizing to address a spate of violence including shootings in the Mission and in Bernal Heights that have sent five victims to the hospital in the past two weeks, one of them a 13-year-old boy and one a man who was shot in June and died of his injuries on Oct. 3.On Monday, representatives from San Francisco’s Gang Task Force Unit, police from Mission and Ingleside stations, as well as youth and violence prevention advocates met with community members at Leonard Flynn Elementary School to discuss their concerns.Addressing some 40 neighbors who filled the school’s cafeteria at 3132 Cesar Chavez Ave., Ingleside Police Captain Joseph MacFadden confirmed what most had already suspected – he attributed the shootings to conflicts among the Mission’s rivaling gangs, much of which is “carrying over” to Bernal Heights. “Most of these, they are not random,” said MacFadden, pointing to a list of shootings compiled by the neighbors that span an area from 23rd and Folsom streets, crossing Cesar Chavez Avenue and up to Precita Park, at Alabama and Precita streets. Tags: Bernal Heights • carecen • gangs • Mission Police Station • police • shootings • shotwell street • violence Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%center_img “It’s retaliatory,” he said, adding that a shooting that injured three in Precita Park is likely related to a shooting that erupted at the funeral proceedings of a man gunned down in June.The violence is not unique to their neighborhoods – gun violence is up citywide by 7 percent from last year, Interim Police Chief Toney Chaplin reported to the Police Commission last week. The spike mirrors increases in homicide rates in major cities nationwide. As the toll mounts locally, neighbors wanted to know what they could do. “The more active you get, the more phone calls you make – reporting to Nextdoor is not calling 911,” McFadden said. “Call when you see suspicious activity – the conduct, what’s going on,” adding that neighbors should be ready to give “head to toe descriptions” and descriptions of cars.But many said that they are already doing that, often calling multiple times and waiting hours for police to respond. Former Police Commissioner Jim Salinas, who was also in the crowd, blamed the recent spikes in violence to severe understaffing of the police department. “The reality is we don’t have enough cops in the city – we are about 400 cops short,” said Salinas. Michael Browne, an investigator with the Gang Task Force, acknowledged that his unit has “taken quite a hit” in recent years – shrinking from 40 investigators to 12. “We are not as proactive as as we were, we are pretty reactive.”While neighbors demanded increased police presence, neighborhood violence prevention organizers working to figure out the motivations behind the violent sequence of events urged neighbors to call them before dialing 911. “You can’t base things on what people look like – a lot of our youth dress in hoodies, in saggy pants,” said Ailed Paningbatan-Swan, director of youth engagement at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center. The meeting was organized by the center and a group of Bernal Heights residents. “That doesn’t mean that they are in a gang.”Prevention, they said, is key to stopping the flare-ups of violence – and several factors are emerging as root causes.Lack of opportunities for youthSeveral organizers that said the perpetrators of recent shootings were reportedly young. Youth unemployment and a lack of educational and career opportunities for young disenfranchised residents, several said, are key to preventing street violence. “A lot of the crimes that young people here commit are crimes of poverty – theft, breaking into cars, because they don’t have means to purchase things on their own or aren’t given the opportunity to be able to do that,” said Roberto Alfaro, executive director of HOMEY, a nonprofit that focuses on youth development and violence prevention. May Chow, Director of Programs at the Central American Resource Center, a nonprofit that provides resources and legal services to low-income and immigrant communities, said that giving guidance along with jobs is key. “We ask the youth, what you do you want? They say, I need money, I need a job, I need papers,” she said.The need for employment can affect adults too. Carlos Gutierrez is an organizer with CALLES, a 36 year-old community-based street outreach program that does violence prevention or intervention work, and sometimes has volunteers to answer crisis calls. He said the CALLES team caught Fidel Amezcua, nicknamed “Happy,” as well as Rigoberto Romero, another resident of Shotwell Street, two weeks before the shootings that claimed both their lives.Gutierrez said both had asked about employment. “We could have done more had employment resources been available to them,” said Gutierrez. Amezua had found some part time work as a janitor but, Gutierrez said, “I think full time employment definitely could have kept him off the street that night…Nothing stops a bullet like a job.”Healing community traumaChow, who is from the Mission and a former gang member, said that retaliatory shootings create a cycle of violence that can terrorize – and traumatize –  communities for decades. Family ties and friendships to gang members can make even those not involved in gang activity targets.Such was the case with Romero, say his friends – the 27-year-old Shotwell Street resident was shot on his way to a liquor store located on 24th and Shotwell streets, a block away from his family home. A week before the June 1 incident, his friend Happy was shot on the same corner. It is unclear what gang ties, if any, the two men had. “Rigo was just born into that lifestyle. He literally lived there,” said a friend of Romero’s who requested anonymity. “Rigo’s passing probably was because someone is trying to make a name for themselves.”Mission Police Station Lieutenant Randy Caturay said on Monday that while most shootings are targeted, there are random casualties. “It’s called getting jumped in – they have to shoot a rival gangster or unfortunately commit some type of crime against citizens,” he explained.At Mission Station, Caturay said that resources to deter violence have been allocated to areas deemed gang hotspots. More foot patrols have been dispatched to the 24th Street corridor, and focus is placed on “on-the-spot”  searches of parolees, he said. Still, many locals are fearful.“Being a Latino male in the Mission it feels like you just gotta watch your back now,” said Romero’s friend.Friends of Rigoberto Romero, who was shot and killed near the intersection of 24th and Shotwell streets on July 1, arranged a memorial in Romero’s honor near the intersection. Photo by Laura WaxmannWhen schools and homes aren’t safeThose actively working to get youth out of danger said that the violence is unlikely to stop unless social and economic inequities are addressed. “The shootings have been normalized, it’s sad because it’s an everyday occurrence for these youth,” said Chow. “There is violence in schools, sometimes violence in the home – for a lot of them the streets are a way to escape.”Immigrant and working-class youth are particularly vulnerable to street violence, as parents are often working multiple jobs and have “no idea what their kids are going through,” said Chow.Some youth struggle with homelessness and a lack of support system at an early age – unaccompanied minors hailing from Central and South America are easy targets for recruitment by the Mission’s established gangs, explained Arturo Carrillo, director of the Street Violence Intervention Program, a city program that aims to reduce violence through intervention at the street level. “You get kids that are coming in from Honduras, Guatemala – they get recruited, they fall into these traps. Next thing you know, they do [criminal] work,” said Carrillo.  “Kids are hungry, they are homeless, they are looking to follow – poverty is the root cause of violence.”Arturo and his team visit public schools to mediate conflicts and present youth with resources and alternatives to violence. “There are times when we say, ‘No, you are not going to get this guy today. What’s it going to take for you to calm down, think this through,’” he said. Such interventions are needed, he said, even among children in elementary schools.Higher education is also difficult to obtain – unlike a gun.“There’s no pipeline into universities from the Mission, the Bayview, the Excelsior, the Tenderloin. It’s not just the Mission, there’s a lot of overlap between these communities,” said Gutierrez. “It’s easier to get a gun than it is access to a college course. You’re talking about policy on guns in general…It’s a national epidemic I feel, just that young people have access to guns.”Roadmap to PeaceAn effective approach to the problem must be multifaceted, organizers said. “It’s a case by case basis,” said CALLES’ Gutierrez. “There’s not one thing you can do, it’s a multi-pronged wrap-around approach.”One approach is providing “safe passage,” giving at-risk youth rides to somewhere off the street, where they might be in danger. Youth can also be targeted on their way to school or work.Roadmap to Peace, a community driven, five-year initiative that unites various service providers with school, parents, and police in providing wrap-around services – from drug rehabilitation to job training – to Latino youth between the ages of 13 and 24, is hailed as a long-term solution to addressing youth violence locally. The program is in its second year and also focuses on policy advocacy in an effort to address social, economic and educational inequities faced by at-risk youth. As for how others without expertise can get involved, Gutierrez recommended supporting shoestring-budget nonprofits like CALLES, Horizons, CARECEN and PODER that have experience working in the field.Laura Wenus contributed to this report. last_img read more

Boxing fans pack SF Armory to cheer on homegrown favorites

first_img Tags: Events • San Francisco Armory • sports Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0% The first prizefighting matches at this location in more than half a century brought out fans in droves to San Francisco’s Armory on Saturday. Raquel “Pretty Beast” Miller knocked out Sydney Le Blanc, and Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield squared off against Miguel Dumas for the WBU Welterweight Americas belt. Watch it unfold: 0%last_img

SAINTS were irrepressible as they beat the beleagu

first_imgSAINTS were irrepressible as they beat the beleaguered Bradford Bulls 54-0 at a rain-soaked Langtree Park.Ten tries saw them break into the top four for the first time since February whilst claiming a hefty points swing in their favour too.The platform was laid with a 28-0 half time lead thanks to a Josh Jones’ double; complemented by tries from Paul Wellens, the excellent Jonny Lomax and Francis Meli.Bradford offered little in attack and even when they did, the home side’s defence was too good.The second half was even more clinical with Wellens, Tommy Makinson and Lance Hohaia notching up more four-pointers.Lomax added his second after great work from Michael Shenton before amazing footwork saw Jones grab a deserved hat-trick.Team news before the game saw Francis Meli come in for the unavailable Adam Swift whilst Anthony Laffranchi was drafted back as prop after a week off for injury.Bradford have been decimated by injury this season and had 11 first team players out; but still possessed a top forward line.Saints began with three good kicks forcing the Bulls to come off their own line.And that pressure told as after a penalty Lance Hohaia beat a man but was just hauled down inches from the whitewash before Paul Wellens bulldozed over.Tommy Makinson missed the kick and on Saints’ next two drives the lead should have been increased – but the ball went to ground.Josh Jones notched his fifth of the season on the 20 minute mark after he cut back on the inside to break through the defence.Sia Soliola smashed his way up the middle and offloaded to Jonny Lomax for Saints’ third try of the night, goaled by Makinson, before Jones grabbed his second.A nice kick through from Jon Wilkin was fumbled by Shaun Ainscough and Lomax was on hand to feed Jones who just put down under pressure.Saints had a couple of chances as the half ticked down, and nailed one when Lomax’ mazy run saw Jones lay on a perfect ball for Meli.Makinson’s fourth goal of the night making it 28-0 at half time.Saints went further ahead early in the second half when Wellens latched on to James Roby’s quick kick on the last.Makinson profited from Hohaia’s great pass moments later before ‘Larny’ grabbed one of his own by datring through the line.Michael Shenton then scooted down the right hand side to find Makinson who simply drew the defender for Lomax’ second on 61 minutes.Bradford did well to hold Saints out for the remainder of the match but Josh Jones showed amazing footwork to bag his hat-trick at the death.Match Summary:Saints:Tries: Wellens (2), Jones (3), Lomax (2), Meli, Makinson, HohaiaGoals: Makinson (7 from 10)Bulls:Tries: Goals:Penalties:Saints: 8Bulls: 8HT: 28-0FT: 54-0REF: Tim RobyATT: 13,025Teams:Saints:1. Paul Wellens; 21. Tommy Makinson, 3. Michael Shenton, 26. Josh Jones, 5. Francis Meli; 6. Lance Hohaia, 7. Jonny Lomax; 8. Josh Perry, 9. James Roby, 14. Anthony Laffranchi, 11. Tony Puletua, 4. Sia Soliola, 12. Jon Wilkin.Subs: 10. Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook, 13. Chris Flannery, 15. Mark Flanagan, 16. Paul Clough.Bulls:29. Michael Platt; 18. Shaun Ainscough, 12. Elliott Whitehead, 3. Keith Lulia, 33. Karl Pryce; 6. Ben Jeffries, 7. Luke Gale; 13. Jamie Langley, 9. Heath L’Estrange, 15. Bryn Hargreaves, 19. Tom Olbison, 26. John Bateman, 11. Olivier Elima.Subs: 16. Manase Manuokafoa, 17. Ian Sibbit, 21. Tom Burgess, 23. Danny Addy.last_img read more

ALL the stats facts and figures ahead of tonight

first_imgALL the stats, facts and figures ahead of tonight’s Grand Final!Paul Wellens has the chance to equal Jamie Peacock’s record of ten Super League Grand Final appearances on Saturday.He has previously played in nine title deciders (winning four) for Saints – in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.He won the Harry Sunderland Trophy as man of the match in the 2006 victory against Hull FC, and captained Saints in their 2011 loss to Leeds.Saints hold the records for most Grand Finals and most losses in the Super League showpiece.Saturday’s game against Wigan will be the club’s tenth appearance at Old Trafford, having previously reached the Grand Final in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.Previous Final Meetings:(St Helens won 8, Wigan won 10) Super League Grand Final:2010 St Helens 10, Wigan 22 (at Old Trafford, Manchester)2000 St Helens 29, Wigan 16 (at Old Trafford, Manchester) Challenge Cup Final:2004 St Helens 32, Wigan 16 (at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff)2002 St Helens 12, Wigan 21 (at Murrayfield, Edinburgh)1991 St Helens 8, Wigan 13 (at Wembley Stadium)1989 St Helens 0, Wigan 27 (at Wembley Stadium)1966 St Helens 21, Wigan 2 (at Wembley Stadium)1961 St Helens 12, Wigan 6 (at Wembley Stadium) Championship Final:1971 St Helens 16, Wigan 12 (at Station Road, Swinton) Premiership Final:1997 St Helens 20, Wigan 33 (at Old Trafford, Manchester)1996 St Helens 14, Wigan 44 (at Old Trafford, Manchester)1993 St Helens 10, Wigan 4 (at Old Trafford, Manchester)1992 St Helens 16, Wigan 48 (at Old Trafford, Manchester)Regal Trophy Final:1996 St Helens 16, Wigan 25 (at McAlpine Stadium, Huddersfield) Lancashire Cup Final:1992 St Helens 4, Wigan 5 (at Knowsley Road)1984 Wigan 18, St Helens 26 (at Central Park)1953 St Helens 16, Wigan 8 (at Station Road, Swinton) BBC 2 Floodlit Trophy Final:1968 Wigan 7, St Helens 4 (at Central Park) Last Ten Meetings:Wigan 12, St Helens 16 (SLR18, 27/6/14)St Helens 14, Wigan 33 (SLR9, 18/4/14)St Helens 22, Wigan 16 (SLR22, 22/7/13)Wigan 28, St Helens 16 (SLR9, 29/3/13)Wigan 18, St Helens 26 (SLR27, 7/9/12)St Helens 16, Wigan 42 (SLR15, 27/5/12) (at Etihad Stadium, Manchester)Wigan 18, St Helens 4 (CCQF, 12/5/12)St Helens 10, Wigan 28 (SLR10, 6/4/12)St Helens 26, Wigan 18 (SLQSF, 1/10/11)Wigan 18, St Helens 26 (SLQPO, 18/9/11) Super League Summary:St Helens won 29 (includes win in 2000 Grand Final & wins in 2000, 2002, 2009 and 2011 play-offs)Wigan won 31 (includes win in 2010 Grand Final & wins in 2001, 2003 and 2004 play-offs)4 drawsHighs and Lows:St Helens highest score: 57-16 (MM, 2008) (also widest margin)Wigan highest score: 65-12 (A, 1997) (also widest margin) Previous Play-Off Meetings:St Helens 26, Wigan 18 (SLQSF, 1/10/11)Wigan 18, St Helens 26 (SLQPO, 18/9/11)St Helens 10, Wigan 22 (SLGF, 2/10/10) (at Old Trafford, Manchester)St Helens 14, Wigan 10 (SLQSF, 3/10/09)Wigan 18, St Helens 12 (SLEPO, 25/9/04)Wigan 40, St Helens 24 (SLESF, 3/10/03)St Helens 24, Wigan 8 (SLFE, 11/10/02)Wigan 44, St Helens 10 (SLFE, 6/10/01)St Helens 29, Wigan 16 (SLGF, 14/10/00) (at Old Trafford, Manchester)Wigan 16, St Helens 54 (SLQSF, 29/9/00) Final Facts:2014 Saints squad members without an appearance in a Super League Grand Final: Kyle Amor, Matty Dawson, Mark Flanagan, Carl Forster, Matty Fozard, Joe Greenwood, Jordan Hand, Lance Hohaia, Josh Jones, Anthony Laffranchi, Willie Manu, Mose Masoe, Shannon McDonnell, Mark Percival, Greg Richards, Andre Savelio, Adam Swift, Luke Thompson, James Tilley, Jordan Turner, Anthony Walker, Alex Walmsley, Luke Walsh.St Helens have used 31 players in this season’s Super League campaign, with only Iosia Soliola being ever-present in all 29 regular season and play-off games. Record Final Appearances:Jamie Peacock holds the record for most Grand Final appearances, having played in the Super League title decider on ten occasions.Peacock also holds the record for most Grand Final wins, with eight. Youngest Finalist:Leon Pryce – Bradford v St Helens, 1999 – 18 years (played in the game on his 18th birthday)The youngest player to win a Grand Final is Stevie Ward (18 years, 324 days), who was on the winning side for Leeds against Warrington in 2012The youngest player to score in a Grand Final is David Hodgson (19 years, 67 days), who touched down in defeat for Wigan against St Helens in 2000 Oldest Finalist:Adrian Morley – Warrington v Wigan, 2013 – 36 years, 148 daysThe oldest player to win a Grand Final is Paul Anderson (34 years, 355 days), who was on the winning side for St Helens against Hull FC in 2006The oldest player to score in a Grand Final is Brett Hodgson (34 years, 237 days), who kicked three goals in defeat for Warrington against Leeds in 2012 Harry Sunderland Trophy:Five players have twice won the Harry Sunderland Trophy with the same club: Alan Tait (Widnes – 1989, 1990 Premiership Finals), Chris Joynt (St Helens – 1993 Premiership Final, 2000 Super League Grand Final), Andrew Farrell (Wigan – 1996, 1997 Premiership Finals), Rob Burrow (Leeds – 2007, 2011 Super League Grand Finals) and Kevin Sinfield (Leeds – 2009, 2012 Super League Grand Finals).Double Grand Final Winners:St Helens’ Anthony Laffranchi is aiming to join the elite who have won Grand Finals in both England and Australia.Laffranchi started at prop in the 2005 Wests Tigers team that defeated North Queensland Cowboys 30-16. He also scored a try in the 45th minute of the game.Overseas players that have completed the Grand Final winning double: Darren Albert (Newcastle 1997/St Helens 2002)Marcus Bai (Melbourne 1999/Leeds 2004)Darren Britt (Sydney Bulldogs 1995/St Helens 2002)Danny Buderus (Newcastle 2001/Leeds 2011)Jason Cayless (Sydney Roosters 2002/St Helens 2006)David Furner (Canberra 1994/Leeds 2004)Daniel Gartner (Manly 1996/Bradford 2001 & 2003)Ben Harris (Canterbury 2004/Bradford 2005)Graham Mackay (Penrith 1991/Bradford 2001)Danny Moore (Manly 1996/Wigan 1998)Pat Richards (Wests Tigers 2005/Wigan 2010 & 2013) Grand Final Results: 1998 Wigan Warriors (1st) 10, Leeds Rhinos (2nd) 4 (Attendance: 43,553)1999 St Helens (2nd) 8, Bradford Bulls (1st) 6 (Attendance: 50,717)2000 St Helens (2nd) 29, Wigan Warriors (1st) 16 (Attendance: 58,132)2001 Bradford Bulls (1st) 37, Wigan Warriors (2nd) 6 (Attendance: 60,164)2002 St Helens (1st) 19, Bradford Bulls (2nd) 18 (Attendance: 61,138)2003 Bradford Bulls (1st) 25, Wigan Warriors (3rd) 12 (Attendance: 65,537)2004 Leeds Rhinos (1st) 16, Bradford Bulls (2nd) 8 (Attendance: 65,537)2005 Bradford Bulls (3rd) 15, Leeds Rhinos (2nd) 6 (Attendance: 65,537)2006 St Helens (1st) 26, Hull FC (2nd) 4 (Attendance: 72,582)2007 Leeds Rhinos (2nd) 33, St Helens (1st) 6 (Attendance: 71,352)2008 Leeds Rhinos (2nd) 24, St Helens (1st) 16 (Attendance: 68,810)2009 Leeds Rhinos (1st) 18, St Helens (2nd) 10 (Attendance: 63,259)2010 Wigan Warriors (1st) 22, St Helens (2nd) 10 (Attendance: 71,526)2011 Leeds Rhinos (5th) 32, St Helens (3rd) 16 (Attendance: 69,107)2012 Leeds Rhinos (5th) 26, Warrington Wolves (2nd) 18 (Attendance: 70,676)2013 Wigan Warriors (4th) 30, Warrington Wolves (2nd) 16 (Attendance: 66,281) Grand Final Records: Most finals:10 St Helens (1999, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014) Most wins:6 Leeds Rhinos (2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012) Most losses:5 St Helens (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011) Highest score:Bradford Bulls 37 Wigan Warriors 6 (2001) (also widest margin) Most tries by a team:6 Bradford Bulls (v Wigan Warriors, 2001) Most points by a losing team:Bradford Bulls 18 St Helens 19 (2002)Warrington Wolves 18 Leeds Rhinos 26 (2012) Biggest attendance:72,582 St Helens v Hull FC (2006) Fastest try:Scott Naylor (Bradford Bulls) v St Helens, 2002 – 3 minutes Most tries by a player:3 Michael Withers (Bradford Bulls) v Wigan Warriors, 2001 Most goals by a player:7 (including 1 fg) Paul Deacon (Bradford Bulls) v Wigan Warriors, 2003 Most points by a player:14 (1 try, 5 goals) Kevin Sinfield (Leeds Rhinos) v Warrington Wolves, 201214 (1 try, 5 goals) Pat Richards (Wigan Warriors) v Warrington Wolves, 2013 Career Milestone:Jordan Turner needs one appearance to reach 200 for his career.He has played 56 games for St Helens since 2013, and was previously with Hull FC (72 games, 2010-2012) and Salford (69 games, 2006-2009).He also represented England Knights twice in 2012.Super League Milestone:Paul Wellens needs one try to draw level with Keith Senior in second place in the list of all-time leading try-scorers.1 Danny McGuire (Leeds, 2001-present) 2152 Keith Senior (Leeds/Sheffield, 1996-2011) 1993 Paul Wellens (St Helens, 1998-present) 1984 David Hodgson (Hull KR/Huddersfield/Salford/Wigan/Halifax, 1999-present) 1685 Leon Pryce (Catalan Dragons/St Helens/Bradford, 1998-present) 1656 = Ade Gardner (Hull KR/St Helens, 2002-present, Ryan Hall (Leeds, 2007-present) 1538 Kirk Yeaman (Hull FC, 2001-present) 1499 Rob Burrow (Leeds, 2001-present) 14810 Pat Richards (Wigan, 2006-2013) 147 First Utility Super League Leading Scorers:(League games & play-offs. Play-off totals in brackets) Tries:1 Joel Monaghan (Warrington Wolves) 34 (6)2 Morgan Escare (Catalan Dragons) 28 (1)3 Tom Makinson (St Helens) 26 (1)4 Michael Oldfield (Catalan Dragons) 22 (2)5 Josh Charnley (Wigan Warriors) 21 (2)6 Jermaine McGillvary (Huddersfield Giants) 20 (0)7 Joe Burgess (Wigan Warriors) 19 (2)8 = Michael Shenton (Castleford Tigers) 18 (1)Elliott Whitehead (Catalan Dragons) 18 (0)Rhys Evans (Warrington Wolves) 18 (2)Paddy Flynn (Widnes Vikings) 18 (2)Goals:1 Matty Smith (Wigan Warriors) 106 (10)2 Marc Sneyd (Castleford Tigers) 100 (1)3 Danny Brough (Huddersfield Giants) 98 (2)4 Travis Burns (Hull Kingston Rovers) 78 (-)5 = Thomas Bosc (Catalan Dragons) 77 (9)Kevin Sinfield (Leeds Rhinos) 77 (3)Danny Tickle (Widnes Vikings) 77 (3)8 Chris Bridge (Warrington Wolves) 67 (0)9 Luke Walsh (St Helens) 66 (0)10 Josh Drinkwater (London Broncos) 54 (-) Goals Percentage1 Jamie Ellis (Castleford Tigers) 100.00 (10/10)2 Kevin Locke (Salford Red Devils) 90.90 (10/11)3 Luke Gale (Bradford Bulls) 89.74 (35/39)4 Sam Williams (Catalan Dragons) 84.00 (21/25)5 = Josh Griffin (Salford Red Devils) 81.81 (27/33)Jacob Miller (Hull FC) 81.81 (9/11)7 Jarrod Sammut (Wakefield Trinity Wildcats) 81.25 (52/64)8 = Kevin Sinfield (Leeds Rhinos) 78.57 (77/98)Luke Walsh (St Helens) 78.57 (66/84)Jamie Foster (Bradford Bulls) 78.57 (44/56)Jordan Rankin (Hull FC) 78.57 (33/42) Points:1 Matty Smith (Wigan Warriors) 239 (25)2 Marc Sneyd (Castleford Tigers) 226 (2)3 Danny Brough (Huddersfield Giants) 212 (4)4 Chris Bridge (Warrington Wolves) 178 (0)5 Kevin Sinfield (Leeds Rhinos) 175 (6)6 Travis Burns (Hull Kingston Rovers) 170 (-)7 Danny Tickle (Widnes Vikings) 166 (6)8 Thomas Bosc (Catalan Dragons) 159 (18)9 Luke Walsh (St Helens) 153 (0)10 = Joel Monaghan (Warrington Wolves) 136 (24)Jarrod Sammut (Wakefield Trinity Wildcats) 136 (-)last_img read more

The move which will see the team renamed the Sain

first_imgThe move, which will see the team renamed the Saints Wheelchair RL club, will enhance the reach of the Foundation because of the high quality work already undertaken by Mersey Storm in the region.Saints Community Foundation Manager, Steve Leonard, said: “This has been something I have wanted to do since I took up the role. These guys are a very successful outfit who have a proven track record on and off the field. Their expertise is phenomenal and will open up a different discipline of Rugby League to us all.“Having met the coaches today you cannot help but be energised by their enthusiasm and already they have filled my work list with new ideas for our area.“Here’s to a long and successful partnership between two of the most successful clubs in their own right.”With the partnership just hours old it has already received praise.SCDF’s Armed Forces Ambassador Andy Reid has been in contact to say how much of a positive step this is for us the Foundation and the club.last_img read more

The special kit will be worn by the first team whe

first_imgThe special kit will be worn by the first team when we travel to St. James’ Park in Newcastle to take on Widnes Vikings, on Saturday May 19 (KO 3pm), for the annual showpiece event.This is the third Magic Weekend shirt the Club has produced in association with the St Helens Autism Support Charity (SAS) and reaffirms the Club’s commitment to helping local people with Autism.We have helped to raise close to £20,000 from our previous Magic shirt launches in 2016 and 2017 as well as other fund-raising initiatives. The shirts have helped raise awareness of the cause both locally and nationally.This year’s version is available to pre-order until Monday April 23. You can pre-order yours either online at saintssuperstore.com or by calling into the Club Superstore at the Totally Wicked Stadium.The shirt this year is multi-coloured featuring a shallow vee shaped design with a Jigsaw filling the lower portion of the shirt. The jigsaw is renowned as a key symbol used by the Autism Society.The Club crest and partner logos have also changed in colour to fit in with the design of the shirt, adding to the overall look. We thank our shirt partners for their co-operation.Each replica shirt also carries the logo of the St.Helens Autism Support, a local branch making a massive difference in the St Helens area helping raise awareness of Autism and aiding people with the condition.The match details are also listed on the right front hem of the shirt in multi-coloured text.The shirts are priced at £49 for Adults and £36 for Kids sizes.As part of our commitment, we have also agreed to donate 10% of the net retail profit from each shirt to raise vital funds for the local group.On top of this it is our intention to, once again, Auction off the players’ shirts in the coming weeks for the same cause.In 2018, Saints have taken a hands-on approach to helping local people with Autism.Josh Taylor, (pictured with James Roby and Danny Richardson), who is on the Autism Spectrum, has helped launch the Magic shirt with us and has been undertaking some work experience with the Club in recent months as part of his College course.He has been working with many different departments including Retail, Ground Safety and Media as well as helping out at recent Captain’s Runs and on matchday in store.Josh, who is a huge Saints fan, also met one of his heroes in Mal Meninga at the Good Friday Derby.Josh’s Father Ade said: “Thank you so much for giving Josh yet another amazing opportunity. We are completely overwhelmed by the way he has been welcomed in to the club and we really can’t thank you all enough.“To say Josh has grown in stature since he first came to the club is an understatement. He now has a real purpose and feels a valued member of the team. The inclusion that has been demonstrated is second to none and, from a parent’s point of view, we know he is in a safe and encouraging environment.“One of the most important aspects of his development has been in the social skills he has learnt, like knowing when NOT to walk in to the boardroom! We can see an enormous difference in this area and it is clear he is transferring the skills he is developing at the club in to his everyday life.“It is impossible to express our thanks enough. You have all given a young man, who has faced many challenges and discrimination over the years, an opportunity to shine. And I think it’s safe to say that he is grabbing it with both hands!”Saints Replica version shirts are manufactured from a range of high quality advanced fibres to produce an end fabric called Koolite.Available in Adult sizes X-Small through to 7XL and also available to pre-order in Kids sizes 5-6 Years through to Age 13, and Ladies fit shirts size L8 to L18.To guarantee delivery, the cut-off date for pre-orders is Midnight on April 23.Physical stock will be available for collection or delivery week commencing May 15 2018, enabling you to wear your shirt for the Magic Weekend whether you are going to Newcastle or supporting the super saints from home.We will have a small amount of stock in store on or around this time but cannot guarantee that your size will be available so please PRE-ORDER to guarantee you don’t miss out.Remember 2018 Members can get 50% off their Magic Weekend ticket when they buy it directly from the Club – this is only available via the Ticket Office or by calling 01744 455 052.last_img read more

SUV crashes into Breezewood Drive condo tenants evacuated

first_img Officials say tenants were evacuated, but say there were no injuries. Wilmington Police Department say an older woman was driving the SUV and is a resident of the apartment complex.Wilmington Fire Department is on the scene trying to determine if the structure is safe. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington condo was been evacuated this afternoon after dispatch says a car crashed into the side of it.Dispatch confirmed it happened at Breezewood Condominiums off of George Anderson Drive Tuesday afternoon around 4 p.m.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Accountant warns people who miss tax day of the consequences

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — You’ve had a few months to get ready, but the day is finally upon us. It’s tax day. Even though most people have gotten their taxes done already, some people may miss the deadline.All taxes must be filed and post-marked by April 17. If you are unable to, accountants say the best thing to do is to file a return or report your income and report your deductions. Wesley Casteen is an accountant and he says if you do not file your taxes, it could lead to you losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because of two penalties.- Advertisement – “There’s a failure to file penalty and a failure to pay penalty. The failure to file penalty is actually much more significant, as much as ten times more than the failure to pay penalty. So, as  I said before, if you can file the return, you’re better off to file the return and deal with balance due rather than not filing the return and hope it goes away,” accountant Casteen.He also says the IRS will assume the most negative consequences. Casteen advises anyone who miss the deadline to recognize any issues to prevent this from happening again next year.Earlier in the day, the IRS payment site went down on tax day.last_img read more

Wrightsville Beach restaurant closed since Florence starts rehiring staff

first_imgWRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — One beachfront restaurant in Wrighstville Beach took quite a hit by Hurricane Florence.After months of renovation, the Oceanic started its yearly staff interviews in hopes of being back open for the upcoming season.- Advertisement – Representatives from the restaurant say they are hoping to re-open even better than before.They say the restaurant had major roof damage due to the storm.Sky Strouth is the district manager and says they do not have an opening date yet, but they expect to open in time for the season.Related Article: Surf into Summer at WB Surf Camp“We have really taken The Oceanic back down to the studs and are rebuilding it,” Strouth said. “We have a very large commitment to the restaurant hospitality in Wrightsville Beach. We have a commitment to the town, so we’re rebuilding back n this exciting, new, modern way.”Strouth says they are excited to open back up. He says they saw several hundred applicants at their hiring event.last_img read more