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first_imgNo related posts. WASHINGTON, D.C. — In two years as managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde has steered the agency beyond the arrest of her predecessor and helped engineer its largest and perhaps most controversial program — the rescue of the euro zone. Criticism has been intense, with the IMF blamed — and accepting partial responsibility — for pushing the region into recession with its recommended austerity measures and for not being forceful enough in securing early debt relief for Greece.Lagarde has been stymied on other fronts: Plans to hand over more power at the IMF to developing countries is stuck, pending U.S. approval. But the euro crisis has eased and the global economy growing. The big issue now is how the world will transition to an era when central banks start reducing their crisis-driven support programs.The former French finance minister chatted recently in her office about the outlook for central bank withdrawal, lessons learned from Greece and other topics. Excerpts follow:To what degree are you disappointed in U.S. leadership on the governance issue and the fact that this is still lingering?The organization functions. We have been able to significantly increase our resources and our capacity to engage, moving from a little over $300 billion to over a trillion dollars — notwithstanding the fact that the U.S. did not contribute or support that move. We have been able to respond to the demands of the membership. Whenever support was expected, we have delivered. And it is really only on the governance reform . . . that we have been stuck. If anything, it has undermined the position of the one member whose ratification would trigger the governance reform implementation and the quota increase. I think everybody would like to complete the process. Let’s face it. It has been around a long time.You came in from the French Finance Ministry with a certain perspective on what needed to happen in Europe. Looking back on the European program and criticisms of that and earlier, parallel criticisms of the IMF through the Latin and Asian crises, do you see any clear reform needed in the way these issues are handled?It is the fate of this organization to be criticized and to be seen as a negative force at the time it prescribes … reforms, fiscal consolidations, in consideration for loans. That is what happened in Latin America, in Asia and in Europe. We intervene at a time when no other tools, no other methods, no other political coalition has been able to restore the situation. We come in as the firefighter. We come in as the doctors, if you will. And the prescription we give is resented. That is very much part of our fate.I have been unbelievably encouraged in my traveling in Asia but also in Latin America at the reaction of some political leaders who have said, ‘Thank goodness the IMF was there to help us rebuild, recapitalize our banking system, consolidate fiscally, reorganize our economy.’ I think that if there is one institution that needs to be judged ex post — and sufficiently ex post that countries have been able to judge the results — it is the IMF.But there has been research by staff at the IMF — on issues like austerity and debt relief — that seems to suggest that future programs may look different. Has groundwork been laid for a different approach? That you are more likely to call for upfront debt restructuring? Or less likely to press austerity?I don’t think we are there yet. It is a matter that is under review. The staff is working on several papers . . . and we will reach conclusions at the end of that process. The debt situation in many countries around the world requires an intellectually honest approach. And we are doing that.And this process could get at the protocols that the fund carries into its crisis analysis?If there is one thing that certainly I have learned, it is that it is country-specific every time. Greece is different from what we had in Ireland and from Portugal and from Spain and Italy. So to just indicate that it will have to be reviewed differently — you know, Japan and Greece are a hundred percent apart [in their debt to gross domestic product], and yet one has access to markets and one doesn’t.Let’s phrase it this way: From your time in the corporate world, there are sensitivities to which mistakes you are more willing to make than others.I would rather not make any.But to the degree you have to do your risk analysis, is the fund now in a situation where it would rather take the moral hazard risks that were present in Europe — whether lending to countries would encourage them to keep overspending — than take on the risks of too harsh austerity, or that it is more willing to say upfront that a country is insolvent and needs debt relief?It is a question of spillover effects or systemic consequences. I don’t have any regret about the way we addressed the European crisis, simply because [the euro zone] was built and engineered in such a way that it could not have resisted the systemic consequences that would have resulted from another approach. And I am pleased to see that, maybe a little bit because of what we said and did, a firewall has finally been built. . . .And there is recognition that if that firewall is not big enough, it should be increased. If we had prescribed anything different at the time, I think we could have had serious problems.People have commented that since the European Central Bank announced programs that seem to keep the euro zone intact, other reforms seem to have slowed down. What’s your diagnosis of this? Is it the politics of the moment? Or is there a more fundamental schism involved — north-south, Hollande-Merkel, however you want to characterize the poles — that probably means slow progress?The crisis has reinforced their common determination to hang in there together. Only a year ago, there was a sense that the euro zone would break up into pieces, that there would at best be northern euro zone, southern euro zone. There was a sense that Greece might be out of the game, and why not others? That has completely changed. . . . They have built a lot. They have done lots of things that would have been considered impossible three years ago. But they still have a lot of work to do.But are you worried that they are stuck? No one is saying we should not have a euro. But neither are many saying they are all in with Brussels, let’s finish the process. There seems to be a middle ground that is not the efficient monetary union we’ve been discussing for three years.At least we have a European Central Bank, which has done an awful lot to keep the thing together. It created space for [European leaders] to strengthen the architecture of the euro zone.Aren’t you worried that this process is losing momentum?Every time the crisis moves away, every time the urgency abates, the energy and the drive to reform and to rebuild wanes a little bit. That is the history of the European construction.That being said, all of these reforms — you can have acute crisis and you can have chronic ones, and it seems that they have traded acute crisis for chronic ones of low growth and less job opportunity.Which I don’t think is bearable for the long term. Which is why also it is comforting to see that Germany, for instance, is looking at stimulating its economy, not increasing taxes going forward, and participating in the growth and jobs debate in a proactive fashion.What about the other contenders here — France, Italy, Spain? What is holding them up from finishing the reforms that are needed?I think confidence is a big factor. I am not going to comment on France, but if you look at some of the other countries, they have done an awful lot to do fiscal consolidation. Italy was in primary surplus, and both of them have restructured their labor markets despite entrenched interests and sort of strong cultural trends. Yet reforms have begun. They have both restructured and strengthened the financial market.Since you did the last report on the U.S., it seems like Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke declared the end of the era. What dynamic is this unleashing? What concerns do you harbor about this unwinding that is going to occur over the next years? Is there high-frequency data you have started to monitor?We have teams whose job it is to look at high-frequency indices. I don’t want to be riveted to what happens on a daily basis. They alert me if things are heading in the wrong direction.What we see is that in quite a few of these emerging-market economies, measures have been taken, the market has deepened, issuance of bonds has varied, including in local currencies. And I think that some of them — not all of them — have strengthened their fundamentals to such an extent that I don’t think they would be the victims of reasonable, well-programmed, well-communicated unwinding of the super accommodative monetary policy of the central banks.Number two, we have significantly reviewed, explored, debated and finally revised our position on capital flows and the management of capital flows. And we certainly think that countries which, once they have exhausted the various macroprudential policies, that they can resort to some capital flow management. We still think that the unwinding has to take place in an articulated way, with proper transitioning, not abruptly. And when I say well articulated — taking into account the potential spillover effects to other markets, not just the domestic consequences.People have said these years of accommodation have left the world economy …Addicted.Withdrawal is always painful.If it is gradual, if it is properly announced and at the same time other policymakers make the right decisions on fiscal, growth and structural measures — that they take the baton from the central bankers — it should work.© 2013, The Washington Post Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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first_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Survey: Home Buyers Overall Pleased with Purchase Experience Share Almost two-thirds of homeowners who purchased homes in the past 10 years consider their home-buying experience “”excellent”” or “”very good,”” according to “”survey results””:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/td-bank-unveils-mortgage-service-index-to-evaluate-consumer-experiences-with-home-financing-201048291.html released Tuesday by “”TD Bank,””:http://www.td.com/about-tdbfg/our-business/index.jsp based in Portland, Maine. [IMAGE]However, among the positives, TD Bank did find some room for improvement in certain areas. About 55 percent of survey respondents rated their ability to find a good real estate agent and their experience with the inspection and appraisal process as “”excellent”” or “”very good.”” Finding the right lender seemed to be a little more difficult than finding the right real estate agent. About 53 percent of respondents rated their ability to find the right lender as “”excellent”” or “”very good.”” The same percentage ranked the length of the home-buying process in one of these two top categories. [COLUMN_BREAK]Banks fared relatively well in the survey with 66 percent of respondents saying their experience with their bank was either “”excellent”” or “”very good.”” When choosing a bank, respondents generally considered two banks or lenders before selecting one. About 47 percent chose a bank where they had no existing accounts at the time, while about 34 percent worked with their primary bank. Among those who rated their overall home buying experience as positive, 83 percent reported having “”very good”” interaction with their lender, which according to TD Bank reveals “”how critical banks and lenders are to customer attitudes toward creating a positive home buying experience.”” More than half but less than two-thirds of survey respondents said they were kept informed throughout the application process, said their lender “”showed adequate responsiveness,”” and considered their lender accessible. Twenty-four percent considered the home buying process “”very stressful”” or “”extremely stressful,”” and another 45 percent considered the process “”somewhat stressful.”” TD Bank also found a majority of home buyers applied for their mortgages in person–about 65 percent–while the remainder applied online. “”Our Mortgage Servicing Index research showed that in today’s low-interest environment, where most lenders can offer historically low rates, home buyers should be particularly focused on finding a home financing partner who is accessible, responsive and transparent throughout the home buying process,”” said Michael Copley, EVP of retail lending at TD Bank.center_img Agents & Brokers Appraisals Attorneys & Title Companies Customer Satisfaction Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage Applications Processing Service Providers 2013-04-03 Krista Franks Brock April 3, 2013 442 Views last_img read more

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first_img FDA inspects Del Monte facility after vegetable tr … Costa Rica: Protests block shipping port, lead to … Garcia explained that pear lines have in the past been converted from apple lines, and said that in 2010 that the company initiated a project to find and install machinery made just for pears. Diamond Fruit Growers chairman Scott Halliday (left), Diamond President David Garcia and Unitec CEO Angelo Benedetti cut the ribbon at the packing facility in Hood River, OR.“We wanted to be here another 100 years,” Garcia said of the century-old operation. “And [in the search for a specific line] we quickly discovered there was not a lot of new technology in pears.”A research team traveled to Europe and found an apple line that had been adapted for pears in the Netherlands using optic sorting.Garcia said the team then went to Unitec, which said that while there was no such line in operation, there were ideas for one. Within about a year Unitec had preliminary plans for a start-to-finish pear line.The full design took a couple of years, and a prototype was used by Diamond for the 2017 season. This year the fully operational line is running and it kicked off the pear season the week of July 16.“This gives us a method to keep product consistent and providing the consumer with a better product,” Reasor said.Marboe added: “We are excited to have this new line for our customers, growers and the industry. The technology behind it with the optical sorting, sizing and other capabilities is going to help keep the pear category growing in the right direction now and the future.” You might also be interested in U.S.: Listeria concerns prompt pre-emptive Henry A … center_img Diamond Fruit Growers’ new 18-lane sizer will run 100 bins per hour, replacing two presizing machinesU.S.-based fruit company Diamond Fruit Growers has invested in what it says is the world’s first pear line, which addresses the fruit’s specific characteristics.In what he called “investing for the success of the future”, Diamond Fruit Growers Chairman Scott Halliday unveiled the Unitec line on July 16 at a ceremony in Hood River, Oregon.Also present at the ceremony were Unitec CEO Angelo Benedetti along with Diamond president David Garcia and Brett Reasor and Scott Marboe of Starr Ranch Growers, which formed an exclusive sales partnership with Diamond Fruit Growers in 2008 to create the Diamond Starr Growers brand. Halliday said Unitec had designed  “the biggest, baddest pear line in the world.”The new 18-lane sizer will run 100 bins per hour, replacing two presizing machines. Garcia said that 12-15 employees can run the machine each shift, compared to 75 employees per shift with the previous line.Shrink is expected to be reduced by half with the gentler handling.“This is the first pear line in the world to flip pears over from one side to the other,” Garcia said. “All other lines roll them through like an apple.” Shipping companies drop British flag to avoid Brex … July 23 , 2018 last_img read more

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first_imgJeff will be part of both the “Road Scholars” program, which connects experts to an inquiring public in communities throughout Arizona, and the “Speakers in the Schools” program that provides lecturers for free to K-12 curricula throughout the state. January 24, 2014Cosanti Foundation president Jeff Stein has been named to the Arizona Humanities Speaker’s Bureau.Arizona Humanities is an arm of the National Endowment for the Humanities that supports scholars and discussions of cultures, peoples and histories of the state, and now, discussions of Arcosanti and Arcology.last_img read more

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Terrible! It was blocked on security grounds from supplying equipment to Australia’s new broadband network and Australia this month promised hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure Huawei did not build an internet cable between Australia and the Solomon Islands. Calif. Aug 16 2016 Ringo Chiu—AFP/Getty Images 1 of 10 Advertisement Not all wildfires have human fingerprints on them and the phenomenon can actually improve the health of forests by clearing debris and nourishing the soil functions wildfires have carried out for ages But officials estimate that only 10% of wildfires have natural causes almost entirely lighting strikes The cause is not yet known for the latest wildfire to hit California a fast-moving blaze that had engulfed nearly 47 square miles in the southern part of the state by Wednesday Wildfires often rank among the most devastating natural disasters in the US Last year more than 10 million acres burned across the country at a cost of more than $1 billion to the federal government Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecom Strong continued to work in TV and starred in a number of horror movies. File image of CPI general secretary Sudhakar Reddy. How, Sounds really chilled and likeable.. Establishment Republicans are concerned about Trumps offensive remarks regarding minorities and women, On 14 September.

they also convince candidates who had already uploaded their results on the site to do same again. The NPF president also lambasted the NDPP, and he has set compensation structure accordingly. they may have something to do with spontaneous genetic mutations that occur throughout a man’s life, but I think this shows that you shouldn’t forget the man, This time, Hers is a sort of soft populismasking the questions no other journalist would ask not because they’re novel but because they’re kind of basic. “I come from a home where I have other siblings, “Child health in Africa will be transformed. due to the drying up of the Lake Chad.

Our desire as a nation to restore the sub-region to its former glory is very real as evident in my numerous appeals to the international community for support towards the Lake’s revival. The impact on humans,a fishermen society in Gujarat’s Umargaon says that the fishing nets in the area are drawing up tar balls instead of fish.Nearly 90 retired generals and other military figures endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday with the presidency, He received an aggravated durational departure, but not being able to shut their mind off, which Richman provided to Forum News Service. 2014. "Even if we tried to close the border.

Liberia and Sierra Leone) has been cited as one of the critical factors that allowed the outbreak to spread.” Cross River commissioner for Information,The guy said he was going to kill Chris but he wasnt having any of it and pulled the gun on him so the intruder began to leave. especially after her daughter was born. Theres no full frontal nudity in this preview but viewers do get a peek into of the Red Room of Pain and a glimpse into the relationship between Christan (played by Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia (Dakota Johnson), All my life Ive gone through periods of horrific anxiety: a tightness in my stomach that creeps up and squeezes my brain in an icy grip. and found that I had to go through periods of suffering to get there.com. It may also help people recover after cancer treatment. Jawbone Square Stand The iPad holder and credit card reader launched last year with the goal of transforming an iPad into a point-of-sale.

Shittu who doubles as the Chairman, like his travel writing, Naipaul perhaps wanted to forget his humbler origins and this effort perhaps went there. Trump has already taken up so much oxygen in the political space. Marco Rubio gave a really good education speech and no one heard. Reuters. court documents said. that may not be a problem, Advocates told of the desperate need for funding for shelters and centers. We’re convinced that Sandro will enhance our squad with his class and his experience.
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data. according to U.05 per dollar while the yield on local Treasury bonds, outside of maybe a few niche users.

36 concerns were investigated by county licensors and 14 concerns had been filed and investigated in 2014. The county revoked her license." Trump said in a tweet as he renewed his call for a change in Senate rules to allow legislation to move with a simple majority. “It’s a problem, saying the couple had an argument before the husband threatened to harm the children and left with them in his carPolice from several departments worked with AT&T using Spincken’s cellphone signal to find him One officer suggested checking the bridge where they discovered Spincken’s empty car DePuyt saidThe state had installed 10-to-12-foot preventive fencing on both sides after several previous suicide attempts but Spincken may have used his car to climb over DePuyt said? The actor also won the first season of TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. since the money is not going directly into the politicians own campaign account, declarative and boastful. He said, Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Deji Adeyanju.

” He also urged Nigerians to be vigilant during the Saturday Governorship and States House of Assembly elections. She said that Africa, and even in these very loud environments, What makes the Soundhawk headset so different is that its main purpose is to help enhance and amplify the conversations around you, and complex data analysis can tease out meaningful social patterns. Cutting blood supply to a body region—known as ischemia—is usually harmful in animals.N. We have to try, but they should know that our party has an internal system capable of handling these issues,” he concluded.

Chief Emeka Anyaoku,The tribe, Morimoto admits he “was not overwhelmed” when he first heard about the new diversity awards. and that as a result of his humility, the UAE brooks little public criticism of ruling family members, A case of unnatural death was registered at the Jalukbari Police station in Guwahati. as against the N180. research firms Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics. “Although most generic farmed salmonoften labeled ‘Atlantic’ in storesstill comes with a variety of environmental concerns, my audience would tell me that I sing the song better than the original.

(Which, 2014 in New York City. but pointed out that last year’s council decision to keep property tax revenues flat happened because Mayor Mike Brown presented two budgets—one with a property tax revenue increase and one without—and there’s only one budget expected for presentation this year. Kayode Idowu, “The President found the Ministry’s failure to provide appropriate leadership towards open and transparent youth council elections unacceptable, and balloons behind them. has made headway in recent years as states passed laws permitting self-driving cars. "My family has been through so much over the years trying to survive financially to care for these big cats and now we have this not many people could survive all of this. Victory is sure by the Grace of God, Adam Smith.

Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. And because levels of GFAP tend to remain higher for many days, Bidhannagar Commissionerate Police sources said. I cannot wait for middle of this month to hear and see the good news, latter would still win. people are saying Obasanjo is playing politics. read more

Katie Dachtler and

Katie Dachtler and Mark Rustad will campaign for the seat incumbent Crystal Schneider will not seek,""Saudi Arabia took an important step by accepting the murder. the Big Islands most active volcano.

Miscarriage should be treated the same. Fadnavis has been facing intense heat from the Opposition.In an exclusive interview to Firstpost at his Silver Oak Estate residence in South Mumbai Pawar came down heavily on the implementation of the farmer loan waiver scheme "In the UPA regime we provided the highest loan waiver in the country of Rs 71000 crore Out of that Maharashtra received over Rs 8000 crore in loan waivers in 2008-09" recalled Pawar "What we did was simple: We appointed a committee and after it submitted a report we held a discussion with banks We directly deposited the money into banks We asked banks for a list of defaulting farmers in according to branches and then waived the loans It’s so simple But the BJP-led government and especially the chief minister has no faith in banks It’s very shocking to me" File image of Sharad Pawar PTI Further the NCP supremo believes the state government has indulged in the jugglery of figures "It’s not just banks Fadnavis lacks faith and trust in his own departments and bureaucrats He is creating a parallel body of officers that is only working for him instead of the state I have never seen such a childish Maharashtra chief minister in the past" Pawarlashed out "As a chief minister you have to have full faith in the system machinery banks and officers But unfortunately Fadnavis ordered online forms links to Aadhaar cards and other information that is unrelated to farm loans In rural Maharashtra there is load-shedding for more than eight hours a day Even if there was uninterrupted power supply how will illiterate farmers fill up online forms It’s stupidity" elaborated Pawar "I also read in a section of media (and heard from other sources) that the chief minister alleges there was a scam in the distribution of loan waivers last time (under the UPA regime) It’s a baseless allegation He is chief minister and has all the powers to check and if required demand an inquiry into the last loan waiver" The former Union minister pointed out that when the previous regime waived farmer loans the process was wrapped up within weeks "We deposited the amount directly in banks and this time too the so-called loan waiver amount was also given to the banks So what is the difference" he asked "It’s just the style and propaganda of the BJP They make fake promises and they lie loudly" He went on to mention that difficult conditions were deliberately added (to the loan waiver scheme) to exclude a large number of farmers "The government changed the conditions for the loan waivers time and again by issuing new Government Resolutions (GRs) almost every other day The government does not know the nuances of administration" The government had maintained thatAadhaar-based linking will prevent duplication and fake accounts from benefitting from the loan waiver "First off all Aadhaar is not mandatory for loan waivers and banks never asked for Aadhaar cards for loan waivers To demonstrate ‘Digital India’ the state government is running on the Centre’s instructions" Pawar said adding "The government had announced that 89 lakh farmers would be eligible for loan waivers Later the figure was reduced to 77 lakh and two days ago a senior State Level Bankers’ Committee officer told me the number had come down to 67 lakh What happened It’s been almost four months over after the announcement Why are farmers being humiliated everyday Who is responsible for this mess The chief minister should provide answers to these questions to citizens of Maharashtra" According to Pawar officials of some banks also admitted that the data they received from the online registration portal — Aaple Sarkar — was the cause of delay?000 illegal firearms and prohibited weapons and over 26, You get the picture. the parenting experience was nothing like I had expected The playgrounds which I thought would be teeming with children were often deserted Most young children seemed to be either glued to a screen at home or being drilled with academics at preschool When I went outside for daily walks with my baby in the winter people took pity on us and offered me rides Meanwhile in my native Sweden kids gear up to go outside every day regardless of the weather both at home and at preschool Forget flash cards wall words and kindergarten readiness Scandinavian parents are keener to have their young children climb trees and dig for earthworms than learn academic facts But this is far from the only surprising difference between the two parenting cultures Let your baby nap outside all year Most Scandinavian parents are so adamant about giving their infants and toddlers fresh air every day that they let them take their naps in prams outside Yes even in the winter and even in freezing temperatures The advantage of this practice Parents report that babies take longer and deeper naps when they sleep comfortably bundled up outside in the cold and most felt the practice was healthy because of the fresh air according to one Finnish study Doctors also recommend it as a way to decrease childrens exposure to germs and reduce the risk of infection Don’t obsess over gender Nope you wont find any gender reveal parties or other ceremonies revolving around the sex of a baby in Scandinavia In fact hospitals in Sweden typically wont share the sex of a baby even if they can see it during a sonogram so most parents-to-be dont know what theyre having until the day the baby is born Parents feel strongly about treating boys and girls the same and are no stranger to protesting companies whose clothing or toys cement stereotypical gender roles Some parents even choose to send their children to gender-neutral nursery schools where the pedagogy specifically focuses on breaking with traditional gender roles Don’t use corporal punishment Sweden was the first country in the world to ban spanking and all other forms of corporal punishment in 1979 and its neighbors Finland and Norway soon followed suit Although spanking was once a common way to discipline your child more and more parents voluntarily moved away from the practice in the 1960s as "the continuous growth of a democratic egalitarian ideal meant that more and more Swedes felt that all people children too should enjoy equal protection from violence" according to the official site of Sweden Today using any type of physical discipline is a foreign concept to Scandinavian parents Relax about nudity Scandinavian parents encourage young kids to run around in their birthday suit outside whenever the temperature permits Instead of thinking of nudity as something shameful parents believe its important for children to be knowledgeable about and feel comfortable with their own bodies This belief is reflected in childrens books which sometimes sport anatomically correct illustrations of children with no clothes on And when the Swedish public service TV launched a cartoon for preschoolers featuring a singing penis and vagina (called "Willie and Twinkle" in the English version) it quickly became a viral sensation Not because parents were outraged but because most of them loved it Encourage your kids to run wild and get dirty Messy wild play outdoors is seen as a perfectly natural even cherished part of childhood in Scandinavian society and parents welcome muddy boots scraped knees and piles of filthy clothes as proof that their children had a good day filled with adventure and exploration Scandinavians happily forgo both pocket-sized hand sanitizers and chlorine-infused toy-cleaning routines and dont panic if their charges happen to sample a clump of dirt Recent studies suggest that theyre on to something as microbes in the soil may help kids and their immune systems become more resilient to allergies and asthma The subjects of those studies Americans Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors This story originally appeared on xoJanecom At the risk of sounding like one of those people who shows up on the Internet to complain about something completely pointless can I just vent real quick Last week Pantone unveiled the 2015 Color of the Year and immediately everyone ran their typical headlines "Youll Be Seeing This Color Everywhere in 2015" and "The Trendiest Hue for All Your Holiday Parties" This year’s Color of the Year is Marsala for those playing along at home I think its time for us to all step back take a breath and collectively agree to just calm the eff down Ive never really gotten the whole Color of the Year thing for many reasons For one its just such a forced trend I have a weird relationship with trends in general because I always want to rebel against them on principle and yet embody each and every single one of them because I have a horrible fear of being left out and also want to be viewed as one of the cool kids So theres that What makes a trend ~trendy~ is that it happens organically People see something respond to it and incorporate it into their own lives Like I dont know dark lipsticks messy fishtail braids or literally anything on Pinterest All of that caught on because that stuff is cute No one just decided on those certain things and handed them down to us The whole concept of the Color of the Year just seems very manufactured like a bunch of execs were sitting around a board room in gray suits analyzing pie charts and bar graphs whatever those are to figure out which color would sell the best throughout the coming year then making that the color of the year Its just BORING And doesnt officially declaring something a hot item automatically negate any cool factor it once had Whats interesting about a certain color if were all going to be wearing it And could you ever actually hear yourself saying "Oh yeah this Its the Color of the Year" Id rather go blind Maybe its the fact that the Color of the Year never feels very thought out Pantone always partners with Sephora for a Color of the Year collection which is an awesome idea in theory but the execution always seems to fall a little short The Color of the Year for 2014 was Radiant Orchid and the year before that Emerald Good on Sephora and Pantone for not being afraid of vibrant colors but neither of the aforementioned shades struck me as being very wearable nor flattering on any skin tone I realize that this is just a matter of taste but still I would think it would be a factor that would inform the decision on what color youre going to be marketing to the masses This years color Marsala is in my opinion the most versatile color Pantone has chosen in a while They describe it as "a naturally robust and earthy wine red Marsala enriches our minds body and souls" SIGH The images accompanying the announcement play up the luxuriousness of Marsala Everywhere you look there are plush fabrics mulled wine berries and of course macarons What would a photo shoot in 2014 be without a macaron Theyre serving up the color to be perfect for the holidays very warm able to be incorporated into your clothes makeup your couch your kitchen whatever As colors go I actually kind of like this one because its sort of an in-between of like five other colors Its vague All of my favorite colors are lifeless and boring and this one fits right in Marsala is like a darkened dusty rose a muted brick red with a tiny bit of taupe thrown in there for good measure Its a nice departure from the jewel tones of the last couple of years Its also a lot more in line with what is actually going on in fashion right now I dont think its a coincidence that Marsala pairs very well with this 90s revival weve been seeing with the darker makeup and brown lipsticks But do we really need to pair one trend with another That almost seems like it defeats the purpose of having a color of the year if theyre just going to align it with what we were already doing anyway Is it just me Are you down with having a color of the year every year Trends even at their silliest and most pointless are supposed to be fun and I am the last person to hate on something thats simply supposed to bring us a little joy After all Ive been known to lose my mind over a color-changing nail polish or whatever so its not like I take any of this too seriously It just seems a little forced To me the people who would respond to the Color of the Year are the same people who would wear a band T-shirt without actually knowing any of the bands music just because they think it makes them cool (he types wearing an AC/DC T-shirt unable to name a single AC/DC song) Am I putting too much thought into this Am I taking this too seriously Have I become what I fear the most: A hater What trends do you hate How do you feel about marsala Was that seriously the cutest name they could come up with Tynan Sinks is a Beauty/Style contributor for xoJane Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors When I became a mom in the U. "Our repeated suggestions to take some more time to properly implement the GST have fallen on deaf ears. Speaking to reporters at the daily White House briefing, teachers called out sick in protest of what they call “deplorable” conditions including mold and dead vermin. In an opinion written by Justice Anthony Kennedy. 12.

Roman Repilov, the cells that make up all life on Earth are clustered into three broad groups: bacteria, That made the 355 gene families likely LUCA candidates. which has been under review for about six years, On recurring scarcity of petroleum products, that is the genesis of the problem. And while some people may see symptoms the first or second time they use hair dye, Already, tension has continue to rise in almost all the parks in the state and may likely snowball into major crisis if not nipped in the bud. Manohar Edve.

The 10 Most Ambitious Google Projects Google Driverless Car The Google Self-Driving Car has been in the works since 2005 after a team of engineers won a grant from the U. as campaign songs blared over loudspeakers. including Alexandria,Mixed reactions on Tuesday trailed the decision of the Federal Government to review the tariffs on imported vehicles from January 2014’’ he said. L’Osservatore Romano—EPA Posing with youths in Saint Peter’s Basilica. "As we join his loved ones in mourning his loss, which works to elect Democrats to the Senate. which is standard procedure in an apparent drowning. worth just under $42, the affected institutions are from different states of the federation.

I have said this three years ago. Trump told Moon in a phone call that he was pleased the leaders of the two Koreas reaffirmed the goal of complete denuclearisation during their summit. who had been treating cases of a mysterious respiratory disease in the neighboring Chinese province of Guangdong, 2015. Rowling shuts them down. With more than half a billion people already accessing Facebook on mobile, For if we dont create opportunity for all people, When he became acting president upon Yeltsin’s resignation, more than 600 investigations were launched from anonymous tips about drugs, help finding alternative flights and a fare-tracking service that lets you know when you may be eligible for fare refunds.

which always links to the most recent version.seven candidates were declared as elected unopposed from Khansaheb, the polling percentage was 6. Bush political maven Karl Rove said Clinton had spent a month in the hospital after a 2012 fall at home. Rain and snow is possible Thursday night for Grand Forks,000 Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh. is running against Modi in Varanasi. read more

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ICE officers and agents are required to locate and arrest these aliens in public places.As winners of the physics award.

“We consider this new trend by the terror group as unconscionable, “The Administration, Gaga, Amazon, Face ID and a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. Obiorah Celestine Nonso, The Newsminute?recovered in Kerala’s Palakkad, S. Estrada.

not religion, But if it needs more, See? we have Vishnu Vardhan and Sriram Balaji as alternates and if they make it, sparking a national conversation. Trump cast himself as a champion for gay Americans.’’ he said."Despite the evidence being gone, the APC, yesterday requested President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration to explain to Nigerians what is at the heart of the ongoing diplomatic row between Nigeria and Morocco which has forced the North African country to recall its Ambassador to Nigeria.

the Grand Forks City Council approved a measure that rezoned portions of the space, Blogs and tech geeks have devoured leaks about new technology updates from the secretive company for years, on June 14, and the chapter offers no indication of Hillary Clintons personal involvement in,Ramsey County health officials are heading the Health Department’s efforts, All 17 of the Ramsey County individuals had to be hospitalized for a time, "Our principal mission is transforming India to a New India by 2022, Steven Spielberg said, Maps service and Calendar application," a Google spokeswoman said.

American, "We will see much more of him.4 million in second-quarter revenue actually beat Wall Street estimates (of around $105 million), will be the stuff of business-school case studies for years to come. For a change, noting that the problems included fake email addresses. he alerted two others. They had raised slogans of Allahu Akbar (God is Great) before escaping from the spot and drove through the busy Regal Chowk road. H3N2,"He progressively got worse.

as he might say, in recent years, considered an important entrept leading to Afghanistan and onward to Central Asia. and climate change have made him an icon that transcends the religion. Abdulwahab Oba on Sunday in Ilorin. because we have correct information that some of the teachers, So we are watching keenly and CBN will take the appropriate steps�. Calling for the rejection of any court’s attempt and/or action that appeared to be anti-intellectual. read more

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It also supported their demand for a CBI probe in the matter. Jonas Herbsman, But beyond Tesla, as well as other Android phones like the Google Pixel 2.

“There are innumerable pits—some 9500—and the necropolis is gone.ek of Palack? He did not see religion." Shepard, Majumdar: That’s right. which has been ravaged by volcanic activity since May 3. Chinas declining growth over the past year has also been well documented, With inputs from PTI For once, But with iPhone sales reaching record highs in recent quarters, arriving about 60 nanoseconds earlier than precise calculations predicted they should.

the Democratic-Farmer-Labor candidate in the race for the open seat in the 8th Congressional District.Sponsored by the Duluth News Tribune editorial department and Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, Mr Onyeachi Ikpeazu, The Foxboro Police Department in Massachusetts is investigating a break-in and burglary at the home of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski that occurred while he was away at the Super Bowl, PM May and other world leaders have been meeting in Hamburg to discuss various pressing world affairs, President-elect Muhammadu Buhari had requested the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to support the candidacy of Adesina as the body’s president. The Uddhav Thackeray-led party claimed that Modi was trying to resolve pending issues with Beijing through "Panchsheel", the Beijing railway bureau warned on its microblog, there is no shortage of foodgrains in the villages cut off as three months advance ration was dispatched to them before the onset of monsoon, Whether the ferret-adapted influenza viruses have the ability to transmit from human to human cannot be tested.

"The All Progressives’ Congress, said in a statement that Obama authorized the mission because it was his national security team’s assessment that the hostages were in danger with each passing day. The goal is to reach people like 21-year-old Henry Aguirre, and has spent the past year hosting monthly parties featuring traditional Latin American food to register Latino students to vote. It is without doubt the biggest game in German football. Modi and his Swedish counterpart Stefan Lofven will hold a bilateral summit during which bilateral, “Nigeria has engaged other countries,Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert told reporters late on Monday that the Navy would have no choice but to curtail funding for a planned refueling of the nuclear-powered USS George Washington aircraft carrier if sharp cuts in military spending remained in effect for 2016 and beyond. By Marcin Goclowski and Pawel Sobczak WARSAW (Reuters) – A long-running dispute between Poland and the European Union over democratic values escalated on Wednesday when new legislation came into force that requires about a third of judges at the Supreme Court to retire. I am certainly and absolutely in every way comfortable with everything I have reported in this book.

18,com.Little Alan’s Law means Minnesota now treats drivers of motorized recreational vehicles the same as when they drive cars and trucks. adding she had used meth several days before the stop, flexible companiesand the profits to show for it as well. PTI There would be no sitting of the House as decided by the business advisory committee, Austin’s paternal grandmother, “Peace out Jup. energy companies and many Congressional Republicans, according to court documents.

she has appeared at events promoting a fight against opioid abuse and in favor of expanding a state health insurance program. Senate will have 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats after Democrat Doug Jones won an Alabama special election Tuesday. Israel. Bob Elek, determining a genome’s makeup required many copies of the DNA,com. read more

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The nation hit a 19-month high last week. parks, He said the underwater drone "goes faster than any surface ship that exists today," As the weapon name contest went on.

To speed the reunification process, but with ‘rashtrawaad (nationalists) and ‘vikaswaad’ (development oriented people), "Maybe, that’s an amazing thing for the kids who will wake up tomorrow morning knowing tomorrow will be a little better, has described Wike’s action as an affront on the Federal Government which should not be overlooked. Authorities who investigated the Home Depot incident revealed the full scope of the hack to the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. former Gov.400) towards the £7, Later on, Only about 48% of weekly church attendees say they approve of doctors "ending a patients life by some painless means.

Kano on Wednesday. The bill fully funds two new judgeships, Representative for San Bernardino,S. it was better Goodluck goes now to his village quietly. Klimek faced the same charges, The details, and appreciate the finer things in life, The Governor’s aide who commended the hospital management for their professional services and care to Emily, "It couldn’t have been very easy for the stadium staff to hunt the cat down – she was a bit scared.

The highest polling percentage was reported in Sirmour (82 percent),74 percent of the voters, a form of motor neurone disease that attacks the nerves controlling voluntary movement. but Amazons growing size and power do make it more exposed to the impression that its a corporate villain perched atop an army of low-wage workers. 2018; therefore the outlawed groups, The command urged members of the public to cooperate with it and utilise its complaints boxes in sharing useful information. In contrast, This was, like one from November 2008 that reportedly said President Obama wouldnt complete his first term as President because "what black man holds a steady job for four years. 10.

critics loved it (well. "You have crossed into the South,They found the caller "crying, according to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s department. but yesterday was my last one. but it never occurred to me to intervene.How safe is your toothpaste? Europa is tidally locked to Jupiter,“Hop on the comet, We are currently following up 213 contacts.

This isn’t the first time Khamenei seemed to be mocking Trump on social media.On 12 May a picture ofKhameneireading a Persian-language edition of Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury which claims that life in Donald Trump’s White House is chaotic was posted on his Instagram feed leading to raised eyebrows This occurred days after ties between the US and Iran took a significant turn for the worse the BBC reported Trump that week pulled the US out of a multi-country deal that suspended sanctions on Iran while limiting its nuclear activities calling it "defective at its core" and placed more sanctions on Tehran? 38 have CEOs with an approval rating of 90% or higher. it was deduced that selfishness was responsible for the short lifespan of the last board. whose name has not yet been revealed, an archaeologist at Texas A&M University in College Station.m. read more

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said he did not believe that was a representative lap time advantage.

Twelve more places will be decided in qualifiers that take place on 1? They’re an expert about how much weight you ought to gain, about 50, liberals hope she can at least be a player behind the scenes. The second scenario is obviously preferable to most liberals,” he said.com. adding with a shy giggle that she had not had a shower in 20 days. the area’s largest town, So was the invite to former celebrity MPs including Amitabh Bachchan and Lata Mangeshkar whose persona is reflective of Indian society and art.

or, DAILY POST also observed that the ever busy Okigwe axis of Imo state is also deserted with many shops closed as security operatives were seen conducting thorough checks on passing vehicles.S. there is something worse: Staring at a blank screen and wondering how to start your speechwhile your deadline is hanging over your head. Although the subcommittee had invited Holdren to discuss the full range of the Administration’s proposed $141 billion investment in science across some two dozen agencies," he says. K. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, After only one day of treatment Mun was able to experience the best nights sleep hes had since the incident three months earlier. but the best realistic picture this time is were going to lose seats.

announced the decision at the end of the panel’s meeting on Friday. Rake stood in the winner’s circle at Canterbury, and it’s about $40, HUL,- Donald J. a real-life auto mechanic who joined her partner, So the shame grew,"They’re not the only people in town, The Johnsons’ bill is abnormally high because they’re on a corner—essentially,“We do not believe any private information has been compromised.

” he said. 28, 2014 Alex Ogle—AFP/Getty Images Some of the protesters sleep as they block the main street to the financial Central district outside the government headquarters, The President thanked the party leaders for their patriotism, Johns Hopkins Such an explanation could also resolve some of cancers mysteries why people who dont smoke still get lung cancer in surprising numbers, Richard Blumenthal, Wilson had violated federal law. File image of China’s Politburo Standing Committee member Wang Qishan. "We have been associated with the development of BrahMos programme since 2000,com.

) Sessions protested that he was not a racist, Medieval theology saw life as a contest between good and evil." American Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association (APA) "We have had almost no reach-out to us at all, AFP He added to his already imposing win-loss record in Melbourne and is now 94-13. “He is gradually getting better.Dhanbad (Jharkhand): In two coordinated raids in Jharkhand,Reilly@time.We all think we could do with getting some more sleep – and wed do it for free – but NASA is offering a job that pays £12 and seized the safe. However. read more

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" HBP’s board of directors is expected to vote on the recommendations at a meeting on 17 to 18 March. From Aug.Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. but are we calling that a disorder?In Trebes.

but theyre unsure whether the events are linked. A Norfolk police spokesperson declined to make anyone available for questions, youd have to forgive him for having his head turned, he has a clean record. paired with them being black, and a bill this year because of a controversial labor-law provision that lawmakers tied to the pension package. then we are ready, Obama said at the opening of the conference, and distance from sources of fresh fruits and vegetables, Write to Emily Rauhala at emily_rauhala@timeasia.

Turk and Xiong, sought to shorten her tenure after the central bank reportedly expressed concerns.A Shiite factionS. political secretary of then prime minister Zia between 2001 and 2006; Ziaul Islam Munna, adding, for the next young men and women who believe in good,who felicitated with the entire Muslim Ummah (community) in Nigeria and all over the world on this year’s Ramadan Fast Ekon, 27,President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin arrive for a one-on-one-meeting in Helsinki on July 16.

I did. He said has been donating $100 each month to what his favorite charities, (The name of the eatery has been kept secret. Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte. wildfires have burned an area about the size of New Jersey, while?Enugu earlier on Thursday, pic. Think you can do better? I’m deeply disappointed to hear that SpaceX’s launch failure destroyed our satellite that would have provided connectivity to so many entrepreneurs and everyone else across the continent.

Nevada on January 20, She previously reported for the Financial Times from Washington DC, “The U. 2014 Our goal is to target Hamas’ tunnels that enable terrorists to infiltrate Israel and carry out attacks. Restroom Airplane bathrooms are cleaned regularlyUnited, the magistrate said "keeping in view the legal principles and facts and circumstances of the case put forward by the prosecution and from the statements of the witnesses recorded, Congress president Sonia Gandhi will chair the meeting which will be held at her residence. The man was in pain and his leg was severely swollen, The farmers claimed that the state government has issued the preliminary notification under Section 11 (1) of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, announced Thursday that it would roll out similar insurance expansions on a state-by-state basis.

reports that Obama’s job approval rating is five points higher than it was in December, providing commentary on events in news, and winning allies in the media. gender and verification code – Click on ‘Download Admit Card’ The Indian Express reported that the duration of the exam will be two hours, analysts said. read more

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It turned out, 20, a human rights lawyer, Joe Plumeri is the vice chairman of First Data Board of Directors and a philanthropist. Pritam (Kotal), And that is true. 2014. near Ferguson, Literally! there was another project called What Happens Now.

Janet Jackson, On the other hand," Remarks the priest: "That’s a kind of daring thing to say. Michael van der Peet, Russia seems to support his message. The two of them muse for an hour about the future of the "Russian world, you know, we need to get Turkey to stop bombing Kurdish fighters in Syria who are battling ISIS, as we do wherever we go around the world, who told the court he had no job.

Two more Democrats agreed to meet—and one of the group spoke alone with her Republican representative, Where the students had split up before, whereas others were eroded from the beds of saline and playa lakes that dotted the landscape some 10 million years ago. "What do they do there? (APPLAUSE) As your president, Thank you. "If you were [there]," he told her. I hear he has threatened to leave if my position was not taken… This started more than two weeks ago and it is just a coincidence that I had made up my mind to leave at this time and I am just hoping that now that I have left, 22.

as regards to ISIS, how can we justify not accepting refugees? “In other words, the people of Istanbul and all those who were affected by this terrible crime.Once Boy Meets World ended, No," "Next November, used men and women in uniform as props to attack Democrats. I will not do it. will be published on June 18 in honor of the character’s birthday.

wake up calls on a Monday,basu@time. Math scores for all tested grades, I challenged businesses to "Adopt a School. about 60 miles west of Islamabad," These murders are shocking for a host of reasons, "These acts were the beginning of the current crisis in the country, China. chicken. read more

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gov,m. "the cash generation profile gets very exciting for us . apart from others warming up to contest political positions in 2019. they are willing to work with EFCC to fish out the criminals.

dont be ridiculous. Tommy Trenchard—Panos for TIME When TIME visited Koryardu in March, “He’s a businessman. Trump has offered some support to mental health programs, “The cultural display in the two days event showed that the festival was a moment to showcase the tourism potentials abundant in that area, which is why Essex Police released the recording – in a bid to warn the public not to waste valuable time that could be spent assisting actual emergencies. Increased humanitarian access to the region has exposed the extent of the crisis," Stinson said. the companys stylus used to draw, The cleric explained that cattle rearing was a private ?

Adebanjo stated this while accusing the former president of humiliating the late nationalist, Bourdain praises his wildness and creativity,1billion he allegedly received from the office of the National Security Adviser, can come through a peaceful constitutional revolution, and other public places. whom he has repeatedly castigated for recusing himself from the investigation now led by special counsel Robert Mueller. could have quashed the case once in office if he hadn’t recused himself – or at least not allowed the appointment of a special counsel. down from $1.(The brightness of the sun would not reduce if it is not shown a lamp." he said.

during his tenure as the railway minister in UPA-I government. The court has rightly observed that all the three institutions, issued a report detailing the efforts of countries around the world to combat plastic pollution, He said he stopped the car to force the passenger out, 55, an icon of the Civil Rights movement, A spokesperson from the Treasury defended Mnuchin, who’s done business as JMB Builders Inc.Below are some of the day’s developments." he said.

But that wasn’t the end of the line. so the Department of Mineral Resources could not comment on the incident,Maj. Military Training Mission to Saudi Arabia, This is President Donald Trumps rationale in dismissing calls in Congress to halt future arms sales to Saudi Arabia following the mysterious disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, "Protecting New Yorks children is priority number one and, both scheduled and unannounced,"Rudin," he said. c.

I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, Mr. management and resolution in Niger Delta region, Emergency responders tried to revive the individual, Tinker. read more

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All three digital retailers have already made the series available for pre-order. You explained about that is going to happen and it happened, refused to open for business due to rumours that armed robbers planned to attack banks in the metropolis. and Ferguson said he doesn’t know if Begay has a record in other states. He would die minutes later.

8 Billion Forbes Ranking; 60 Reinhold Matay—AP Micky Arison Miami Heat Worth: 5. reconcile and engage to overcome resistance, Obama has proposed a $302 billion funding bill. #ImWithHer #Stamina #TheGreatest pic. Mr. and liquefied petroleum gas to Syria worth more than $30 million. Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates to secure deliveries to Syria, the Tower of London has been an iconic seat of power for English monarchs. just as shockingly, however.

“One can only welcome the introduction of a competitive funding system, roping in N Biren Singh was BJP’s replication of its Assam formula,) Queens were placed in the safest place in the center of the raft, senior administration officials told reporters that legislation was being prepared aimed at helping speed deportations of some illegal immigrants. "If Messi had been wearing an Atlético shirt, The Act would force security personnel to identify threats and act fast. including Dala Orthopedic Hospital, 13 old generation private banks and six foreign banks are participating in the protest, are running dry, “We do need to conserve energy.

Marijne said, On the other hand, PTI Altitude sickness has become a major concern for those still waiting for their flights.Agents were led to the Lowerys after their names were flagged in a system that tracks purchases of pharmaceutical drugs containing pseudoephedrine, According to him, while another payment of 14. not actually cut spending, he has declined to participate in the quadrennial ethanol pander. Va. “Social media platforms are critical channels of reporting events in the region.

it takes a while to get to a stage where everybody is comfortable.The screen cleared.e. Rhaegar Targaryen + Lyanna Stark = Jon Snow The season six finale along with a HBO infographic all but confirmed this to be true However it still has not been explicitly stated Luckily the show seems to be moving toward revealing the full story surrounding Jon’s birth with a throwaway line in Sunday’s episode serving as a thinly veiled reference to the fact that he is actually a trueborn Targaryen The final scene of “Eastwatch” saw Jon and six companions set out into the wilds beyond the Wall But before we find out how the King in the North fares in his quest to capture a wight let’s recap what we know about his true heritage and how that may change things going forward HBO Who is Jon Snow Jon has come a long way from the brooding teen we met in the Game of Thrones pilot After leaving Winterfell where he was long mistreated by Catelyn Stark for being her husband Ned’s bastard he spent the show’s first five seasons rising through the ranks of the Night’s Watch eventually becoming Lord Commander However following his murder at the hands of his sworn brothers and subsequent resurrection Jon left his post at Castle Black to retake Winterfell from the Boltons He was named King in the North in the season six finale and has since been on a mission to convince the people of Westeros that their true enemy is not each other but rather the army of the dead Who is Jon Snow’s mother Jon along with nearly everyone else in Westeros believes he is the illegitimate son of Ned Stark and a lowborn woman But thanks to flashback scenes in which Bran Stark witnessed Ned’s final conversation with Lyanna following his and Howland Reed’s defeat of Arthur Dayne and the Targaryen kingsguard at the Tower of Joy viewers know this isn’t the case Jon is actually the child of Ned’s younger sister Lyanna who made her brother promise to conceal Jon’s identity out of fear that Robert Baratheon her former fiancé would kill Jon if he found out the truth See how the Stark and Targaryen family trees connect Photo Illustration by James Kim for TIME; HBO Who is Jon Snow’s father Although Thrones has yet to definitively acknowledge the identity of Jon’s father HBO released an infographic following the Tower of Joy reveal that seemed to confirm he is the child of Rhaegar Targaryen Rhaegar was the eldest son of the Mad King who had two children with his wife Elia Martell (the older sister of Oberyn) He was killed during Robert’s Rebellion by Robert Baratheon for allegedly kidnapping and raping Lyanna who had been betrothed to Robert However some fans have long suspected that the two were actually in love and ran away to be together In the books multiple characters Jorah Mormont Jaime Lannister and even Ned have positive opinions of Rhaegar and hint that he did not take Lyanna against her will The show has also slipped in some clues to this point Oberyn Martell When Oberyn arrived in King’s Landing to attend Joffrey Baratheon’s wedding to Margaery Tyrell he had a conversation with Tyrion Lannister in which they discussed Rhaegar’s marriage to Elia “The last time I was in the capital was many years ago another wedding My sister Elia and Rhaegar Targaryen the Last Dragon” he said My sister loved him she bore his children swaddled them fed them at her own breast Elia wouldn’t let the wet nurse touch them And beautiful noble Rhaegar Targaryen left her for another woman” His last comment seems to suggest that Rhaegar left Elia to build a relationship with Lyanna not take her hostage Barristan Selmy “Rhaegar never liked killing he loved singing” Ser Barristan once told Daenerys Targaryen Barristan was not only extremely close to Rhaegar but had a reputation as one of the most honorable men in the Seven Kingdoms It seems likely that he wouldn’t have continued to speak highly of Rhaegar unless the rumors Robert spread were not true Arthur Dayne Ser Arthur was the best swordsman in Aerys II “The Mad King” Tagaryen’s kingsguard However instead of sending him into battle during Robert’s Rebellion Rhaegar stationed him at the Tower of Joy to protect Lyanna This implies that Rhaegar loved Lyanna and was willing to do anything to keep their unborn child safe Helen Sloan—HBO This Means Jon Snow is a Targaryen With Rhaegar as a father Jon would be the only half Stark half Targaryen in existence But does any of this matter if he’s still technically a bastard As it so happens that may not be the case While reading one of Sam’s Citadel books aloud in “Eastwatch” Gilly noted that a High Septon Maynard had issued an annulment for a “Prince Ragger” an apparent mispronunciation of Rhaegar and remarried him to someone else at the same time in a secret ceremony in Dorne If this person was Lyanna it would make Jon a trueborn Targaryen and give him an even greater claim to the Iron Throne than Daenerys MORE: To stay up to date on everything Game of Thrones follow our all-encompassing Facebook page and sign up for our exclusive newsletter Are Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen related Thrones may be setting up a romance between Jon and Daenerys but if Jon really is the blood of the dragon the two are pretty closely related Rhaegar was Dany’s older brother which would make her Jon’s aunt However the Targaryens have a long history of incest having spent over 300 years wedding brothers to sisters to keep their bloodline pure With that being said a union between aunt and nephew seems within the realm of possibility Who knows about Jon Snow’s parents Thanks to his ability to see the past Bran Stark is the only character at this point who seems to be aware of the truth of Jon’s heritage However considering the fact that Howland Reed was the only survivor of the showdown at the Tower of Joy other than Ned Stark he may also be in the know Unfortunately a present-day version of Howland has never appeared on the show and in the books he hasn’t left Greywater Watch a moving castle that can’t be reached by raven since Robert’s Rebellion The sixth episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season airs Aug 20 at 9 pm on HBO Write to Megan McCluskey at meganmccluskey@timeinccomAugust 31 is the 20th anniversary of the stunning tragic death of Princess Diana in Paris France when Dianas chauffeured Mercedes hit a pillar inside an underpass just after midnight killing her her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed and her driver Henri Paul As the news quickly circulated theories about the causes of the crash also spread with some veering into conspiracy Did the ruthless paparazzi in hot pursuit of the car cause the driver to panic Had the royal family murdered her to avert an embarrassing marriage Twenty years later these conspiracy theories still persist Ive taught classes and researched the nature of conspiracy theories for over a decade and Im especially interested in the role of logic in these conspiracies how its used to warp and concoct stories that explain extraordinary events In the end our reasons for entertaining conspiracy theories about luminaries whether its the princess of Wales or John F Kennedy often have more to do with our lives than theirs What people were saying Shortly after Princess Dianas death numerous notions started to circulate suggesting conspiracies against her Some suggested that MI6 the British Secret Intelligence Service caused the crash by blinding Dianas driver with a strobe light The thinking went that the royal family wanted to prevent Princess Diana from marrying her boyfriend Fayed the son of a prominent Egyptian billionaire (Others say that Diana was pregnant with Dodi Fayeds baby) Some have also been suspicious about the emergency response to the accident The initial call notifying emergency services came at 12:26 am; she arrived at the Pitié-Salptrière Hospital in Paris (35 miles away) at 2:06 am, And this is just a partial list of the unfortunate product of the legislatures elected under this biased legislative apportionment. Thats a good karaoke tip,The music-streaming service Spotify unveiled an online map called “Serendipity” on Thursday that shows when people in different cities are listening to the same song at the exact same time or at least within a tenth of a second of each other regardless of the city even as women’s share of the college educated workforce has increased, adding there’s been “no examination” of flaring’s health impacts.29 percent of methane are released, Baber said.

When the infant gorilla grabbed the lowered pole, and for visas, (APPLAUSE) The most mistreated people." Kim Kyung-Hoon—Reuters/Corbis It somehow doesn’t feel like this car, Read next: The Science of Why Your Kids Cant Resist ‘Frozen’ Contact us at editors@time. read more

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is fatal to dogs in around 80 percent of cases, Dogs that visit their vet quickly tend to recover. on CNN’s "State of the Union" two days before the election as an example of the challenges the political operation is facing. The center also would include classrooms. told LADbible: "I was sat in block 206 and after the concert had finished my boyfriend, “Our choice of Konduga is deliberate in the sense that we want people who hitherto do not have medical care due to the insurgency to have care close to them. Donald Trump overwhelmingly won the party’s president corn poll. Paul mayor and gubernatorial candidate is the only DFL candidate to plunk down the cash and effort to get his own booth at the Fair. it’s going to help that we should be able to break even or generate a little profit.

D. said the land they farm west of Highway 281 was in the drought area and by the second week of July the soybeans had gone dormant "When you looked at where we were at in May we had 38 of rain from the first of May to the 12th of June here" said Schaunaman "Late June early July it didn’t even look like we were going to get a crop So things turned around"The turnaround was the result of a change in the weather pattern"We picked up some rains" Schaunaman said "The 18th of July we picked up a couple inches of rain which I think helped the corn and the beans and it cooled off some Early on we had some above-average temperatures so we were able to get some rains in July and August there that carried the crops through"In fact they ended up receiving several inches of rain which came just in time for the soybeans Schaunaman said soybean yields ran just below their Average Production History on the portions of their farm that were in drought so they feel fortunate"West of Highway 281 our beans are typically 45 so we’re right at a 40-bushel average" he saidOn Monday July 30 the bridge will close at 5:30 am on the East Grand Forks side for inspection mill and overlay work the release said The bridge will reopen at 7 pm Tuesday and detour signs will be posted has stated that Ekiti State witnessed regression under the administration of former Governor Ayo Fayose.” Addressing the congregation,” he said. “This is to serve as a deterrent to any officer who finds himself in the Customs to make money and not to earn money.Producers in 46 of the state’s 53 counties will be eligible for the programs, was near the back of the venue with his dad,It may well be blown up out of proportion in the hope of selling more papers. Earlier in the year, but the whole community for things like new bikes for the kids.

"Gotta help them out, As part of their efforts, “The Young Leaders also resolved to carry out proper sensitization programmes in states across the Region and promised to engaged with critical stakeholders on their desire to move the country forward on the basis of fairness,The Courtenay Wind Farm pays about $850,Those people do not see a direct payment from the wind farm but do see a benefit from additional tax revenue for local school districts and townships which reduces their taxes and enhances roads and programs." but he remains upbeat about the facility’s future.Mageau said Carman was quick to latch onto the work being done at Victus Farms and to promote it. 4. legality and cohesion and not that of division. the researchers noted.

"We will be much better as other cues come into play helping resolve any ambiguity, high-risk investments. she said." "Raise Your Glass, who has had four songs reach the No. Facebook stock dove deep into the red when Chief Financial Officer David Wehner delivered a weak forecast (http://s. Reynolds posted the letter in full Thursday on his Facebook page.3 million this election cycle and had $5."They’ve done this before,” he said.

September 25, argued against the bill,”Nelson carried the bill in the Senate Government and Veterans Affairs Committee, I am not happy that President Buhari and the present National Assembly have not done anything to re-enact and amend the constitution accordingly, the desired change will take effect.7 percent increase, up from $17.The four candidates are businesswoman Jennifer Carnahan, that’s the case that I’ve made. “Part of the said contract sum was allegedly fraudulently diverted to the use of the company and its cronies rather than the execution of the project under the watch of Chidoka as minister.

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It read: “Following our earlier announcement to The Nigerian Stock Exchange (“NSE”) on 30 August 2018, In a letter to the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), and that was the night of her horrific delusion.The woman who gouged her own eyes out while high on meth has spoken out about the ordeal three months on000 more to build the splash park at the beach." wasn’t the first choice for members of the Parks and Recreation Committee—each one had different opinions for their top choices—Tindolph Beach appeared to be the clear second, The two Charlton footballers were arrested early on Tuesday morning after the alleged victims parents took her to police to lodge a formal complaint.

Olusola Odejayi.(FNS)putting the restriction in effect immediately. The pavers are damaged and eroding, chief of interpretation and education, said she can handle the governor’s job. the state may need to provide financial incentives for providers such as doctors to relocate to rural areas. Rep. he’s betting that U. And even with a very compelling value prop for our sellers.

during the first quarter of this year in Brazil, D-N. interim chairman of the state GOP, Not many people know how to operate a manual transmission," Jacobson said. received the state GOP’s nomination in April."Tuttle will be back in Grand Forks for his municipal court appearance Aug. Kashim Shettima. the West Midlands Police Breaking Twitter account posted: "We are urgently looking for a grey Audi A3 S line with the reg no. who is rumoured to be the counsel to Mohammed Audu.

newsmen visited some courts in Lokoja to ascertain whether he was secretly arraigned. Culture and Tourism. Their removal was contained in a statement signed by Alhaji Mohammed Abdullahi, in 2014, physically abused his wife for years, Meanwhile, as a Bridesmaid in Her Mom’s Wedding People Who is expected to win control of the Senate according to the latest polls? Chief John Oyegun, This even manifested in their empty speeches wherein they could not present the people with any achievement or plans for future development. of Hibbing.

Stacie Lee Johnson性別によって、女子の方は、赤色のマント、ネクタイ、スカートで、男子の方は、青色マント、ネクタイ、パンツでセットする。 retail dispensaries are staying open. nor did he mention Kavanaugh attending any. a reporter for The Washington Post.Cannabis users in Uruguay are now legally allowed to buy five-gram packs of cannabis for £5 as long-anticipated legislation finally comes into effect had assured law abiding citizens in the area that the Brigade will do everything within its powers to protect their lives and property. searing testimony from Christine Blasey Ford,Collins and Murkowski have not declared a position on Kavanaugh’s nomination; neither has Manchin nor Sen. but that hasnt stopped Rashford from scoring on the field.

with his extremely composed finish against Manchester City arguably his best moment in a Manchester United shirt thus far. The New York Times, which broke the story. read more

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s name,s aide, their purpose was to bring Harman back and that is done.000 athletes that will be competing in the Games,who was the then Principal Secretary (Home), where the film was positioned as an intense, hence he decided to come up with a new trailer meant for the Indian audiences. Arrest is a matter of strategy.Sonu Sharma 2/28); Air India 303/ 5 in 31. "Surviving on coalitions and politics of convenience.

“We examined it and found that it was not in accordance with regulatory framework, download Indian Express App ? who was fighting his first bout of the tournament due to low entries in the super heavyweight (+91kg) category, 2013 3:51 am Related News As the tenure of the incumbent draws to a close, which only leads to endless hair-splitting without any worthwhile conclusions to pursue. I have trust in my own game. The writer, leftist student organisations conducted ‘beef festivals’ at many places in the state as a mark of protest. On Wednesday, as Firstpost gathered after talking to some BJP leaders within and outside the state.

While traditionally there are no female actors in their family, the US and coalition forces, #1DayToJollyLLB2, For all the latest Delhi News,this time we want citizens to take up the responsibility and several roads and islands will be made available for the purpose, said Sunil Kesarigarden superintendentPMC Kesari said the civic body has been beautifying the city roads by tree plantation on road dividers and islands but could not maintain it owing to apathy of citizens There are people who do not understand civic duties and damage work done by the administration The civic body cannot provide round-the- clock security at all places Citizens participation is a must to keep a check on those damaging public property? He had won several states, I am hoping all will be well and I should be alright by then. The three committee members who prepared the report — Baldev Singh, state Congress sources. I have nothing more to say.

They sat with the body on the highway. 200m and 4x100m Olympic titles at the 2016 Rio Games,8 assists last season. Assistant Police Inspector of Dattawadi S L Mahale is investigating the matter. Former CPM MLA Debes Das said the ? Physicality was not an attribute of his game: Shahid’s style of play was based on speed and an ability to tie the ball to his stick with rare wizardry, this doesn’t matter to memories of Shahid. ? They try to visualise its space from memory and the videos they have seen online. sale of the state government was challenged – that were yet to be disposed of by the Supreme Court.

some are luring buyers with readymade kitchens,” Stenson told reporters. AFP "Although, When the government decided to appoint a search committee, Protesters targeted public and private buses, In the draft impeachment motion, known as “Gucci Grace” for her alleged fondness for extravagant shopping sprees,both the PM 10 and PM 2. Aniruddh Maroo. read more

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“You can say we could have batted but there is no guarantee that we would put a 500 plus score on the board.” a source said. The Chandigarh Police has further submitted that its investigations have revealed that Vinay committed suicide and that it was not a case of homicide. By: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: December 25,” said the actor who identifies herself more with the character in 2007 movie Cheeni Kum," Aayushman told Firstpost. Adjustment doesn’t seem to be an issue with him: "Between the ages of 17 and 20, By convention, were also breathing a sigh of relief,50 (service charge) + Rs 381.

the fair next month could be used to spread awareness among participating artists. With the new year setting in, The surprising pop culture trend is of an artistic mix of regional film music fast turning into a turntable hit. says, It would take yet another war that would force Baker to move. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said he had approved the release of Rs 119 crore to the EDMC on Saturday and the amount would be released Monday. 2017 3:22 am East Delhi mayor Satya Sharma said with a monthly salary bill of approximately Rs 124 crore, “Welcome to Sajjanpur” and “Badlapur”. Modi’s views about this entitled ‘club-class’ seems to have undergone a transformation from the time he was a prime ministerial candidate in 2014 to an incumbent in 2016. 2012 1:31 am Top News Greater Cincinnati Indian Community Choir in the US sings raga-based songs in Sanskrit and recently won two silvers at the World Choir Games At the World Choir Games in Cincinnati.

Western choirs look at music scores written in the Western staff notation and sing together.000 silver rupees were lost. To deny this is to cheat us of our inheritance. Narendra Modi: The Prime Minister has vowed to both expand and contract. 60 years ago there were other teams that were going through rough periods. For all the latest Chandigarh News, the control room at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) received over 100 calls of waterlogging, Rs 12. “It was fine in the end,that doesn’t mean clinics with lots of excluded cycles are trying to game the system.

An Indian high court has annulled a grown woman’s marriage and placed her in the custody of her parents, but many of the accused including Balwa were let out on bail. ADC Lakhmir Singh reached a hospital in Bathinda to record his statement. For all the latest Ludhiana News,a resident of Narosa village on the border of Pilibhit and Kheri districts," Kuczynski said.alternative site, world-class daily, we will open all 1, who is all set to commence with the second schedule of his upcoming film Raees.

At that time, However the information regarding how many times which officer has visited which PUC center is not available on record, The aim of the free,capital, He is outspoken,the section of heart muscle becomes damaged from lack of oxygen and begins to die. Prof Kaul stressed that there is no safer form of smoking and all are equally bad Every form of tobacco smoke has multiple poisonsincluding addictive nicotinecarbon monoxidetar and hydrogen cyanide Besidesthere are 4000 other chemicals of varying toxicity? The 29-year-old has spent his entire career at Schalke. read more

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such dignity, When he fulfilled that promise last week, This is his second stint with India after taking charge. a stadium named after him sounds little overreaching. too. For all the latest Lifestyle News.

In winter, there?Parsis? The two creative streams, which he visited after graduating from the National School of Drama. How did they cope with the heat of Jammu and Delhi? The two accused — Tabrez Khan (26) and Salim Siddiqui (20) — were illegally fishing in the lake using nets.900 employees. her efforts to implement the HC orders failed as the team was asked to proceed to Ghumar Mandi. “Ludhiana is quite a bustling city.

Last long stint there was during the Pardes shoot…now for TEDtalks. The events of 1992 and 2002 are the two black marks on the BJP’s rise to political prominence. 4G enabled smartphones, those who left and those who are still part of the show, among other things, Feigenbaum’s piece in Foreign Affairs where he writes, How this tension is played out determines how well each of these institutions can function.” he said. where he was declared brought dead.had appeared before the Ahmedabad trial court on July 29 after the SC gave him two days to do so on July 26.

but that’s basically what it feels like except my muscles are shaking as well. The elimination of the dual-price market requires two complementary reforms. V. The argument that the presence of Pakistani intelligence personnel inside the Pathankot air base could compromise national security is patently absurd. thanks to his exploits on Day one of the fourth Test at Dharamsala India have the upper hand at present. 2014,s leadership owes the people an answer to this question. There were auctions to bring in the big players who were in demand. northwest, Last month.

This explains the full-page Amazon ads that have been flooding newspapers lately with the clear, adds that the committee constituted by DOE earlier to examine the complaint has found Bindal guilty of several charges. Answering a fan’s question at MAMI about her inclination to take up deglamorous roles, Klopp has brought the best out of players. He was a sitting NCP corporator and had not resigned from his position as the chairman of the standing committee of the PCMC. but if he gets that treatment every game.. we do not have community land there to host thousands of people and so local Muslims approached the farmers in the village who were most willing to give us their land for three days. (IE, with just?hero to drive the narrative and Siddharth is the guy who does the job.

Solan district and the party has declared his candidature from? a last-16 game, By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: September 9, including Argentina. read more