Nokia Upgrades its Development Platform, Qt

first_imgIt’s easy to go cross-eyed when a press release is full of technical jargon and foreign concepts. But we took a look at Nokia’s recent developer announcement for Qt 4.5 – a framework for creating programs that run cross-platform – and found some things worth highlighting. Nokia may even be setting a new benchmark for its competitors with this release of Qt. Before we get into the details, let’s examine the term cross-platform application framework. What does that really mean? It means that software developers can write an app that will run anywhere Qt (pronounced cute) is supported. In practice then, the app will run not only in Windows, but also Mac OS X (now with Cocoa support!), Linux, embedded systems, heck even Windows CE.There are other frameworks out there. Java, Adobe’s Flex, the Linux Gnome framework, Dekoh, Curl, etc. And that’s not really even looking hard at embedded frameworks, where there are just as many. But even with all this competition, Qt has made a name for itself by working with a lot of popular technologies, such as WebKit, the browser engine that Safari and Chrome are built on. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#news#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… ImprovementsNew Software Development Kit (SDK): Qt now includes an SDK in the install. This provides the developer with a robust set of tools, code libraries, and documentation to get started quickly. Qt Creator Cross-Platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Think of this as a really, really developer-friendly text editor. You can call libraries, compile code, and run tests all from within the IDE.LGPL 2.1 Licensing: Offering the ability to write your code under Gnu’s Lesser General Public License goes a long way to making this framework the choice of open-source advocates and Linux developers everywhere. 64-bit Cocoa Support: While Mac users were able to use Qt applications on Mac OS X for a while now, this release has direct support for the Cocoa architecture and 64-bit address space. XSLT Support: This one is a bit esoteric, but it is becoming more and more necessary to translate XML into HTML or more readable text. For example, the way Safari shows an RSS Feed as a web page. Having XSLT support is a great bonus. SummaryWe think that Qt is setting a new benchmark for their competitors with this release. With their framework offering so much potential, you might soon see firmware updates to your Roku box supporting web browsing and Flash video, cell phones with browsers that have fast Javascript handling and the latest HTML specification support, increased Mac awareness to Qt, and already-great Qt apps being picked up on Windows and other operating systems. Related Posts phil glockner 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

5 Ways Employees Are Stealing from Your Stores Right Now

first_imgWhat is the latest employee theft scam putting a dent in the profits of your retail organization?Think about any recent changes. Maybe you’ve implemented a new cash management protocol, or a new loyalty program, or a new tabletop payment system.Regardless of what your stores have recently done to boost revenue, it’s likely that some employees are figuring out a way to personally enrich themselves with it.- Sponsor – The hottest employee theft schemes are, by nature, very personal. They are specific to each retailer depending on its business and existing security measures, such as whether or not it’s using inventory management software, as well as a host of other unique factors.That’s why a universal best practice for countering employee theft schemes is to identify, track, and analyze incidents of internal theft across the organization. Implementing targeted theft-deterrent strategies depends on consistent record-keeping, organization, and pattern recognition. A data-driven incident management process is the only way to keep pace with an extremely adaptable foe.That is all to say that the employee theft scams listed here may not currently be a significant cause of loss in your retail organization. However, when we ask retailers about the ways in which employees are trying to steal from them right now, these five methods keep coming up. Retailers have caught employees stealing…By taking advantage of customer convenience tools. Mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) devices—such as smartphones equipped with credit-card readers—are increasingly popular tools for checking out customers. They offer retailers an opportunity to accelerate checkout, accept credit card payments anywhere, and enhance the customer experience. But some employees are taking advantage of that mobility to conduct theft that might be more difficult to do in a structured checkout environment with cameras watching. At one clothing store, for example, employees recently conducted a string of bogus MPOS transactions in the men’s room, including processing false returns and putting the money on depleted gift cards that had been handed in by customers. MPOS frauds aren’t different than the popular ones listed below, but crooked store workers are trying to use checkout mobility to provide some cover to those schemes.By bridging the real and virtual worlds. Some of the new online fraud schemes require a physical “insider” to pull off. Whether that person is doing reconnaissance for an organized retail crime group, mapping out a retailer’s processes to look for exploits, or whether an employee applied for a job specifically to carry out a fraud plan, internal avenues of attack need to be top of mind for LP as it tries to combat online fraud.Some employee fraud is straightforward. One fraud occurring today is collusion between online buyers and employees readying packages for shipment: insider thieves simply pack the box with extra products. Weight data is key to stop this type of fraud. If you know the weight of all your SKUs, you know what to expect an online order to weigh. So if the shipping company reports back an unexpected weight, you can check the reported weight against the expected weight. These schemes are being carried out at distribution centers but also at brick-and-mortar stores that double as mini-fulfillment centers and ship to customers’ homes or to other stores. Upon recognizing an instance of process exploitation on the part of an employee, a data-driven LP team can quickly enact safeguards to protect against the type of insider fraud that was just uncovered.With the same old tricks. Though not the most costly, the most frequently cited employee theft is the old trick of colluding with a “customer” to steal merchandise. For example, cashiers sometimes void large transactions but still place merchandise in shopping bags for customers. Others ring up only portions of an order to let accomplices walk away with stolen merchandise. Such scams dominate local news reports of arrests of store employees.At a Dollar General store in Elloree, SC, employees would wait until near the close of business, bring pre-loaded shopping carts to the register, pretend to scan most items, and leave with the carts of merchandise. Seven employees stole $56,000 over eight months, according to police.At a Walmart in Philadelphia, a four-person employee theft ring allegedly stole $60,000 worth of merchandise by only ringing up inexpensive items from large orders of merchandise, leaving the rest to go unpaid.Strategies to reduce theft at the point-of-sale include use of electronic article surveillance; RFID technology; CCTV at POS, specifically the use of video analytics with overhead surveillance of sales counters; and maintaining hiring and employee-screening standards. By integrating high-definition video with point-of-sale transaction data, retail investigation units can quickly and successfully review video surveillance footage associated with a specific transaction to identify individuals in a sweetheartening scheme.With gift cards and pre-paid credit cards. In another type of collusion, employees issue pre-paid store credit cards without paying for them. Friends, family, or accomplices bring the pre-paid credit cards to the crooked cashiers at registers, where they load them up with hundreds of dollars.In a gift card scam at a retailer in the Midwest a few months ago, an investigation found that that company software allowed employees to add funds to a gift card in a cash transaction and then void the cash transaction, leaving the funds on the card. In addition, the transactions could be completed without re-swiping the physical gift card. One employee’s alleged theft totaled nearly $60,000 over a 10-month period. Employee training is an integral part of curbing this type of theft.In December 2016, police said thieves were soliciting Target and Walmart employees throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area to participate in gift card scams, approaching them in parking lots, on social media, and elsewhere. In exchange for fraudulently loading money onto prepaid visa gift cards, the employees were being promised a small cut. Typically, thieves are telling these employees that they have jamming devices on their cell phones that will prevent the transactions from being recorded. They don’t, of course, so employees are being caught and prosecuted while thieves make off with loaded gift cards—in one case, worth $29,000. In all these cases, employees are never paid for their participation but are the only ones who get caught and face prosecution.With some help from above. Finally, several retailers say that strict loss prevention controls are being thwarted in some cases because supervisors are helping to cover up employee theft schemes. In one new case, for example, members of an overnight cleaning crew were stealing thousands of dollars worth of tools during breaks in their shifts. Surveillance video was capturing the activity, but a shift manager was intentionally overlooking the evidence to facilitate the crime. In that case, an audit finally uncovered the year-long fraud.Finally, employee crooks continue to show that they don’t lack imagination. In September, employees of a Radio Shack in Laurel, MD, turned off the electricity on the store’s breaker panel, cut the store’s surveillance DVR system, and made a holdup alarm activation call to police. “We’ve been robbed,” they falsely claimed—twice—stealing more than $55,000 in cash and merchandise.And the latest employee theft scam at Apple stores doesn’t even involve employees. Crooks are simply dressing the part, donning a blue shirt that passes for the store uniform, and making their way into repair or storage areas to collect an armful of devices.This post touched on a few of the employee theft scams of the moment, but keep collecting and analyzing your incident data. It’s the best chance to learn, as your technology and retail processes change, how crooked employees are trying to exploit them.This post originally appeared on the Resolver blog in 2017. It was updated November 6, 2018.  Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Washington ~ Motor Fuel Tax: Supreme Court Asked to Review Treaty “Right to Travel” Decision

first_imgCCH Tax Day ReportThe State of Washington has asked the U.S. Supreme Court whether an 1855 treaty with an Indian Tribal Nation creates a right for tribal members to avoid state motor fuel taxes on off-reservation commercial activities that make use of public highways. The Court was asked to review a decision of the state’s supreme court that a “right to travel” provision in the treaty preempted the imposition of Washington motor fuel taxes and penalties and the enforcement of license requirements against the tribe under former Washington statutes.A review of federal appellate case law revealed that any trade, traveling, and importation requiring the use of public roads fell within the scope of the right to travel provision of the treaty, according to the state court decision. Since it was not possible for the tribal corporation to import fuel without transporting on public highways, the right was protected by the treaty and the state could not impose motor fuel tax at the Washington border.Subscribers can view the text of the state’s petition.USSCt_16-1498Washington State Dept. of Licensing v. Cougar Den, Inc., Dkt. 16-1498, petition of certiorari filed June 14, 2017last_img read more

BJP issues gag order on Pragya Thakur

first_imgControversial Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur has been virtually isolated within the party and told by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) not to speak in public, after embarrassing the leadership with a string of gaffes in recent months, two party leaders said. The BJP’s Madhya Pradesh head Rakesh Singh conveyed the warning to Thakur, 49, that the next verbal indiscretion would be followed by “serious” action against her, said the two leaders, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details In her latest public remarks, Thakur said at a condolence meeting in Bhopal on Monday that “black magic” practised by the Opposition may have been behind deaths of top leaders of the BJP, including former Union ministers Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj, and former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Babulal Gaur. “A saint met me during Lok Sabha elections and told me that the Opposition might use black magic (marak shakti) against the BJP, and that it would harm the party and the leaders who are efficient, hardworking and manage the party affairs,” Thakur said. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday “I had forgotten what the saint had said in the crowd, but when I see today that party’s top leaders Shushma ji, Jaitley ji and Babulal Gaur ji are dying while undergoing pain, it occurs to me if it [the prophesy] is true,” she added. “You may or may not believe it but the truth won’t change,” she said. Just a week earlier, at a condolence meeting for Swaraj in Bhopal, Thakur kept sending slips of paper to the local BJP leadership requesting that she be allowed to say a few words in honour of the late former Union minister, but her requests were ignored, local leaders said. “We couldn’t do the same at Monday’s meeting because Babulal Gaur was a Bhopal leader and so it was unavoidable that the Bhopal MP speaks. The party realizes that every time she speaks, she inevitably makes mistakes,” said a leader who is privy to the decision to gag Thakur. Her aide JP Sharma said, “Do you think anyone can stop Sadhviji from speaking?” When confronted with BJP claims that she had been excluded from invitations to various events including one hosted by the mayor of Bhopal recently, he said Thakur had not attended the events because she was unwell. “She falls ill very frequently. Sometimes, she sits down and immediately feels unwell. So she doesn’t go out too much,” said Sharma. Till date, no party worker has been appointed as her constituency representative. Party leaders said that it was because workers were not keen to work with Thakur, who has been reprimanded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past. When she made a statement during the Lok Sabha election that Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse was a “true patriot”, Modi said that he could never forgive her from his heart for that remark. Thakur has also not been allotted accommodation in Bhopal yet. “It’s unfair to say only she hasn’t been allotted [accommodation], there are many others,” said Sharma, adding, “she has many devotees and they all want her to stay with them.” Former BJP minister and senior Madhya Pradesh leader Hitesh Bajpai played down the gag order. “We know that some controversies have happened due to her opinions at various platforms. it may be due to misunderstanding of her statements by the media–she is a non-political type of political person,” he said.Senior leaders admit that the gag order is difficult to implement because Thakur, as an MP, is bound to be making speeches . “We also make concessions for the fact that she has been tortured in prison,” said a leader to HT. Thakur, an accused in the 2008 Malegaon bomb blast case in Maharashtra, has made several controversial statements in the past. She said Mumbai’s anti-terrorist squad chief Hemant Karkare, who died in the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, had perished because of a curse had put on him when he was investigating the blasts. At another point of time, Thakur also claimed that cow urine had cured her of cancer.”The case of Pragya Thakur is the result of the BJP’S conflicting pursuits — on the one hand it must please fringe forces to humour the core ideological constituency. But on the other hand, there is need to be modernist and secure the support of ‘middle’ India. The challenge is to balance between these contrasting purposes and thus people like her will be frowned upon and publicly sidelined but chances of disciplinary action is remote,” said author and political analyst Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay.(Inputs from Hindustan Times)last_img read more

Lionel Messi discusses Ronaldo and his coming fifth in Ballon dOr

first_imgArgentine international star Lionel Messi says family is more important than awards and trophies.The Barca forward has numerous awards and trophies, so much so that he can decide to have a museum full of all of them. But he prefers family ties and relationship to all of that.The Argentine spoke to Marca and talked about family, Cristiano Ronaldo and coming fifth in the Ballon d’Or voting this year.“I love football, but family is above everything,” said Messi with regard to his outlook on life, before touching on more specific subjects.Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.“The rivalry with Cristiano was very healthy and very beautiful for the spectators,” he said about the competition with the Portuguese.“I heard the nominees for the Ballon d’Or and I knew I would not be in the fight,” he said about finishing fifth, with Luka Modric winning the award.Messi has won Ballon d’Ors five times and five Golden Boots. He could win more in the future.last_img read more

Massive brown dwarf detected by astronomers

first_img 2019 Science X Network An international team of astronomers has found a new brown dwarf, one of the most massive objects of this type discovered to date. The newly detected brown dwarf, designated EPIC 212036875 b, turns out to be about 50 times more massive than Jupiter. The finding is detailed in a paper published June 13 on Brown dwarfs are intermediate objects between planets and stars. Astronomers generally agree that they are substellar objects occupying the mass range between 13 and 80 Jupiter masses. Notably, out of the 2,000 brown dwarfs so far detected, only about 400 of them were found to be circling around stars.Observations have shown that brown dwarfs with masses between 35 and 55 Jupiter masses orbiting their hosts at a relatively close distance (less than 3.0 AU) are extremely rare and difficult to find. This so-called “brown dwarf desert” is constantly studied by astronomers using various techniques, aiming to find other examples of this peculiar type.Now, an international group of researchers led by Carina M. Persson of Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden reports the finding of a new massive brown dwarf, apparently another representative of this desert. The new object, designated EPIC 212036875 b, was identified by NASA’s prolonged Kepler mission known as K2, and Persson’s team confirmed its brown dwarf nature using ground-based telescopes.”In this paper, we report the independent discovery and observations of EPIC 212036875 b performed by the KESPRINT consortium,” the paper reads as the detection of this object was almost simultaneously reported by other group of astronomers.According to the study, EPIC 212036875 b is about 51 times as massive as Jupiter, but approximately 17 percent smaller than our solar system’s gas giant. These values imply the brown dwarf’s mean density at a level of around 108 g/cm3.Observations conducted by Persson’s team found that EPIC 212036875 b orbits its host approximately every 5.17 days at a distance of about 0.06 AU from it. These results confirm that the newfound object represents the brown dwarf desert. Such a close orbit also means that the brown dwarf should be relatively hot—its equilibrium temperature is estimated to be about 1,450 K.The study reveals that the host, EPIC 212036875, is a slightly evolved star of spectral type F7 V, about 41 percent larger and 15 percent more massive that the sun. Its age was estimated to be around 5.1 billion years and its effective temperature was measured to be 6,230 K.In concluding remarks, the researchers ponder the possible formation and evolution scenarios for EPIC 212036875 b. They assume that this brown dwarf most likely formed due to gravitational instabilities in a protoplanetary disc.”We argue that EPIC 212036875 b formed via gravitational disc instabilities in the outer part of the disc, followed by a quick migration. Orbital tidal circularisation may have started early in its history for a brief period when the brown dwarf’s radius was larger,” the astronomers concluded. More information: Carina M. Persson et al. Greening of the Brown Dwarf Desert. EPIC 212036875 b—a 51 MJ object in a 5 day orbit around an F7 V star. arXiv:1906.05048v2 [astro-ph.EP]. Transit light curve folded to the orbital period of EPIC 212036875 b. The K2 photometric data is indicated with the red points, and the best-fitted transit model with the solid black line. The residuals of the fit are shown in the lower panel. Credit: Persson et al., 2019. Another brown dwarf in the system? Study investigates properties of HD 206893 Explore further Citation: Massive brown dwarf detected by astronomers (2019, June 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Landscapes Recreated

first_imgPriyanka Govil is an artist who invests her creative energies into painting landscapes. But interestingly her works are not about landscapes as landscapes or landscapes in art history. Her work, basically reflects various natural and man-made things around her. Showing human tendency towards nature has become her major concern lately. In the conventional sense her works are not landscapes. But each time one looks at her works, one could see the places that exist somewhere in nature. They could be mental projections of the viewer or they could be the collective memories of her journeys.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’In her up-coming exhibition, at Art Konsult, her work will emphasis on importance of natural elements and intervention of man-made elements in a natural space. The fascination towards open spaces is a key point in her works. She considers these works as transformation stages where she merges landscapes with objects or shapes; treating them as part of a positive space. She treats them as cultural images representing social surroundings.The use of surface texture plays another signature role in her work.  In the landscapes and with the use of various other elements, she prefers to reduce the subjective elements to minimum details like adding lights to a particular section, just to suggest their presence. And these depictions become her way of telling stories.last_img read more

GTA announces 1 lakh exgratia for families of bridge collapse victims

first_imgDarjeeling: The Gorkhaland Territorial Administration has announced an ex-gratia of Rs 1 lakh each to the families of the deceased and Rs 50,000 each to the injured in a bridge collapse incident in the Kalimpong district on Sunday. Two persons died and five were injured.The incident occurred at Mungpel village under the Pabringtaar gram panchayat, Kalimpong Block 1 of the Kalimpong district on Sunday. A suspension constructed of wooden planks and bamboo poles collapsed killing two and injuring five. The village is located around 100 km from Kalimpong town. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataOn Sunday, the villagers had gathered to carry out repair works on the bridge when the wire on one side snapped resulting in the collapse of the bridge. The bridge is located 2km from the village on the Turung river. During monsoons the villagers cross this mountain river to the agricultural fields. “The villagers were repairing the bridge on Sunday when the accident occurred,” said Sukraj Rai, a local resident. When repairs were on, a wire on one side snapped and the suspension footbridge collapsed. People repairing the bridged plunged into the river. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateTwenty-three-year-old Aitaraj Rai died on the spot. Tek Bahadur Subba (52) later died in the hospital. The five seriously injured people — Ribendra S Wazi, Nahang Subba, Tikaram Subba, Sukman Subba and Bibek Subba — were admitted to the hospital. “We are with the affected people in this hour of crisis. We appeal the public to inform the GTA about vulnerable bridges in our area. The concerned officials will take necessary steps after inspection,” said Anit Thapa, Chairman, GTA. The suspension bridge was built in 1986 and repaired by the DGHC and repaired twice. “This time, however, the GTA had decided to reconstruct the bridge and work was scheduled to commence soon. There is another footbridge. However, as it takes around 30 minutes more if one uses the foot bridge upstream, villagers used to prefer the suspension bridge,” said GTA member Sanchabir Subba. On October 22, 2011, a footbridge collapse on River Little Rangeet at Bijanbari, 38 km from Darjeeling, had resulted in the death of 33 persons, including children. More than 150 persons had been injured in the incident. On that day, local residents had gathered to attend a foundation stone laying ceremony by the then GTA Chief Bimal Gurung. An event had been organised to mark the occasion. With a huge crowd trying to cross the footbridge, the cables had snapped.last_img read more

Jack Ma defends the extreme 996 work culture in Chinese tech firms

first_imgIt was just last month when Chinese developers protested over the “996 work schedule” on GitHub. The “996” work culture refers to an unofficial work schedule that requires employees to work from 9 am to 9 pm, 6 days a week, totaling up to 60 hours of work per week. The site, 996icu, that went viral last month, also called out to companies such as Youzan and Jingdong, who both follow the 996 work rule. One such example given was of a Jingdong PR who posted on their maimai ( Chinese business social network) account that “(Our culture is to devote ourselves with all our hearts (to achieve the business objectives)”, defending the 996 work culture. Jack Ma, co-founder and executive chairman of the Alibaba Group, is also among the ones who believe in promoting the 12-hour, 6-day week working schedule. Ma defended the Chinese 996 tech-life on Alibaba’s WeChat account, last week, and chastised people wanting a balanced and typical eight-hour work shift. “In this world, everyone wants success, wants a nice life, wants to be respected. Let me ask everyone if you don’t put out more time and energy than others, how can you achieve the success you want?” Compared to them, up to this day, I still feel lucky, I don’t regret (working 12 hour days), I would never change this part of me”, states Ma. Other companies to support Ma includes Inc., whose chief executive, Richard Liu, said that although he wouldn’t force people to work 996, however, people who have slacked off are not his “brothers”, reports Bloomberg. “Many people just want to buy a car and buy a house for Mom and Dad. This is very important, but I think you should have this ideal…some things that you are willing to do can help your child to be more blessed and help you to be blessed. Isn’t it a good thing? This requires 996”, states Ma. Jack Ma’s remarks in defense of the 996 work schedule have again ignited uproar among people who strictly disapprove of this extreme over-time work environment in Chinese tech companies. Many have pointed out how promoting “996 work culture” in the name of “devotion” and “hard work” is blatantly ignoring the consequences of such gladiatorial work environment on employees. Unbearable pressure and unrealistic demands from employees often lead to them being depressed, over-fatigued, burned out, and in worst cases, suicidal. For instance, during February 2015, Foxconn forced its employees to work overtime, which resulted in occasional karoshi (death due to job-related exhaustion) and suicide. Public reaction to Jack Ma’s approval of 996 work culture has been largely negative, with people condemning Ma for his utter ignorance towards the issue: Read Next Chinese tech companies don’t want to hire employees over 30 years of age Alibaba’s Singles Day sale hit record $30 billion in 24 hours Alibaba Cloud released Mars, a tensor-based framework for large-scale data computationlast_img read more